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Chapter 43: An Old Man's Report.

As time flew by, and battles were fought amongst the worlds, time seemed to past so quickly. It was nothing physical, but days were shorter. The key wielders and their friends hid out for a long time, letting Pure Light and Total Darkness fight amongst themselves. Obviously it wouldn't work for that long, and it didn't.

No matter what you thought, this war was going to change everyone. It already was.

However, in the stress, and the pain, the wielders almost forgot that strange old man who had saved them. Who had questioned them, who had confused them. He disappeared from memory.


Floating in the emptiness that was the void between the worlds, was a small hard covered book. In that book rested one piece of paper, but behind it, the spine clearly showed the rest had been ripped from it.

That single piece of paper had writing on it.

To say that things were going to be easier now that the wielders are together, would be a lie.

To say that things would be easy now that Ray is back, would be an even greater lie.

In fact, in terms of Ray, I know I've only made things worse.

And Liam. That boy...

I know how this story ends. I know how everything plays out.

I know who dies, and who lives.

I know some of the greatest secrets this universe holds.

And to share any of these, would only change time further.

Time travel only ruins things. But I won't change time, I have never, as I've spent too much time fixing the things that are wrong.

Time is something that should never be touched. But I had to see these things, and fix the lines that were broken.

Now, to anyone that is reading this. Good luck.

But no matter how dark the future seems, you can't give up.

I have believed many times that everything was over. But in carrying on, brought me here.

Where I was able to see the things I could never see.

You will win this war, but that doesn't mean the end would be in sight.

There's something far worse on it's way.

But one step at a time.

Keep going.

Keep fighting.

An old and unnamed man.

As the note ended, a scribble was shown where the old man had tried to write his name. However, it came out in just a scribble. Had he changed his mind about writing it, or was he unable to write it.

Whatever the answer was, no one would ever see this paper.

As not only had Pure Light and Total Darkness taken the fights to the worlds but also the space in between. It was this fighting, that destroyed that old book.


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