AN: Sequel to "The Sucker Punch Never Came."

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The Hospital Nurse Affair

Chapter 1 H. M.?

When Face showed up at the V A wearing his white lab coat, he knew he wouldn't have any trouble. Springing Murdock for the trip to the youth center was less difficult now that Decker's "eyes and ears," the murderous Mr. Jerry Connors, had been transferred to a more secure facility for violent patients.

Now that Donna was letting them know when it was "safe" to visit, Face knew he might not have any trouble in another department either.

He had his most charming smile and best come-on line ready when he sauntered up to Donna.

"My, but you look so lovely today. You know, if you have some time later on, I know a pretty little beach where we could share some wine and cheese and enjoy the sunset together. Of course, I probably won't see a sunset as beautiful as you look." He leaned over the desk to catch her hands in his.

He was surprised . . . actually a little hurt . . . when she pulled away and said in a flat tone, "I suppose you're here to get H. M. I'll go and see what he wants to do."

Now, what was THAT all about?

Not only that, but she called him H. M.

Not Mr. Murdock or Captain Murdock but H. M. Face ambled over to Murdock's room to hurry them up.

"It'll only be for the day, Donna. Please, darlin', please understand."


Face didn't mean to eavesdrop but he stole a glance through the observation window anyway. He was curious to see how close their pilot and this nurse were. Pretty close, judging from the embrace they were locked in.

He hurried back to the desk, feeling a little guilty for robbing Murdock of his secret. Maybe his friend intended to let the team know about it. But maybe he didn't. Face could not take a chance.

Too late for regrets. Murdock's not savvy enough to know if she's another Decker plant or not. I'll have to tell Hannibal about this, too.

The door opened. Murdock came out first, closely followed by Donna. Face was relieved to see that the pilot was wearing his traveling clothes: the weathered leather jacket and navy baseball cap. He wasn't wearing a joyous smile.

"Hey, Faceman. Guess I'm ready." Murdock looked and sounded almost disappointed to leave.

His shoulders slumped as he gazed at Donna and gave her a dejected smile. "Well, Miss Donna. Maybe tomorrow night? Dinner and a dance?" And he took her hand in his and kissed it gently before taking Face by the elbow and escorting him down the hallway to the elevator.

Murdock was contemplative during the trip to the youth center. Several times Face asked questions about the previous week, about the knife wounds he had received from Connors. He answered in single words and stared vacantly at the buildings they passed. He acted as though he were a soldier about to be debriefed before returning to his base for a well-deserved rest.

When they arrived at the youth center, they saw B. A. under his van. Face thought for sure Murdock would slip into one of his personae or fixate on some imaginary or real object to drive the big man crazy.

"Hey, B. A. How's it goin'? Hannibal inside?" Murdock walked past before B. A. could roll the dolly out from under the van. He stared at Murdock's retreating back, not knowing what to say.

"Faceman, is that fool alright? What's eatin' him now?"

Face shook his head. "I think our Captain is in love." And that could spell big trouble for all of us.