This was it. It had come down to just their final two Pokemon. The boy and the elite glared intensely at each other, each sensing that the end would be near but not wanting to be the one to fall. They judged each other through what they saw: the boy what he wanted to become, the fourth another worthy opponent. But even so, there could only be one winner.

Their partners sensed this too, an even odder pair staring each other down, but with no less intensity. On the boy's side could be seen an orange-furred rodent, with a black tail that curved into a lightning bolt and ears in that same mold. On the man's side was a more fearsome creature, a wise orange dragon who stood upon his two feet, leaning over the much smaller electric rodent. The Raichu and Dragonite stood ready for the command to attack.

"Are you ready, Red?" called out the fourth, who stood tall as a lance despite the pressure he must have felt.

Red nodded.

"Then you must… wake up. Come back and face me in the real world."

Red blinked, surprised.

Suddenly he was staring at his ceiling, no longer in the Indigo Plateau. So, that was only a dream. He sighed. So disappointing… but he could hardly be blamed for his eagerness. Today, he was going to get his official trainer's license from Professor Oak (living next to a Pokemon lab helped) and begin his journey, which would end right where his dream took place.

But first, he had to get out of bed! If he wanted to get to Pewter City by nightfall, he wouldn't be able to put off leaving for too long. He sat up, surveying his room, littered with Pokemon paraphernalia. In the corner, sat his Nintendo Wii, which he promised his mom he'd move downstairs before he left. Sitting next to it is his backpack, filled with the things would need to carry along for his journey: a change of clothes, camping supplies, and the like.

Still next to that is his sleeping partner for this journey, a familiar yellow electric mouse.

"Hey Tesla! Wake up!" Red called out to his partner.

No response. Not even an involuntary twitch.

Red got up off of his bed, and began walking towards his partner, slowly.

"Hey…. Wake uuuuuuuuuup~."

Still nothing. He sighed, and then grinned. "Hehehehe…"

Downstairs, a woman was sitting in what would soon become her living room alone. The room itself was not sparse, holding a couch (upon which the woman sat) and several chairs. There was also a television set, dated by current standards but still functional – there was no reason to get rid of it yet. A Gracidea-print rug took up the space on the floor where her son used to sit when the three of them (and sometimes Tesla) sat together to…

Well, those days are gone. It's best not to fixate on them. So what was the woman doing this moment? Watching television and waiting. Mostly the second one. Soon, it'll be her alone here. But until the moment her son leaves and goes off to follow in so many others' footsteps, she doesn't have to show it.


She didn't need to be a psychic to know what was coming next… especially because her son kept forgetting (on purpose, most likely) what happened when he did that to little Tesla.

A familiar shock. "GAAAAAAAH!"

She might even miss that. But not as much as the rest.

"Urghhhhh… You didn't have to do that, Tes… I was just messing around with you…" said Red, as he and his partner walked down the stairs to the ground floor of his home, twitching slightly with each step. Step step.

"~Pika!~" You know I don't like it when you do that!, replied the mouse on Red's shoulder. You could have picked me up after you got your PokeDex… Step step.

"But I need you to be there when I register as a trainer. It'll save us time if I register you as my starter when I get my PokeDex. Besides, Blue's going to want to… oh good morning, Mom!" Step step done. The boy walked through the kitchen to where his mom sat in their living room. Well, it would be hers in about an hour or two.

"Morning, son!" While saying this, she turned to face him. "…Shouldn't you get dressed?"

Red blinked and looked down at himself. Green laced with lightning was what he saw. He promptly turned back around and ran back to his room (Tesla jumped off his shoulder right as he began running) while yelling "Thanks!"

The remaining two sighed.

Five minutes later, Red returned with attire more suited for a trainer and for one with his name – dull pants, red jacket, black shirt, red-white hat. "Alright, now I'm ready to go!" His yelling re-woke Tesla, who had dozed off as soon as his partner ran back up the stairs. The Pikachu jumped back onto Red's right shoulder.

"~pikaaaaa~" You could have taken some more time… The Pikachu yawned as Red turned for the door.

"It's better if we hurry. Nightfall's not gonna wait for us." He motioned as if he were about to run out the door, then remembered that there was something else he needed to say. "Mom!"

His mom turned back around to face him. "Hm?"

"Don't worry. I'll be back to move the Wii like I promised!" Then, he ran out.

His mom sighed. That's not what I'm worried about…

Pallet Town (if it could even be called that; it was more like a village) held few occupants, and the vast majority of those that lived here did so because of their connection to the Oak Laboratory. There was little else about the town that would inspire anyone else to move in – sure it had peace, and sure you had to come here to get a starter from the Oak lab, but those weren't reasons to stay.

There was nothing in this town except homes and the lab. Granted, the lab did take up a lot of space, especially as it kept growing and had to be split into several buildings, but without a Pokemon Center (or even a Mart) few trainers wanted to stay here, even if Oak would be there.

Too bad for them. Living in the same town as the world-famous Pokemon Professor came with some impressive benefits. Not the least was all the Pokemon Oak oversaw from trainers who would rather not leave them bored in the PC. As Red ran over to the lab (southeast from his home), he saw two of Oak's assistants checking up on one now – a Tentacruel (which might have been wild, not that Red cared), a massive blue jellyfish with two red jewels symmetrically adorning its head (crown?) and one in front.

It saw Red first, black eyes on a black body turning towards the eager soon-to-be trainer. The two assistants – one male, one female – followed the five foot water sac's gaze. They all sent out a resounding greeting to the boy (and also to Tesla, not that he heard it – he'd somehow gone back to sleep on Red's shoulder while not falling off). While running, he returned the greeting, and dashed straight into the Lab Building #1.

To be more precise, he slammed the double doors open, the noise interrupting the conversation between the Pokemon Professor and his grandson, Blue Oak. They turned to face the newcomer, and so did the third in their party – the brown fox/dog/cat with a white-tipped tail known as an Eevee. Said fox-dog-cat gracefully leapt from his partner's shoulder.

In comparison, Tesla soft of… rolled off of Red's shoulder once the boy came to a halt, and hit the ground with a plop-ish sound. "~Pika!~" Ow! The Eevee laughed at him.

Blue stood from his chair and walked towards his friend (and now rival). "Took you long enough, Red! Geez, did you take the scenic route or something? I could've been in Viridian by now, ya slowpoke!" He stopped a few feet from Tesla.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Are you in that much of a hurry to get started?"

Blue looked at Red with confusion. "You mean you're not?"

"N-no, I am!" Red waved his arms about.

"Then let's get going!" He turned to his grandfather. "Gramps! Register Red already!"

Oak sighed. You're in too much of a hurry… He stood, and moved over towards a computer, waving Red over. While Tesla was still getting his bearings, Red took care of the paperwork that allowed him to be a Pokemon Trainer. There was… surprisingly little, he found. He was sure that he had done more during the short time he was an assistant for Oak.

"Well, that's that." The Professor said, and walked away, humming.

"Wait… that's it? I'm a Trainer now?" Tesla's ears perked up. They were done already?

"Essentially! I'd like you two to do me a favor though, so hold on for a minute or two." He then walked off for another section of his lab. Red turned back to Blue, who was grinning wickedly. Red had a good idea where this was going. Blue did like to show-off…

"Hey Red! Before we head off, let's battle! Winner gets 300 poke-dollars!"

"Hm… I dunno…" Red took off his cap, and scratched his black hair. "I feel like we should wait until we both have more Pokemon to do this."

"What, are ya scared? Well, I'm not surprised. I have beaten you in most of our practice battles."

If by most, you mean about half… Red decided not to say that out loud. That'd just incense Blue further. He walked over to Tesla. "You ready for a battle, partner?"

"~pikapika~" Alright, alright… If it'll make Blue shut up…

The Eevee spoke up, just like his master. "~eeee!~" Hah! Get ready to lose, you fat rat!

"~pika~" I'm a mouse, thank you.

"Alright, it's on! Eevee, start off with a Sand-Attack!" Blue shouted suddenly, taking both Red and Tesla by surprise. Eevee, on the other hand, immediately complied, and began kicking up dust in Tesla's direction. Tesla blindly backed away with little delay, coughing all the way.

"Tesla!" Red called. He used that surprise attack to get around Tesla's greater speed!

"Now, follow it up with a Tackle!" Eevee dashed directly at Tesla, to strike him with his whole body. Tesla opened his eyes just in time to know which direction the Eevee was coming from, and rolled out of the way. Red backed up so he didn't get hit either (even if it was just an Eevee, it'd still sting).

"Tesla, use Thundershock!" From his red cheeks, Tesla sent out short lightning pulses at his opponent, all of them missing – except one. Tesla kept sending out bursts of electricity at the Eevee, who kept dodging but also couldn't approach. Blue pondered a way to get his Eevee out of this situation, where all he could do was lose. How about a surprise, then?

"Eevee!" Blue called. Tesla prepared to roll out of the way of another Tackle.

"Use Mimic!" Tesla paused. The Eevee unleashed a weak electric bolt from his body, which hit Tesla dead on, not doing much damage.

"Now, use Tackle!" Tesla prepared to dodge the real attack, once he saw the Eevee dashing at him, but found his legs unwilling to move. That last attack paralyzed me! What kind of luck is that!

The Eevee, on the other hand, was quite pleased with this development. He wasn't sure where his master was going with that use of Mimic, but now it was obvious. How could he have planned that paralysis, though? (He didn't.) His blow struck Tesla straight on, doing a critical amount of damage. Both Blue and his Eevee took this as a sign of victory.

Red, however, saw an opening. "Tesla, Thundershock now!"

At such a close range, the attack had no choice but to hit – and so it did, with the Eevee finding his legs thunder-stuck as well. But even with that, another blow from the Eevee would knock out Tesla, and everyone knew it – even Oak, who had been watching from the stairs. These two could very well become champions, he thought. I wonder what Lance would think if he could see this…

"Tesla, use Thundershock!" The Eevee barely side-stepped the jolt.

"Eevee, Tackle!" Tesla barely side-stepped the Eevee's brave charge. He sent out another jolt at the fox-dog-cat, but missed again. The Eevee came back around to hit him, but his legs became stuck again, and he took the blow. Tired, panting, he didn't get back up.

"~pikapika!~" Alright, alright, you win! I wanna go back to sleep…

The Eevee blinked. "~vee? veeeveevee!" Wait, I won? I won! Ha! I knew I'd beat you, you lazy mouse! Clearly, he was now disregarding all those Thundershocks. And the paralysis.

"Ha! Nice try Red, but it looks like I win again!" The battlers walked towards each other and shook hands. Red put a hand in his pocket, fished out his wallet, and handed Blue the prize-money.

"Here you go." "Thanks."

Oak took that as his cue to head back down the stairs, and now the two heard his approach and turned towards him. He applauded his grandson. "Bravo! Very nice, Blue! Good try, Red. Now then, for the matter I wanted to talk to you two about…" He held out two strange grey devices that made the two boys recall old Gameboy systems. It was half as tall as Tesla (who was an average-sized Pikachu) and had half of that for its width. Its depth was comparable to a boy's thumb. Red fiddled with it while Blue asked his grandpa what these things were.

"They're Pokemon Indexes… Pokedexes in short. Those are some of our alpha prototypes, and I'd like the two of you to try them out for me. They contain detailed data entries on all the Pokemon that we're aware exist in Kanto – all 149 of them, as well as some information on Pokemon from other regions. These were designed to help researchers in the field, so I'd like you to add to any entries which seem lacking. They're also connected by a wireless network, so any updates you make will be shared with the rest of them."

"Cool!" replied Blue. "This'll help me find all kinds of strong Pokemon!" He picked up his Eevee, who was still paralyzed. "Once sis fixes you up, let's head right out, Eevee! Smell ya later, Red! Bet I'll get eight badges before you do!" The Eevee cheered as Blue promptly ran out of Oak's lab, much like how Red entered.

"…" You're on! is what he would have said had Blue stuck around.

"Oh, that kid! He didn't even let me explain how it works! Bah!" Oak grumbled a bit before he noticed that Red was still there. "Well, it's all supposed to be intuitive anyway. By the way, Red…"

Red perked up.

"I know your mother's not a trainer, so would you like a few Poke Balls before you hit Viridian? Before you ask, Blue has more than enough."

Red accepted the offer. While there, he also healed Tesla with Oak's healing machine and headed back home with his partner. There's just one thing left to do before I can go…

Red (and Tesla) went back home. His mother wasn't in the living room, but he could hear running water from upstairs. She must be getting ready for work.

As might be expected by a town dominated by the Oak Lab, most of the people who worked in Pallet either worked directly for the Lab or helped to support it, and so did Red's mom. His dad also worked for Oak here, before that guy left to go do… something. He didn't remember what. In any case, he had to get his stuff, move the Wii and say goodbye!

The first two parts took only a few minutes. As for the last, he'd have to wait until his mom came back down the steps. He could hear the water stop, so it could only be a few minutes longer. He stood in wait by the front door, as his mother prepared herself for the day, and appeared in a lab coat.

"…Red. My son." She approached him, and gave him a big hug. "Good luck out there. And make sure you come back to visit sometimes."

"I will. Thanks, mom."

Moments later, he was gone, his journey begun.