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Summary - "I love you" -three words that Yuki could never find himself capable of repeating to his pink-haired lover, but as this sweet, romantic and steamy plot untwists, discover how the cold-hearted novelist finally opens his heart and reveals his true feelings.

"I Love You"

Yuki sighed. He had been working on his latest novel for hours and his muscles were sore from sitting still for so long. He glanced at the clock, just as it turned midnight – it was now officially Shuichi's birthday. The blond-haired novelist shut his laptop off and moved to get out of his seat. Just then, a tiny glint caught his eye. He looked toward the object in question and found it to be a photo of him and his pink-haired lover. Yuki smiled, lifting the photo frame. He thought back to the day that picture had been taken…

It had been a few months back, when Yuki had taken Shuichi on a trip to Hokkaido.

"Thank you for bringing me here! I love you so much Yuki!" his young lover had shouted, clinging tightly to the older man's arm and forgetting everyone could hear his declaration.

"I love you." Three words that Shuichi had said to him millions of times over this past year, but also three words that he had never found himself repeating to his Shu. He was a romance novelist, damn it! Why were these words so difficult to say?

The blond held his breath for a moment, realising that if he did, he could just about hear his lover's faint snores. He closed the door to his study softly and headed to the living room, where he found his little lover sleeping peacefully on the couch.

Shuichi only ever came to bed with Yuki when he had asked the boy to come. With the older man busy trying to meet a deadline, Shu must have assumed he wasn't welcome in the bedroom. "That would have to change," Yuki thought as he lifted the vocalist carefully and carried him to the bedroom.

Shuichi had been sure that he had slept on the couch last night, but somehow awoke in Yuki's bed with the writer's arm wrapped loosely around his waist. He questioned the older man, who only ignored him. After a few minutes, the now-twenty-year-old gave up and chalked it down to his own forgetfulness.

Before long, Shuichi was at the door, ready to leave.

"I'm getting out of work at one today. See you later Yuki!" he called from the doorway. The blond grunted in response.

As soon as the vocalist was gone, his older lover went to his study. Yuki planned to finish this book before Shu got home, so that they could spend the remainder of the boy's birthday together.

"Shu…" Yuki thought. He was now "Shuichi" or "Shu", no longer called "Brat".

Shuichi arrived at the recording room in N-G early and was greeted with several surprised gasps.

"Shindou-san, you're … early!" Fujisaki stated as he pulled some papers out of a folder and set them neatly on the table.

The pink-haired boy looked around the room from Hiro, who was tuning his guitar, to Sakano and Fujisaki, who were seated at the wooden table.

With a loud crash, K entered the room.

"Happy birthday, Shuichi!" he declared in English, but all four of them were well used to K's random bouts of English by now.

"Now that we're all here, let's start recording," Mr Sakano said, standing up from the table with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Shuichi put on the puppy eyes. "But it's my birthday! Do I really have to work?" he whined.

Fujisaki glared at the vocalist. "We have three more tracks we need to record for this album. They have to be done today."

"At times like this," Shuichi thought, "He's just like his cousin."

Then Hiro intervened. "I thought you loved singing, Shuichi. Besides, you'll be home with Yuki before you know it."

Shuichi smiled. "ALL RIGHT, YUKI! GET READY FOR ME COMING HOME EXTRA EARLY!" he cried, punching the air in determination.

Yuki leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He'd been staring at his computer screen so long that the words were starting to blur together. Getting up, he decided that he needed coffee. In the kitchen, the writer put some water on the boil and opened the cupboard. He smirked slightly as he noticed Shuichi's favourite mug. The boy had brought that with him when he had first moved into Eiri's apartment.

"He better like his present, or he won't get one ever again." Eiri thought, taking a sip of his coffee.

"SHUICHI!" Ryuichi cried, entering the room and glomping the young vocalist.

The two singers fell to the floor with the vocal god on top of the younger boy.

"Are me and Kumagoro invited to your birthday party this weekend?" the man asked childishly. "Kuma-chan loves cake!" he added hopefully, waving the pink plush bunny in his friend's face.

"Of course, Sakuma-san –," the boy started but Ryuichi put a finger to his lips to shush him.

"I told you before, it's Ryuichi or Ryu-chan, not Sakuma-san."

"Okay, Ryu-chan," Shuichi said, blushing a little.

"Ryuichi-san," came a soft voice.

Everyone looked round to see the President of N-G standing in the doorway, dressed in a long coat and his trademark hat.

A smile graced his lips as he continued. "I have to take off, but Ryuichi, would you go back to the studio and continue practising with Noriko? We have a concert in two weeks, remember?"

"Right Tohma!" Grasper's vocalist said as their keyboardist disappeared down the corridor.

Soon after, Ryuichi said his goodbyes to the members of Bad Luck and left the recording room.

Shuichi felt something cold and hard press against his head. Then he heard a click as the safety was turned off.

"Time for chit-chat is over. Get back to work or else," K said, holding his precious magnum to the lead singer's head.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Eiri said, stepping aside to let the visitor enter, despite his comment.

"Is it wrong for a man to want to see his brother-in-law?" Tohma asked with a gentle smile.

The older blond made himself comfortable on the couch and Yuki came to sit beside him.

"Today is your deadline, isn't it?" Tohma said conversationally.

"Yeah," Eiri snorted. "And with you hanging around, it won't be met."

The shorter man smiled. "Then I will make this a quick visit … I hear that today is Shindou-san's birthday. Do you have anything special planned?"

"Not really," the novelist replied, placing a cigarette between his lips and taking out his lighter.

He lit the cigarette and looked at the object in his hand. He ran his finger over the sticker, over his lover's cheek…

"Eiri-kun, you big softie!" Tohma teased, noticing the action.

Yuki was startled out of his thoughts but quickly regained his composure.

"You can stop with the Eiri-kun –," the man argued, but was cut off.

"What's this?" Tohma questioned the novelist, lifting something from the side table. In his hand was a beautiful necklace, with a delicate silver chain and an over-sized purple gem. The musician eyed the item curiously.

"This wouldn't be for Shindou, would it?" he asked.

Eiri took a long drag of his cigarette before replying.

"It's his birthday present," he said, grinning slightly.

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