Just a short, humorous oneshot I wrote in math class a couple weeks ago.

Leo, Jason, Percy Annabeth and Piper were just standing around in the arena, chatting about this and that. All was going well when Piper and Annabeth excused themselves to talk about 'girl stuff', also known as what to get the boys for Christmas presents.

The boys soon became bored, so Jason and Percy decided to go get their swords and practice sparring. Leo, who was still sad because he had been rejected by Lily (in his opinion 'the most beautiful Hermes girl ever!') for the fifth time in the past two hours, decided to stay and sulk.

Just moments after the two boys left, Annabeth and Piper came to the decision that they should buy their boyfriends. . So, happily they walked back over to where the boys had just been. But, where had
they gone? Where could they be?

Worried, Annabeth immediately grabbed Leo's shoulders and started shaking him violently, screaming 'Where are they?" (she had been a little clingy ever since the Roman incident)

Leo, still sad for being turned down so viciously said, without thinking (and in a very sarcastic tone I might add) 'They were kidnapped by the big, green monsters."

Now normally the girls would not have fallen for that, but this was their Sparky and their Seaweed brain, so we can forgive them for being so hormonal.

Immediately, they grabbed their weapons and a helmet, then they commandeered the newly repaired flying chariot (injuring several of its occupants in the process)

Only seconds after the two girls flew off in to the distance, the two boys returned, fully equipped with swords.

As he did not see his beloved Piper anywhere Jason asked his best friend "Hey, where are the girls?"

Leo, still glaring at his boots as if they were the ones that had bitch-slapped him said; "I dunno, but I think they just started a new book series."

"What?" asked Percy, obviously perplexed.

But before he could reply, Leo spotted something. What was that off in the distance? Brown hair, blue eyes, elfish features, could it be? Yes, it was none other than Lily, daughter of Hermes, trying (and
failing) to carry six battle helmets to her cabin, without dropping any of them. Unable to let this perfect opportunity slip by, Leo jumped to his feet and sprinted across the field.

So, as Annabeth and Piper flew across the country in search of their 'lost' boyfriends, Jason and Percy stood in a field trying to exercise their small brains as Leo had the crap slapped out of him (for the
sixth time in the last two hours)

Hmm, I think we'll call this series 'The dolts of Olympus'