Authors Note:

Hey, hey, hey. Before we get going I would like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Even if this is up a week late. :D But yeah here we go again. Another story, another bucket load of stress and a truck load of good times. :D But I really don't know what to say apart from a small change in layout of my chapters. They will now be shorter, but will be up quicker. Just because I realise I may of over done it on length last time, trying to keep to my 20 chapters. :L Not my brightest move. But yea, you know I have completely forgot the most important thing.

If your coming from my previous story. Kingdom Hearts: Lost Keys. Then welcome back. But if your new to me here then I recommend you go read that first. Otherwise your going to be completely lost. But meh, I'm going to put down a summary here anyway, just in case. You may skip the next 9 paragraphs if you know what happened. But yea it's more of a long story short thing, as it's hard to get it into a summary.

The last story took place a number of years after the most recent game, which is now... re:coded. But yea so it took place after the future game Kingdom Hearts 3 and told the story of a boy named Ray. Who much like Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ven, Terra and Aqua, set out on a journey of his own. But this journey was on a search for who had come before him, after then had not returned from their final fight with Xehanort.

So Ray set out, with vengeance in his heart. After losing his grandfather and his childhood love. So he travelled and met up with a boy named Liam. After visiting other worlds and learning that Sora and the other key wielders have been gone for much longer than Ray could of imagined, he and Liam split up. On an unforeseen circumstance. Liam became obsessed with power after his mind had been completely warped to be a weapon of the enemy. But there were two enemies. Pure light and Total Darkness.

However on the other side, Becca, Ray's friend and well you know, went on a journey of her own. After escaping the grasps of the enemy her and Elysia, a girl from Liam's past, set out to find the two boys. However the journey stretched out and paths were crossed many times, but Ray seemed to forget Becca the more he did. In the end after finding his origins Ray met the being that came before him, Fallan. By being I mean that Ray was the human embodiment of Kingdom Hearts. And so acted as a weapon. But as he fought what he was born to do he remembered Becca.

They finally crossed paths for good on the doorstep of fighting Pure Light. Here Liam ( Still with the Darkness ) , Ray, Becca and Elysia fought against the Soldiers. Finally succeeding, The four of them made their way to the dungeon below where they found the Key wielders in stasis. Ray let them go only for Liam to come out from no where and kill Sora.

Ray chased after him through a dark portal. Becca followed to help him stay safe. And after seeing his best friend die, Riku gave chase also, though weakened by his fight with Xehanort and his sleep. Here the three of them fought against Total Darkness. Becca nearly failed and it was Riku who was able to save her life.

Ray continued to give chase to Liam. After following Liam into a realm that he had created, Ray found that Liam was possessed by the lord of Total Darkness and had to be freed. Ray fought him alone. Where only one would come out as a victor.

Elysia at this time told Ray's story to King Mickey, as well as Becca's and her own. Mickey helped answer questions as Elysia asked them, to the best of his ability. Soon the rest of the key wielders woke up with an exception to Sora. They shared stories where they waited, for the victor.

Ray was the victor of the fight, however in saving Liam, Liam impaled his own key blade through Ray's chest. Killing him slowly. With his last amount of power, Ray said his goodbyes to Becca, Liam and everyone else. He gave up the last of his time to send everyone home, or to where they wanted.

Now they wait on the point of war. With some on Destiny Islands, some in the realm of darkness. Some in Disney Castle and some in the Land of Departure. Ray met many as he travelled the worlds. Many that needed saving or some that helped him. Some stayed lost, Like Roxas and Namine, while some remained forgotten ( Ansem the Wise ) But Ray saved everyone, he revived all that had lost their lives, blaming himself. But now an army must be gathered. Of friends and enemies to fight the true enemies. Total Darkness and Pure Light. They have their masters back on their thrones. With armies ready to go. Soon the key wielders will need all the help they can get, as everything comes down to how they fight. With Ray gone how will they succeed in a fight without a strong weapon.

It will be a long journey, of friends, allies, conflict, betrayal, Darkness and Light, freedom

and most of all a journey to remember. It's your choice if you want to join for this, but I promise you, if you hang on, this will be the ride of your life.

I promise that authors notes will never be this long again, and I will keep them brief as people just want to get to the story. But as this had gone on for quite a bit, this chapter will be quite short. But I will upload a double to get you all interested. I hope. :D But if you haven't already left, then I'm glad to have you along for the ride. As we finally reach:

Kingdom Hearts: The Point of War.

Chapter 1: All Was Quiet.

Sora and Kairi walked over to their secret place. It was dark inside, and they both could feel a cool breeze coming through. Sora was the first to crawl in, while smacking his head against the hard stone multiple times. Kairi however did it eloquently enough.

"Sora, you really should be more careful".

"I have no time to be careful". Sora looked around the cave, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Everything was how it should be. He took another look around before seeing a small note, in a hole in the wall.

"That wasn't there before". Sora pointed out.

Kairi walked over to it, saving Sora from hurting himself any more.

She bent down to pick it up, but before she could read there was a gale force of a gust of wind, that pushed the two of them, out the way they had come. Knocking them out as they came against the lower stone ceiling.


Elysia continued to row over to the other side of the island. Trying her best to get into a momentum. It had been a long time since she had even been on a boat, let alone rowed one. And she was out of practise. Basically going round in circles.

She laughed to herself as she failed to get to the other island.

But her laugh was soon ended as she was reminded of the fact that she was alone, and had no idea where any of her friends were. She was getting lonely, just like when she was captured under Total Darkness. She didn't want to be that alone again.


Sora was the first to wake up, he looked around trying to figure out what had happened. He immediately looked towards Kairi. Her head was covered in blood, after she had a sustained a greater blow than Sora. He crawled over to her, trying not to move to much. He was so dizzy, he could hardly see straight.

He got over to her, straight away he called out her name.


There was no response.

"Kairi!" He tried again.

Still nothing. Sora began to get worried. More so than he already was.

"No, not after everything!" Sora looked around him for help, but there was no one, he could just see a small boat coming towards them, but it seemed so far away.

Then he saw someone, standing by the waterfall. But he seemed nothing more than a figure made of shadows. He was laughing, laughing at the pain of others.

Sora screamed out. "Help us!"

The figure just shook his head and continued to laugh to himself. Silently.

"Help!" Sora shouted again.

The figure lifted up his hand with one finger out stretched, he placed it against his face, where his lips should be. Sora could imagine him shushing him.

Sora's head felt as if he had just had a spear thrown through it, as he tried to scream out again he found himself hitting the sand that he was trying to prop himself up from.

He rolled over seeing the soldier walking towards Kairi.

"Get...away...from...her". He tried to speak but he could only just find enough energy to make out four words.

The figure bent down and uncurled Kairi's hand. Taking the piece of paper from her. Straight away he burnt it up with a Dark Firaga.

He began to laugh.

His only words being. "Your friend, he's dead. Long gone. Get used to the silence".

He walked away, slowly strolling across the beach, as if he had only set out to do one thing.

Sora looked into Kairi's eyes. She seemed to be awake, but there was no response. But Sora relaxed, as he felt her breath hitting his face.


Elysia finally made it to the beach, when she got there she was terrified to see one of the knights walking along the beach. Like he had no worries about who may be there.

"Your not welcome here! Soldier!" She screamed.

Elysia drew her key blade, and threw it at his face, or where his face should be. It hit him, knocking him backwards into the sand below.

Elysia summoned her key blade back to her and walked towards him.

"What have you done?" She screamed.

The Knight just laughed.

"Then I'll finish this quickly". Elysia brought her key down on the soldiers head. But as she did, he teleported away in a puff of black smoke.

His last words being. "I am one of very few. If you can not kill me, how will you fight the thousands to come". His laugh stuck in her head. Making her so tired, so energy less. Just empty.

She looked around trying to find the damage he had done, only realising slowly that there were two people lying on the floor. A girl and a boy. One was covered in blood, the other lay next to her.

Elysia ran towards them shouting out "Cura" as she did.

When she got there, she bent down and noticed who they were.

Surprised to see Sora, but more worried for his current safety, she checked for any damages. Whatever had happened, Sora had broken his ankle and Kairi had split her head open, but not to such a dangerous extent.

Elysia didn't know what to do, but decided the best course of action being to get them inside. Casting a few Gravity spells she took them inside the shacks, away from the blowing winds and the sand.

With a few Cura's, they both seemed to make a recovery. But Elysia was still worried as neither seemed to wake up. They were just silent. So quiet. It was almost frightening. There were no birds, not even the sound of the waves could be heard.

The quiet seemed so perfect after everything. But Elysia's worries soon took over her and she couldn't handle it any more.

She walked out side trying to find the source of the quiet, but as she did she found herself standing on a platform, made of sand but it seemed to be fading away. Slowly, and silently. She looked around, now more scared than ever.

Then he appeared before her, but it wasn't him. It was at first, but after that an old man took his place. Then back to him, a younger boy. Elysia had seen him before, recently. But for some reason she couldn't think.

Then it hit her.


As she called out his name, Ray disappeared, taking the realm with him.

Elysia closed her eyes and opened them again, finding herself on the shores of Destiny Islands once again.

"What just happened?" She asked herself. "Am I going crazy?"

Ray's form fazed through many worlds, drifting through the void. With no control, Ray's consciousness was gone, but his shell continued to drift. The body he had left behind, the star dust had re-formed into a silent being. With no purpose but to exist.


You can not simply kill Kingdom Hearts. The heart of all worlds will never die. But the form it may take can easily fade away. Another will form, but it will never be the same. For a human form to be taken, would mean that all the worlds were in danger. This form must be protected, at all costs.

Mickey put his book down. He was trying to learn as much as he could, even between Gummi Ship journeys. No time needed to be wasted. The more he knew, the better prepared he would be. The war would soon be upon him, and as King. It was his duty to protect and serve the people, to the best of his ability.

But he had people to visit first. Things to be asked. Questions to answer. But more importantly, a call to arms for many. The war would come, and without a weapon designed for war, how could you win. It would have to take many skilled individuals. And Mickey knew many, as well as knowing that Sora had met many people along his travels, and they would be happy to join the cause.

Mickey shook his head. "This is going to be a chaotic time. The point of war, is not a point that is easy to stand on. No matter how well you balance".

Authors Note: Like I said, short chapter. But I'm sure you have better things to do than read me babble so I'll just end my note here. Well actually sorry. Remember there should be another chapter up now, if not in a couple of hours. Just because I haven't got enough for you here. Oh and for those that haven't read my prequel then I have forgot to mention that Sora and Kairi think Riku is dead ( as he didn't return) and Riku thinks Sora is dead. Hence the reason he didn't return. And so... :D Enjoy your time off during Christmas. And sorry I'm just no good at making it short. But yea see you next time.