"Love reminds you that nothing else matters." Amy Bushell

Five months later, Kendall and Jo get married in a beautiful ceremony at the Mountain Gate Country Club, the same place that James and Jenna got married. Now they're in the outdoor reception area, mingling with the other guests. While they do that, James and Jenna are sitting at the table set up for the newlyweds and the wedding party. James is wearing a nice suit and Jenna is wearing a light blue, strapless dress that ends above the knee. Her hair is pulled in a curly low bun. Being at a wedding again brings back memories of her own. She was overjoyed when she and James finally said "I do." Now she and James have two beautiful daughters, MacKenzie Elizabeth and Ariana Brielle. So far, Kenzie seems to enjoy having Ari around. There have been a few moments of jealousy, but the girls seem to get along pretty well.

Jenna's parents are watching Ari, while Kenzie is playing with two other kids from the day care center where Chris works. Chris insisted that day care would be a good idea, so Kenzie could start making friends. So far, she has met two girls named Chelsey and Brittany. Both are very nice girls and Jo said that they should come to the wedding, so Kenzie won't be bored. James and Jenna can already tell that she's gonna be very popular when she starts school in a couple years. Chris said that she gets along really well with the other children.

"I love you." She whispers to James, kissing his cheek. Her husband smiles and grabs her hand, kissing her shoulder.

"I love you, too." He says, squeezing her hand. She smiles and rubs the back of his hand with her thumb. She has been with this guy for eight amazing years and married for the past four years. Every moment with James has been amazing. They've had their fights and moments where they just needed their space, but they still love each other. Jenna wouldn't change her life for anything. She has a husband and two daughters, as well as her other family and friends. She is truly blessed with a very happy life. What could get better than that?

"May I have this dance?" James grins.

"Yes, you may." Jenna giggles as James leads her to the dance floor. His arms wrap around her waist and her arms wrap around his neck. It's a relief that she doesn't have that huge stomach anymore. When she was pregnant, it was hard for them to have intimate hugs because her stomach always got in the way. Now their chests can actually touch when they hug each other. It feels much better this way.

("I Ain't In Checotah Anymore" by Carrie Underwood)

"Jo, this is California! Not North Carolina!" Carlos calls out, sipping from his glass of wine.

"Carlos, Checotah is in Oklahoma!" Logan reminds him, while holding almost two year old Jayce in his arms. Even though Jayce is still little, he understands the humor of the situation and starts giggling, clapping his hands. Logan smiles and kisses his cheek, tickling his tummy. Jenna smiles before kissing James, giggling as he kisses her cheek.

"And I like this song!" Jo retorts playfully before pulling Kendall onto the dance floor.

"I don't know how to dance to this." James whispers.

"I'll show you." Jenna smiles, grabbing his hands. She starts dancing a little more energetically, pulling James closer to her. She gives him a passionate kiss, squealing as he lifts her into his arms. She laughs uncontrollably, feeling just like a little girl again. Of course, she is a grown woman now, but she can have her childish moments. Hey, it keeps her feeling young.

"Calm down, kids!" Brooke laughs as she walks over to them. James puts Jenna down and lets her reach for Ari. Jenna kisses five month old Ari's cheek, listening to her adorable babbling. She smiles at Jenna, who gives her another kiss. James gives her a kiss as well, then they watch as Kenzie toddles over to them. James picks the three year old up, giving her a kiss. They don't want her to feel neglected just because there's a new baby in the family, so they try to give the girls an equal amount of attention. It has been working really well so far.

"I'm so proud of you guys." Brooke tells them, hugging James and Jenna before walking away.

"You know, you two are really good parents." Samuel says, squeezing James's shoulders. James returns the hug, then Samuel goes to hug his daughter in law. She doesn't like that it took so long for James to start getting along with his dad, but she's glad that it's finally happening. It's too bad that it took James getting hurt for that to happen, but what matters is that it happened. Speaking of James's injuries, he has healed very nicely, but he still walks with a limp. He most likely won't be doing backflips anymore, but he is dancing again. In fact, Big Time Rush is gonna be heading to New York City in a few weeks to perform at Madison Square Garden. Jenna couldn't be prouder of her husband and his bandmates.

"Thanks, dad." James smiles, cuddling Kenzie. Samuel pats James's shoulder, then he goes to sit with Kara. For the first time, James doesn't seem to be bothered by his dad and Kara being together. Yeah, Samuel was a little quick to find a new relationship after he and Brooke divorced, but it's not like he cheated. He and Brooke were divorced when he and Kara got married, so he didn't do anything too bad.

Jenna looks at Kendall and Jo, who are in the middle of a kiss. Jo looks really pretty today. Marchesa designed her dress, which is a laced and strapless princess style gown. She's got a beautiful veil, diamond jewelry, and shoes to go with it. Her hair is pulled into a low bun. Jenna can tell that she and Kendall are gonna be very happy together. It's only a matter of time before Carlos proposes to Stephanie. They are back to being the adorable couple that they were before Stephanie went to college and they have gotten pretty serious.

"I still love you." She giggles, kissing James. "And I love our girls!"

She kisses both of her daughters on their cheeks.

"We're a happy family, aren't we?" James grins, kissing her forehead.

"Yeah." Jenna smiles. "We are a very happy family."

You're probably wondering what happened to the BTR guys and their girls, right? Well, let's start with James and Jenna. They are still happily married and they had another child, a son named Christopher Landon, when Kenzie is ten and Ari is seven. Big Time Rush went on to release more highly successful albums and Jenna got a job as a school counselor at her old high school, Lincoln High, once Ari turned four.

Kenzie became a cheerleader in sixth grade and has always been one of the popular girls in school, but she was never one of the mean girls. In fact, her kindness is what made her so popular. She recently graduated from high school and will be attending UCLA in the fall. She made mostly straight A's throughout her schools years. She will be majoring in music and hopes to become a pop star like her dad. Gustavo has expressed interest in working with her (Yes, he's still a producer). So the world may soon see a MacKenzie Diamond album on in stores.

Ari also became a cheerleader in sixth grade, made good grades, and has been popular with her fellow students, but she developed a slightly rebellious streak. The girl likes to party a lot. Not in a bad way, but she goes all out with her birthday parties. When she turned fifteen, she begged James and Jenna to hire a DJ, so they did. She is getting her acting career underway. She currently has a guest role on Camille's new comedy series. Hollywood seems to really like her character, so she's getting a bit of attention from the media. Honestly, James and Jenna are concerned about letting their girls be in show business, but they want their kids to follow their dreams.

Christopher, their eight year old brown haired and green eyed son, isn't really thinking about show business right now. He enjoys playing on the pee wee hockey team and hanging out with his friends. James, Kendall, Carlos, and Logan are happy that he developed their love for hockey. As far as his grades go, he's doing pretty good. He gets A's and B's.

Logan and Camille are still happily married. Logan is still performing in Big Time Rush and Camille stars on a new TV comedy about a single mom raising her three children. Ari plays the best friend of Camille's oldest daughter. They didn't have anymore kids, but they're thinking about having another soon. They still aren't too old, so they still have time to have another baby. They're definitely hoping for another little one.

Guess who Jayce is dating? Yeah, he's with Ari. It was around his sophomore year that he started developing a crush on her and they've been dating for five months now. They're a very cute couple, but their parents were surprised when they announced that Jayce wanted to take Ari on a date. James didn't even like the idea of his youngest daughter having a boyfriend, but since he knew Jayce and the boy's parents, he decided to let them be together. So far, Jayce hasn't given James any reason not to trust him. And he's a good influence on Ari. It's actually kind of cute to see them studying together.

Kendall and Jo have two beautiful children, a son named Jackson and a daughter named Rachel. You can probably guess that Kendall is still in BTR and Jo is still acting. A few years ago, South Valley's last season premiered. For now, Jo is just focusing on films. She plans to return to TV eventually, but films are her focus at the moment. She even convinced Kendall to try acting and they ended up starring in a romantic comedy together. It recieved mixed reviews, but it did very well at the box office.

Carlos and Stephanie got married ten years ago. Stephanie is currently expecting their first child, a baby girl. Carlos is in Big T ime Rush and Stephanie has directed several successful films, some that starred Jo, Camille, and even James. Of course, James is mostly focused on his music, but he has tried acting every once in a while. Anyway, Carlos and Stephanie are very happy in their marriage. The awkwardness between them when Stephanie moved back to Los Angeles is completely gone and they are eagerly awaiting the birth of their daughter.

Chris got married as well and delivered a daughter named Alyssa Marie, who is now thirteen years old. She also has a stepdaughter named Kayla, who her husband had with his ex wife. Anyway, Chris went back to college and is now a teacher at Lincoln High School, so she and Jenna are both sisters and coworkers. Her husband, Greg, is a football coach at a middle school not too far from Lincoln High.

Lacey got married when she was twenty eight and, unfortunately, divorced three years later. For some reason, she and her husband couldn't get along. They never had any kids together, so Lacey ended up adopting a little boy from Japan. She even taught him how to speak perfect English, so he no longer rants in Japanese when he wants something. Lacey was incredibly relieved because she could never understand a word he said before he learned English. Of course, he still knows Japanese, but he's now bilingual. Lacey is very proud of her son. Career wise, she is a successful interior designer. She helped Carlos and Stephanie, Jo and Kendall, Logan and Camille, James and Jenna (They had to move into another house when Jenna became pregnant with Christopher), and several other celebrities in Hollywood, as well as everyday people.

abby became a famous Broadway actress. She is currently engaged to her costar in her latest production. They have been dating for a year and he recently proposed to her. This is her first marriage. She has had lots of boyfriends over the years, but she recently decided that she was ready to settle down. When her fiance proposed, she was overjoyed. They will be getting married at Central Park in New York City, where they currently live in an awesome penthouse.

Lucy has been married to her rocker husband for a few years now, but they haven't had any kids. They want to have a child soon, though. They're both very dedicated to their music careers, so they've put off having children, but that doesn't mean that it's never gonna happen. They've recently decided that they're ready to become parents.

And last but not least, Jennifer Woods and Jennifer Williams finished their probation and got back on everyone's good side. They've managed to stay out of trouble. They're famous actresses and Jennifer Mason is both an actress and a pop star. Jen got married recently and found out that she is expecting their first child together. Jennifer and Dak are still going strong. They got married and have a eleven year old daughter named Andrea Kathryn. Shortly after Kendall and Jo got married, Jett and Jennie decided to give their relationship another try and they got married a year later.

As you can see, life has been going well for everyone. They've all had their ups and downs, but they are all happy and blessed with family and friends. Needless to say, they are all grateful for everything that they have. They have everything that they could ever want, such as marriage, children, and successful careers. Life is a journey for them and they enjoy every minute of it.

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