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"A daughter is a gift of love." Unknown

"She's so beautiful." Jenna Harper whispers, looking at her newborn daughter.

"Yeah." James whispers, a smile on his face. Just two hours earlier, Jenna gave birth to their beautiful baby girl. Yeah, James never thought that he would be become a husband and father, especially not before his thirtieth birthday. He's gonna be twenty two next month and the past four years of his life have been amazing. He met his wonderful wife at a meet and greet for his band, Big Time Rush. Jenna's friend, Lacey Russo, is a huge BTR fan, so Jenna got tickets to their concert/meet and greet. James and Jenna started hanging out and they eventually became a couple. Now they're at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, celebrating the birth of their first child. They haven't know MacKenzie for very long, but they absolutely adore her.

"You wanna hold her, daddy?" Jenna smiles. James nods and gratefully allows Jenna to place their daughter in his arms. Is it weird for a man to cry? Because James actually feels like bawling right now. Not the sad kind of crying, but tears of joy. They've been waiting to see their daughter for months and now she's here. Why shouldn't James cry? He's so happy right now.

"Hi, Kenzie." He coos, kissing his daughter's forehead.

"MacKenzie Marie Diamond." Jenna smiles, stroking the baby's cheek.

"Actually, I was thinking we could name her MacKenzie Elizabeth Diamond." James grins, touching Kenzie's little hand. He chuckles softly as Kenzie wraps her hand around his finger. Now, they had originally chosen Marie as the baby's middle name. However, while Jenna was in labor (James is currently wearing a bandage around his hand because Jenna nearly crushed it), James decided that Marie was all too common. Well, Elizabeth is common, too. However, the difference is that Elizabeth really means something special to James. It's Jenna's middle name and he thinks that it's sweet to name babies after their parents.

"Really?" Jenna says with surprise in her voice.

"Yes, Jenna, really." James laughs, smiling at Kenzie. He never realized how amazing becoming a parent feels. His mom, Ms Knight (Kendall's mom), and Mrs Harper (Jenna's mom) all said that it felt great, but he never knew that it was gonna feel this amazing. He has never loved someone so much in his entire life. Normally, he's a little self absorbed, but he toned it down a bit after he met Jenna. You see, Jenna is the exact opposite of him. She has nothing to do with Hollywood. She graduated from a normal school, she's in her third year at UCLA, and she plans on becoming a high school counselor. Plus, she's sweet, down to earth, and rather selfless. No one expected James to end up with someone like her. Now she's his wife and the mother of his child! Pretty cool, right?

"I like it." Jenna agrees. "Do you like that, Kenzie?"

All they get from Kenzie is some squeaky and whiny baby sound. It's adorable and brings a smile to James and Jenna's faces. In the past two hours, all they've done is smile and talk about their amazing little princess. They can't wait to take her home and show her off. They finally rented their own apartment at the Palm Woods Hotel (Home of the future famous) shortly before they got married and they have a bunch of friends that are dying to see Kenzie. Seriously, James has gotten thirteen text messages in the past twelves hours. One of them was from Jett Stetson! Big surprise, right? That guy is on the hit TV show New Town High and he is, unfortunately, in love with himself. However, he seems quite interested in seeing the new baby. Maybe Jett Stetson has a soft spot for little kids.

"We can't wait to take you home." Jenna says, touching Kenzie's hand. "Everyone is really excited to meet you! And I'm excited to get home because I really don't like staying in the hospital. The last time I stayed overnight was when I was ten and I fell of the swingset and broke my arm. Mommy is such a klutz sometimes, but I know my little girl won't judge me."

"Hey, I'm gonna take her to the waiting room." James smiles, getting off the bed. "Daddy can't wait to show you off, Kenzie."

"Don't let Carlos drop her." Jenna warns.

"I won't." James grins, giving her a kiss on the lips before leaving the birthing suite. He kisses Kenzie's forehead before stepping into the waiting room across the hallway, where his bandmates, Ms Knight, Jenna's parents, Chris (Jenna's older sister) Jo, Camille, Lucy, Lacey, Gabriella, and Katie are sitting. They already know that Kenzie has finally arrived, but they allowed James and Jenna a couple hours alone with the baby before seeing her for themselves. When they look up and see the pink bundle in his arms, they jump out of their seats.

"Oh my gosh." Jo says sweetly, stroking Kenzie's cheek.

"Everyone, this MacKenzie Elizabeth Diamond." James says, smiling at his daughter. "Our daughter."

"James, she's so beautiful." Ms Knight says, touching Kenzie's hand.

"Can I hold her?" Jo asks hopefully.

"Yeah." James nods, carefully placing his daughter in Jo's arms.

"She looks so much like Jenna." Carlos says, admiring the adorable baby girl. James keeps a smile on his face as Jo talks to Kenzie in a hilarious baby voice. Kenzie doesn't seem to mind Jo's exaggerated baby talk. It's too bad that she won't start smiling socially until she's two or three months old. If she could, James can almost guarantee that there would be a huge grin on that little girl's face. Jo loves children (She's really good with her younger fans) and she has been super excited for Kenzie's arrival. When she was told about Jenna's pregnancy, she sent them two stuffed bears, while she was filming the Chauncey Jackson trilogy in New Zealand.

"Yeah, she looks just like her mama." Logan says as Jo puts Kenzie in his arms. "You're like a clone of your mommy, Kenzie."

But the calmness in the waiting room is put to an end when Kenzie starts sobbing. Aww, she either needs food or a diaper change. Or she just needs her mommy. Logan hands the newborn to James and he gives them a smile before heading back to the suite. Jenna was reading the latest issue of Pop Tiger magazine that she had stored in her overnight bag, but she puts it on the bedside table when she hears her crying daughter.

"She's getting fussy." James says, kissing Kenzie's tearstained cheek.

"Aww, what's the matter?" Jenna asks sympathetically as James puts the baby girl in her arms. "Jay, she doesn't have a dirty diaper."

"Maybe she's hungry." James says, grabbing Kenzie's bottle of the bedside table. He hands it to Jenna, who holds the bottle to Kenzie's lips. That seems to calm her down. It's a good thing, too. They love her so much, but when she cries, she really cries. Yes, they are aware that she's just a baby, but they are a little nervous about waking up to her crying two or more times a night. Then again, they don't really mind it. Their families and every other adult they know has been warning them about that, so they've managed to mentally prepare themselves as much as they can.

"Yeah, you were hungry." Jenna whispers, kissing her forehead.

"Wanna watch TV?" James asks, grabbing the remote. He's interested in seeing what the celebrity gossip channels are talking about. Hot Tunes TV, Hollywood Insider, E! News, and all those channels are known for providing fans with the hottest news about their favorite stars. Big Time Rush has been a topic of discussion a few times. It wasn't because of any scandals (BTR is appropriate for kids of all ages), just because the media was excited about new music from the band, as well as news relating to their relationships with their girls. Jenna may not be famous, but that's exactly why people are so interested in James's relationship with her. He's a rockstar, she a college student. Two people from different worlds are married and have a daughter together.

"Sure." Jenna says.

James turns the TV on, changing the channel to Hollywood Insider. He looks at the screen in curiosity, frowning when he sees a picture of the cast of New Town High's fifth season. Right below the picture, he sees the words "New Town High will end after season 5!" Jo was only on the show for two seasons before she moved to New Zealand to film the Chauncey Jackson trilogy, which is based on the series of books.

"The popular CW series is in it's fifth season! The show, which has brought you stars like Jett Stetson, Jo Taylor, Megan Chambers, and McKenna Leighton, has been a favorite ever since it premiered in September 2010, but direction Walter Cane has announced that the series will be done after the current season. Which is probably disappointing to many fans, especially those who enjoy the love/hate relationship between Jett Stetson's character Drake, and Alana, played by McKenna Leighton."

The scene switches to an interview with Jett and McKenna on the red carpet at the Pop Tiger Awards. Every time the reporter asks them a question or says anything at all, they smile at her and respond to whatever she's saying. James has always thought about how funny it is that a celebrity can be a jerk in real life yet look so sweet for the cameras. McKenna lives at the Palm Woods and she's a sweetheart, but Jett is a jerk. She's one of the only girls that Jett won't flirt with because she's married and has an almost two year old son. Anyway, he's dating Jennifer Mason. She's one of the Jennifers, three of the most popular girls at the Palm Woods. She has brunette hair, she's really pretty, but she doesn't have the best personality.

"Babe, can I see Kenzie?" James asks her. "You can watch whatever you want."

"Alright, I'm gonna let your daddy hold you." Jenna smiles, handing Kenzie to James. She takes the remote from him and changes the channel to Friends. She loves the show and teasing James, of course. You'll see what she means in a minute.

"Jay, I think Matthew Perry was really cute when he was younger." She says, trying to hold back a smile. But she finally lets it out when she sees the look on James's face. He looks at her with raised eyebrows. He always gives her that look if she calls any guy cute, unless she's talking about him. He has two qualities about him that are both annoying and funny. He gets way too jealous and overprotective.

"Kenzie, your mommy hurt my feelings." He tells his daughter. "I'm suppose to be the only cute guy in her life."

"Oh, you are such a drama king." Jenna teases. James rolls his eyes as he carries their sleeping daughter over to the little bassinet by Jenna's bed. He gives the baby girl another kiss before lowering her into the bassinet. He gives her a loving smile before crawling next to Jenna, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He kisses her temple and smiles softly, resting his head on her shoulder.

"You're gonna be a great daddy." Jenna whispers, kissing his cheek.

You see? This is one of the many reasons that he loves this girl. Altough he has been looking forward to the birth of their daughter, he has also been freaking out because he doesn't want to be a bad father. He has been reading the parenting books, but he's still worried that he'll do something wrong. Before Kenzie arrived, he was afraid that she would hate him. But she hasn't showed any signs of hating him, so he's relieved. He wants to be the best dad that he can be. He's definitely gonna try.

"I hope so." He says softly, giving her a kiss. "Will you be mad if I screw up?"

"James David Diamond, stop saying that!" Jenna scolds.

"I'm just saying." James says, giving her a serious look. Really, he plans on taking his job as Kenzie's dad very seriously. That means that he doesn't want to do anything wrong. He is aware that he may never be a perfect dad, but no one ever said that there's anything wrong with trying. You should try to do your best at everything, right? That's what his mom always says. Honestly, he doesn't want to be a bad parent. He doesn't want Kenzie to end up hating him because he failed at being a father.

"You're gonna be a really great dad, Jay." Jenna tells him. "I promise."

After a while, James and Jenna finally fell asleep. When James wakes up, it's two thirty in the morning. Why is he waking up? Because Kenzie has started crying. Jenna starts to stir awake, but James quietly insists that she get some rest. After all, she had to give birth today. All James did was sit next to her and allow her to nearly crush his hand as she pushed, while cussing the doctor out. She was not very friendly while she was giving birth, so James was so relieved when it was finally over. Now they can enjoy their precious baby girl.

"Alright, Kenzie, are you hungry again?" He asks as he lifts the baby into his arms. He kisses her forehead and walks over to the bedside table, picking the bottle up. He paces back and forth as he feeds her, quietly singing the tune to "Worldwide." He yawns softly, not feeling completely rested. Taking care of a baby is a tiring job, but Kenzie is definitely worth it. They'll stay up with her all night if they have to.

Knock! Knock!

"James, you need to get some rest." Brooke Diamond whispers, smiling when she sees Kenzie. Since she lives in Minnesota, she only got here a few hours ago. She one of those Super Moms. You know, the ones that are constantly worried about their children, even when they are aware that their children are perfectly fine. In other words, they are very overprotective moms. Brooke tried to take James back to Minnesota because she missed him. She wouldn't let him to take snowboarding lessons because she thought it was "too dangerous." And although she let him stay in LA, she is constantly worrying about him eating enough and getting enough sleep.


"Jay, it's okay." Jenna says tiredly. "You need to sleep in a comfy bed."


"I'll be fine." Jenna insists. "The nurses will help me with Kenzie."

"You sure?" James asks her.

Jenna sighs heavily in response. James can be so stubborn. It can be really amusing, but it can also be annoying. Considering that she just had a baby today and she's tired, she really doesn't want anyone arguing with her. So she gives James "The Look." You know, raised eyebrows and a frown, like she's saying "Excuse me? I want you get your butt to the Palm Woods and into our bed."

"Yes, James." She says calmly. "I"m sure."

"Okay." James says slowly. He kisses Kenzie's forehead and puts her empty bottle on the bedside table, proceeding to put his little princess in her bassinet. She's fast asleep once again. He hopes that she'll give her mommy a break. Jenna looks exhausted. She could use a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

He sits on the edge of Jenna's bed, resting his forehead against hers.

"I love you." He whispers.

"I love you, too." Jenna says, giving him a kiss.

"Let's get you home, sweetie." Brooke says, letting her hand touch his back. She waves at Jenna, then leads James from the room. They enter the elevator and once they get to the first floor, James finds that he's already missing Jenna and Kenzie. He misses his wife and their sweet little girl. He can't wait to bring them home tomorrow. He's gonna be sleeping alone for the next few hours, which is gonna be kind of depressing. He's use to sharing a bed with Jenna, so he's gonna be lonely.

Just a few more hours. He can't wait until then, right? Yeah, he can be patient.

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