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Chapter 32 - Fondue For Two

A few months later:

"Hello and welcome to another issue of Fondue For Two," Brittany said while twirling around in front of her camera. Her hair was loose and curly, making her look very girly as it cascaded over her pink waterfall top that was matched with a long rainbow colored skirt.

"My guests today are Blaine Warbler and Lady Hummel who have some exciting news to share," Brittany introduced her guests.

"Thanks for the invitation, Brittany," Kurt said with a fond smile for their host, his hands clasped over one bent knee, his legs crossed daintily, before adding with a strain in his voice. "But if you call me a lady again I'm afraid I will have to rip off all your Barbie dolls' heads on my way out."

"Why can't I call you Lady Hummel?" Brittany wondered. "It's a title, you know. You should feel honored, Kurt."

"Just drop it, Britt," Kurt said quickly.

"Okay, but just because you're my favorite unicorn," Brittany allowed.

Blaine couldn't get enough from looking around Brittany's room. There were glow-in-the-dark stars stuck up on the ceiling. The white-pink unicorn-horn from her campaign hung over her bookshelf.

"Today I have chocolate fondue because me and Kurt love chocolate and Blaine works at the Chocolate Factory, so it makes him feel more at home."

"I... what?" Blaine glanced quizzically at his host.

"Nothing to be ashamed of," Brittany said with a pat on Blaine's knee. "Everybody loves the singing and dancing little employees from the Chocolate Factory even when they sometimes drop children into the hazelnut cream."

Blaine let out a strained laugh, going along with the joke. It was a joke, right? He couldn't tell because Brittany sounded completely serious in her statement.

Blaine leaned closer to Kurt, murmuring out of the corner of his mouth, "She doesn't really think I'm an Oompa Loompa, does she?"

Kurt just grinned and grabbed a stick with a strawberry and dipped it into the chocolate fondue.

Blaine had always wondered why Kurt and Brittany were such good friends. Blaine found her presence to be very puzzling – not as irritating as Rachel could be but still whenever he was around her he was left feeling slightly confused, or like he was missing something. He never knew if her comments were jokes or for real.

"So, Blaine let's talk about important life changes," Brittany started, clapping her hands together.

Blaine straightened up. There had been so much going on the past couple of months and he was happy to share the news with his friends.

"First of all," Brittany went on. "Kurt told me you have a cat. This totally changes my opinion on you. Why didn't you tell me sooner? I would have invited you to bring your cat along. But first I need to check if you are properly informed about cat diseases." Brittany handed out paper and a pen to Blaine. "Fill in this question catalogue, please."

Blaine took the paper, looking down at it rather dumbstruck. True or false: Signs that your cat may have a drug addiction include…. Drug addiction? What? Blaine turned look at Kurt who had been glancing at the paper over his shoulder, but Kurt just continued to smirk at him and popped another chocolate berry into his mouth.

„You want me to do this now?" Blaine asked.

"You can take it home, but don't look up the answers online, because that'd be cheating as I've been told by Mr Schuester recently." She shrugged. "Next time you can bring Lady Tiffany along. Lord Tubbington wants to meet her. Totally."

"So, this mysterious Lord Tubbington..." Blaine started. "Am I going to meet him today?"

"Oh yeah," Brittany said. "Rory's just out on a walk with him. They should be back in a little while. Lord Tubbington totally loves having that leprechaun on his command, and Rory's doing an excellent job at meeting Tubby's every needs. I'm considering keeping Rory as a house elf when he's finished exchanging foreign schools."

"It's called to study abroad, Britt," Kurt explained slowly. "Rory's an exchange student."

"Whatever," Brittany shrugged. "He's able to make Lord Tubbington poop chocolate bars. How do you think I got all the chocolate for this fondue? He's definitely a keeper."

Kurt gingerly put the half-bitten piece of chocolate-coated strawberry back on his plate.

"So, tell me about your plans for New York? My viewers want to know all the gossip! Also, I hear Rachel has enlarged her head to match the big city. True or false?"

"Who came up with that nonsense?" Kurt bristled.

"Santana says Rachel's definitely more bigheaded than usual." She cupped her mouth with her hand and said confidentially. "Are you guys going to live together in New York? Like Will & Grace?"

Kurt arched an eyebrow at her. "Definitely not like Will & Grace, Brittany."

"Rachel and Kurt will share a flat," Blaine explained. "We figured it might not be a good idea to live together already. It keeps the love alive to still be able to go on dates and find time and places to... well, get together," Blaine said with a blush. "I will stay at my mom's for another year or two longer."

Leaning back, Brittany sucked a cherry into her mouth and frowned at Blaine. "But I thought you're going to move to New York, too. How do you do that when you still live with your mom?"

Blaine beamed at here. "Yeah, here's the great news. My mom got a job as editor for a fashion magazine in New York."

"So cool!" Kurt chimed in.

"After my parents split up my mom decided to sell our house, because it was too big for us anyway. She applied for the position in New York and they want her to start even sooner than expected. She's already moved over, so I'm staying in Lima until after graduation and then I'm going to do an internship at her new firm and wait for my turn to apply to NYADA."

"So you're living by yourself right now?" Brittany asked.

"No, I'm currently living at Mike's. His family is just amazing, they practically convinced me to come live with them. I would have stayed at Kurt's, but we figured we wouldn't be able to actually study for our final exams if we lived together, so Mike's family invited me. Also, Mike helps me study for night school classes, he's a great friend."

There was a knock on the door and Rory came in, carrying a large tabby cat on his arms. "Hi guys!"

"Hi Lord Tubbington," Brittany got her cat on her lap. "Did you have a nice walk in the backyard? Next time you're going to meet Lady Tiffany. That'll be so exciting!"

"Lord Tubbington is a cat?" Blaine let out a laugh. "God, I kind of imagined him to be some British uncle of yours and I was rather anxious to meet him, especially when Kurt would just mysteriously say that I'd like him."

Kurt couldn't help but notice the way Rory stared at Brittany's breasts. He couldn't even blame the boy since Brittany was wearing a shirt with a very plunging neckline.

"Brittany, could you show any more cleavage?" Kurt asked in a voice dripping of sarcasm.

"Oh sure," Brittany announced and adjusted her boobs into the camera.

Kurt facepalmed. "Oh my irony is so lost on her."

"By the way, Kurt," Brittany said with her mouth full with a slice of chocolate-coated watermelon, "this Saturday we have to have another sleepover with the girls. You're in?"

"Oh, yeah, definitely," Kurt agreed.

"Sounds like fun!" Blaine added in.

"No, Blaine you can't come," Brittany said immediately.

"Why not?" Blaine asked affronted.

"Because it's a girls night and we talk about boys," Brittany explained. "And how can Kurt gush about you when you're in the same room?"

"That's discriminating," Blaine pouted and crossed his arms. "I want to attend a girl's pajama party, too."

"I'd love to hang around with the girls, too," Rory chimed in with a pleading voice towards Brittany. "I can be your servant, if you wish. I can bring you girls refreshments and stuff."

"This is so unfair," Blaine argued with Kurt. "We're both gay. Why are you the kind of gay who is allowed to hang out with the girls and I'm not? That's like a double-track line, you can't say yes to one person and no to another. Am I right, Britt?"

Blaine turned to Brittany who was watching them with her head propped up on her hands.

"Are you having parallel-parking issues, too?" she asked with a puzzled expression.

"I've known the girls longer than you do, that's why," Kurt stated matter-of-factly. "I wouldn't go hang out with the Warblers without you. They were your friends first."

"It's not fun hanging with a flock of warblers," Brittany chimed in. "Especially when it's molt season and they lose all their pretty feathers. Besides, I'm a cat person. I thought you were, too, Blaine."

Kurt reached out to adjust Blaine's bow tie while explaining, "I'm sorry, love, but it's the monthly girl's night with Mercedes, Tina, Santana and Rachel. We're having a pajama party over at Tina's. To be honest, Tina suggested I should bring you along, but it would feel like Rachel bringing Finn or Mercedes inviting Sam. This night's supposed to chat over boys, so we can't have them around."

"Then why does Santana get to come?" Blaine pointed out. "She's an item with Brittany. So one of them should be left out, too."

Kurt gaped at him for a second, before confronting Brittany. "Actually, Blaine's got a point. Why does Santana get to come? Or you, for that matter?"

Brittany almost choked on a piece of chocolate-cheese. "You want to expel me from girl's night?"

"Maybe next time the girl's are planning a sleepover I could join them and you stay away, Kurt?" Blaine suggested slyly, with his arms crossed in front of his chest. "I mean, they're my friends, too and I'd love to have a chat with them about, you know, stuff."

This time Kurt was taken aback. "But you can have that with the guys, don't you? I'm sure you're talking about relationship stuff when you're with them."

"Well, yes, but you were right and they're not really interested in talking about Broadway numbers or about the latest issue of Vogue or clothes."

"I understand, but Blaine it's not fair. You can do both sides. You're interested in sports, so you would have a good time talking with the guys about sports stuff and cars. And I know you would love to hang out with the girls and talk with them about you know what, but it would be like me going to the boys and tell them intimate things about you and you wouldn't want them to know anything concerning the size of your jockstrap, would you?"

"This is delicious!" Rory uttered, popping a chocolate-cherry into his mouth, then almost choking on the pit.

"I agree," Brittany said. "Kurt, is there anything my viewers should know about Blaine's jockstrap?"

"Are you wearing jockstraps?" Rory asked, baffled. "I didn't know you were on the football team."

"I'm not," Blaine said, his cheeks flushed.

"I said that metaphorically," Kurt clarified. "There's nothing wrong with Blaine's... you know... size."

"Could we drop the subject?" Blaine asked.

"Okay," Brittany said, consulting a stack of cards with questions she'd prepared. "Let's get to more serious matters again. Blaine, boxer shorts or briefs?"

"You don't have to answer that!" Kurt said.

"I always wondered what's more common with Americans?" Rory asked, honestly curious.

"Actually, there's an interesting article in the latest Vogue issue about international underwear preferences," Kurt chirped in with his finger raised, ready to educate. But just then Lord Tubbington jumped on Kurt's lap and Kurt let out a shriek.

"Boy, he's big," Blaine eyes widened at the actual size of the overweight cat.

"For the record," Brittany turned to her camera with a wink, "Blaine's never seen such a big one on Kurt's lap before!"

"Brittany!" Kurt protested. "Get this monster off me!"

Brittany snapped her fingers at Rory. "It's time for Lord Tubbington's belly rub."

"Aye!" Rory leaned over and lifted the cat off Kurt's lap.

"May I?" Blaine sat down next to Rory on the floor and they both petted the big cat. "He's so soft!" Blaine admired and looked up when Kurt let out an amused chuckle.

"Blaine is crazy about cats," Kurt told Brittany with an eye roll. "I always have to compete for his attention with his cat. Tiffany just needs to sneeze and Blaine jumps out of bed to go look after her."

"You like my cat, Kurt, admit it," Blaine said with a fond smile. "You even wanted to buy her a diamond collar."

"Sweet," Brittany said approvingly.

"Fake diamonds, of course," Kurt said confidentially, leaning in to Brittany. "Just so I can get a leash on that cat and keep her out of the way."

"I heard that," Blaine said over his shoulder, still rubbing Lord Tubbington's belly.

"No, no, no, you're not doing it right," Brittany criticized Blaine. "You need to stroke him counter-clockwise or else he can't poop chocolate."

"Don't worry, Britt. Blaine's got a magic touch that can turn anyone to butter," Kurt added with a wink and a grin. "Even counter-clockwise."

"That was an interesting experience," Blaine observed when he got into Kurt's car. "But to tell the truth I'm not keen on being invited to Fondue For Two again."

Kurt shifted into drive and turned out of the driveway. "You don't mind me talking about us in front of everyone, do you?"

"Of course not," Blaine said, giving his boyfriend a smile. "I love us and if I had my way I'd talk about us all of the time."

Kurt extended his right hand and Blaine took hold of it while Kurt steered the wheel with his left. "I can't wait to be in New York. It's going to be so exciting!"

Blaine turned pensive. "Funny how things turn out sometimes, isn't it? I mean a year ago I wouldn't have thought that my parents would get divorced and that it'd feel this right. Then my mom telling me that secretly she's always wanted to go to New York but never thought it'd happen because of my dad and me. I was stunned that she sold the house, I never imagined she'd let go of the house. And now you and I are going to be together in New York in only a couple of months. If I make the night school, that is."

"You will," Kurt gave Blaine's fingers an encouraging squeeze. "And us being together in New York was a sure thing," Kurt interjected. "It was just the timing that was an unknown factor."

"What baffles me the most is that you and my mom get along so well," Blaine said. "How did that happen?"

"Come on, I was intrigued to meet your mom the first time you told me she worked for a fashion magazine. Once she warmed to me it was inevitable that we'd have lots to talk about."

"I'm just happy that she finally accepts the fact that I'm gay and that already I've found the man of dreams, the one I want to grow old with."

Kurt let out a laugh. "Blaine, stop being so tacky!"

"I mean it!"

"I know," Kurt said with a sweet grin. "But before we talk about being old together, let's be young together with a bright future ahead of us. Deal?"

"Deal." Blaine raised Kurt's hand to his mouth and kissed his fingers. "I love you, Kurt Hummel. Even if you get to hang out with the girls and I don't."

"And I love you back, Blaine Anderson," Kurt replied with a fond smile. "Even if you love your cat more than you love me."

"Kurt, you're not really jealous of my cat, are you?"

"Tiffy's not just a cat, Blaine," Kurt said like duh! "She's more like a supercat with manipulative superpowers like that superpurr that renders you into an obedient servant who lives to fulfill her every wishes."

Blaine let out a loud laugh. "Sounds like she's got quite similar powers to yours, because whenever you're around my brain turns into jelly and all I want is to please you."

"Really?" Musing, Kurt tapped a finger to his lips and hummed a little, a sound that sent electrifying shivers down Blaine's spine.

"Absolutely," Blaine confirmed in a low voice, his eyes filled with sudden desire and his hands twitching with the need to be all over Kurt's body. "Your wish is my command."

Kurt raised his eyebrows at the sudden change of his boyfriend's voice. "Oh, here we go again," he chuckled. "Your teenage hormones are running riot again."

"Kurt," Blaine put his hand on Kurt's knee and let it trail upwards. "You can't tell me you don't love my magic hands on you."

"Blaine, I'm driving," Kurt said and suppressed a shudder that was elicited by Blaine's touch. "But if you can hold it ten more minutes I'll drive us to my place. Everybody should be out and we'd have at least an hour."

"Have I mentioned that I love you?" Blaine smiled. "Like, love you like crazy with all of my heart kind of love. Like, I won't ever let you go because you're the best thing that ever happened to me kind of love."

Kurt gave him a wry but loving glance. "You can do better than that, honey, but don't worry, you'll have a lifetime to come up with a good love declaration."

Blaine took the opportunity of a red light to kiss Kurt, and not just a quick smack of lips, but a full-on hands on his face slow tongue-dance kind of kiss, not caring about the traffic and the world until the cars behind them started honking angrily. With a laugh Kurt hit the gas to make it home as fast as possible.

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