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I stood in front of my new boarding school, Degrassi. I looked down myself. I looked pretty good I thought, and apparently so did some boys that stood a few feet away. I rolled my eyes, but smiled a little at my self. I was so used to this. Everybody always gave me this kind of attention, but I didn't mind. I set my bags on the ground and sat on one of them. This was going to be interesting. I had never gone to a boarding school before, but my best friend Ali really wanted to. So here I am, sitting in front of my new school waiting for her. This was our first year, and we would be "the new girls". But that didn't really bother me. Ali and I were assigned the same dorm, so I'm going to survive.

After a few minutes Ali showed up. She was dressed in white shorts with a pink top, and of course, high heels. The small girl tried to run up to me, and trust me it was a funny sight. She run as best as she could with her incredible high heels and all her bags dragging after her. When she reached me she let go of all her bags and gave me a huge hug, witch I gladly returned. We smiled at each other.

"This is going to be an amazing year Clare-Bear!" Ali said in her exited-girly-voice. I just laughed at her, but in a good way. I smiled at her and said "We'll see Ali, we'll see"

After a few minutes of talking we decided to go inside and get settled. As soon as we entered the school Ali stopped.

"Ali, what's wrong?" She just stood there.

"Look at all these people Clare. Look at all these cute and hot guys!" I huge smile spread on her face, and I couldn't keep myself from laughing at her. Of course that was the first thing on her mind. I looked around and she was right, the boys here weren't bad looking. We kept walking towards the principals office to get our schedules and keys. I felt all eyes on us. Ali smiled to herself and I knew I wasn't mistaking. Everybody was watching us, the new girls. I smiled as I kept walking. I looked at the guys watching me, but there was one boy that caught my attention. He was dressed all in black and surrounded by a bunch of girls, and some boys. The boys I assume are his friends. He wasn't looking at me and Ali like the rest of the boys. He was too busy joking around with his friends. Suddenly he looked up and met my eyes. He smirked at me, and turned back to his friends. I quickly turned my eyes forward ass I felt my cheeks turn pink. He probably saw me staring at him. He saw me staring at his beautiful face. I could still see those piercing green eyes. I shook my head. Was I really thinking of a boy I had just watched a few seconds? And why the hell did he make me blush just by looking at me? I never blush! That boy was-

"Clare! Anybody home?" Ali interrupted my thoughts.

"Yeah, what?" Ali smiled a devilish smile at me.

"Were you thinking of that boy that made you blush? Crap! Ali saw that?

"No, I was thinking of this line to get our stuff. It's crazy long, look!" We had just got in line.

"Suuure.." Ali said still smiling. I rolled my eyes at her. This was school, and I was here to learn. I don't care if that boy made me blush. It was just because he had caught me looking at him, and I got embarrassed. I mean it's normal. It's not polite to stare at people. And I only looked at him because of his style, nothing else.

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