Title: Traitor
Contact: kelhapam@metrocast.net
Series: ENT
Rating: PG-13
Code: R/S, Tr
Date: May 11, 2002

Summary: Malcolm suspects there's a traitor on board. Takes
place after Fusion.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.

Note of Appreciation. Special thanks to my beta readers: PJs,
Ronda, and Val. And special thanks to Rayne for her

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Chapter 1 - Notification

Malcolm Reed stood uneasily outside the Captain's cabin. He held
a PADD in his hands tightly. For the good of the crew and the
ship, he knew he had to speak to Captain Archer, but he wasn't
looking forward to it. He had no other option.

The armory officer raised his hand and tapped on the door's


Taking a deep steadying breath, Malcolm entered the Captain's
quarters. What he found was the Captain, lying face up on the
floor, with Porthos standing on his chest. To Malcolm's dismay,
the Captain looked very happy. He was loathe to disturb Archer's
good mood but had no choice.

"What can I do for you, Malcolm?" Jonathan asked, looking up at
his guest. Porthos copied his master, his head swinging upward
expectedly, and the two of them gazed up at their visitor. The
dog cocked his head to one side, his tongue hung out the side of
his mouth.

"Um...I've found out something you need to know about, sir." He
tapped the PADD, silently noting the shift in the Captain's mood.

"Can't it wait? I was about to take Porthos on his walk."

"Sorry, sir. This is of the utmost importance," Lt. Reed replied
stoically. *And if I don't tell you what I know and I have to
wait any longer, I'm going to be sick.*

Archer nodded, pushing the beagle away he sprung to his feet.
"Later, boy. Work first." Jonathan gestured towards a chair as
he himself sat down at his desk. "Have a seat."

"I'd rather not."

"It's that bad?"

One nod.

"Well let's have it. What's up?"

"During my weekly overhaul of the ship's weapons systems, I
stumbled across some type of... emissions device."

"Emissions? What kind of emissions?"

"It appears to be some type of communication device," Malcolm

"Did you speak to Hoshi about this?"

"I did, she knew nothing about it. And frankly, I didn't think
she would. It's not anything manufactured by Starfleet. It's
small, compact, and of a design I have never encountered before.
I believe it's much more advanced than any other communications
device we have on this ship."

Archer looked puzzled as Malcolm elaborated. "I believe, someone
is sending and receiving secret messages from Enterprise."

Malcolm gripped the pad tightly. *There, ease into it.*

Archer no longer looked just puzzled, he now wore the expression
of a very concerned Starship captain.

"It is my theory this device was installed in such a manner so it
wouldn't be found, with the communication waves hidden due to the
natural frequencies Enterprise's weapons emit."

"Do you have any clue as to who would have done this?"

*Here comes the hard part.* Malcolm bowed his head as he plunged
ahead. "While I was performing some tests on the device, someone
on the ship sent out a message using it."

"Do you know who it was?"

Malcolm shifted in his stance, his high degree of concern over
the discovery finally breaking through his normally reserved
demeanor. Archer's head came up, apparently detecting Malcolm's
uneasiness. "It came from Commander Tucker's cabin, Sir."

Archer was floored by his statement. "There must be some

"Upon further analysis, I've also determined that during the time
of the transmission, the Commander was almost certainly alone in
his cabin."

"This is a very serious charge, Lieutenant."

"I know it is, sir. I don't make it lightly."

"I've know Trip for years," he said in defense of his friend.

"Yes, Sir."

"You aren't completely sure it was Trip." Reed's jaw tightened
as he realized Archer was still holding onto a small thread of

"No, not conclusively, Captain. I didn't personally see him in
his cabin and I didn't witness him send the communique."

"There just has to be some other explanation." Archer's voice
softened as his gaze swept around the room, bewilderment etched
upon his features.

"I hope so, Sir."

"Thank you, Malcolm, for bringing this to my attention. I'll
take over from here."

With a nod, Malcolm left the room.

* * * * * * *

End Chapter One