In His Shoes (The Rehashed Version)

aka Lion-O gets a piece

Part 1

A Solstice Wish

by Fuuko no Miko


Oh no, you didn't!

Oh yes I did!

Sorry, I just had to do it. I think Lion-O deserves a little better than a one-night stand with Mumm-Ra. Really! I was never into yaoi, but no offense to those who are.

This takes place a few years after the reestablishment of New Thundera.

This will also feature from a character in one of my other fanfics. So nice to be able to crossover some characters so I don't have to create new ones.

Partially inspired by "The Better Cat" and lots of "what if I switched places" movies, and "Groundhog Day.". Yes you will see loads of cliches, though I figured that would still be better than just writing a smut fic without any sense of story. Then that would just be plain pornography. Eh.

This doesn't mean I give up on Tygra-Cheetara because I do NOT! Just coz you like one pairing doesn't mean you can't write about another one, . Also, to my fellow Ty lovers, you may not like the version of him in this story, just an FYI!

This is the revised version. Same content, different ending. The last one apparently got a little bit confusing so hopefully this one will clear the mud!

He would've preferred a quiet night by the fireplace, sipping his favorite wine and thinking of where he would spend his next hunting trips. But that didn't happen to be the case today. He was required by the old law to hold a ball in celebration of the winter solstice as a tradition in Old Thundera. Goodness knows he was not one to break tradition, especially those that his father had enjoyed the most. Memories, after all, are the only things that a cat can hold on to after all the destruction of the old kingdom.

Lion-O placed the kingly robes on his shoulders. It's been seven years since he first donned this outfit, seven years since he and the remaining Thundercats rebuilt the New Thundera, seven years since he first wore the crown that declared him Lord of all this kingdom and everything that relates to it. He gazed at his reflection on the mirror. While his people, a mixture of Thunderans and new inhabitants from all of third earth, saw their mighty ruler, he still saw the insecure teenager that left the burning debris many a year ago with vengeance in his heart and determination in his soul.

"Are you done preening in there?"

The voice that cajoled him was deeper and older, but still as snippy as its' been as far as he can remember. The tiger poked his head, raising a brow at the king who was staring blankly at mirror. "You can stand there as long as you like but that robe isn't going to look any better on you."

"I'm coming." he tried to muster up as much enthusiasm as he can. He hated parties, and Tygra knew that. That didn't stop him from having to put up one.

He reluctantly followed the tiger down the long hallway leading to the grand ballroom. Tygra wore robes similar to his, although less grandiose.

"Come on, practice that smile. You have to be presentable." the tiger reminded him.

"You should've been hosting this party." Lion-O muttered. Not that he didn't enjoy being king. He loved his position, he just didn't like all the things that came with it.

"Hey I would if I could, but that comes with your territory." the older cat said, "Besides, I couldn't have married your beautiful sister-in-law if I am king. That, I wouldn't trade for anything."

Lion-O spoke something under his breath before plastering a pseudo-smile as he entered the ballroom with his brother. Everyone in presence kneeled as the king of Thundera made his entrance. Lion-O began his rehearsed speech and welcomed everyone to the Winter Solstice Ball, addressing the successes of the year before and announcing plans for the future. After a thunderous clap, he went down a few steps to the banquet table and started the feast.

"Uncle Lion-O! Uncle Lion-O!"

The king smiled genuinely this time as a pair of kittens dashed towards him from the side of the banquets table. He just about fell over when they simultaneously jumped on his lap, causing him to spill his drink on the linens.

"I got here first!"

"Na-a! I did! Right Uncle Lion-O?"

"Children be good now." a stern but gentle voice reminded the two five year-olds occupying the king's lap. Lion-O turned to see his brother's wife smiling at him. She looked as breathlessly beautiful as the day he first laid eyes on her. Tonight she looked radiant in a deep rose colored gown that was weaved for her by the best seamstresses in the kingdom. It emphasized her curves and the mild swelling on her belly that signaled the coming of a third child for her and his brother.

"I haven't seen you in a million years." he smiled warmly at her, planting a benign kiss on her rosy cheek.

"Been busy training clerics, you know." she laughed. He couldn't believe how she handled the strict training of clerics with these rambunctious five year olds keeping her busy. But then again Tygra apparently took the reins when she was occupied. He has turned over most of his military duties to his well-trusted lieutenants when he had the boys with him.

Being a parent came first, was what both of them always responded to him. Of course he has yet to know the feeling. He had not yet the fortune to have children of his own. Not yet anyway.

Rebuilding Thundera had been priority number one and that was where his energy was completely invested in. Sure he had a few flings here and there but none of them panned out to be serious relationships. Apparently none of them liked being second fiddle to the kingdom. Tygra had even tried to set him up with a few princesses from other kingdoms but to no avail. His brother had even joked that celibacy was not healthy for him and he may not even be able to produce an heir.

His train of thought was interrupted by the two kittens bickering on his lap. Their father barked at them to leave him alone and come on over to him. The two each squeezed the air out of the lion by simultaneously hugging him and trying to outdo each other before they jumped off of him. The lion could do nothing but laugh heartily at their shenanigans. He remembered another set of brothers who did the same thing decades ago.

Has time really flown that fast?

"Announcing the arrival of his royal highness, King Arachnor of the spider kingdom."

Lion-O stood up to acknowledge the arrival of one of Thundera's most loyal allies. Since the crossed paths in the Forest of Infinite Tears, the spider king and his army had been strong comrades of the Thudnercats in the battle against evil. They have been constant guests to the new Kingdom.

"Warmest greetings, King Lion-O." the spider king gave him a warm hug. "Your kingdom grows more beautiful every year."

"Thank you, King Arachnor." he said, "As is yours."

The spider laughed, "All that's missing with yours is a queen."

The lion blushed at this comment, "All in good time, my friend."

"I'd introduce you to my sister, but I'm not sure an eight legged lion would look well in your robes."

They laughed simultaneously at that one before the spider took a spot close to Lion-O at the banquet table. The celebrations continued as the night went on. There was dancing, performances, acrobats, much to the delight of the kittens. Tygra took the opportunity to swing his wife on the ballroom floor as the their sons were preoccupied with the entertainment. It was one of those rare opportunities where they can have uninterrupted fun.

Lion-O looked at his brother and the cleric. All these years have not dimmed their feelings for each other it seems. Lion-O has long accepted the fact that he was not the one she had chosen to be her mate. He does get a twinge of envy from time to time, should he be honest with his feelings. He supposed it was true that one never forgets their first.

"I see want in your eyes, dear friend." the spider king commented, breaking Lion-O of his reverie. "Is it something I may be of assistance?"

"Huh?" the lion wasn't sure what Arachnor was implying.

"The way you look at them." he said. "Would you like to be in his shoes?"

He stared wide-eyed at his friend. He cleared his throat. "I don't know what you mean."

"Your brother has a beautiful family. You have your crown and your kingdom. I'm sure at some point both of you wonder what its like to be in the other's position."

The lion king felt a few beads of sweat form on his forehead, he laughed as though to banish the idea from the spider-king's head. "Tygra's quite content with his life, he always tell me. He would never trade in his family for the crown or Thundera."

"And you?"

"I'm fine the way I am!" he reassured, though the look on the other monarch's face said he wasn't completely convinced.

The spider king was thoughtfully quiet for a few minutes before pulling something out of his cloak. It was a miniature crystal ball with a small ball of light in it. He handed it to Lion-O.

"This is one of the most magical things I possess, dear friend. It allows you to cross realities for a limited period of time."

"Why are you giving it to me?" the lion wondered aloud as he accepted the gift.

"I am lending it to you." the king clarified. "To answer your questions and satisfy your curiosities."

He shot Arachnor a questioning look.

"Things you have to remember as you use it." Arachnor reminded. "One, you have a choice at the end of your journey, on whether to stay in that alternate reality or not. If so, you will forget your current memories and take on that new one. Second, once you have made your choice, you cannot change it. Lastly, if you choose to return to your current reality, you will forget everything that has occurred in the alternate one."

The lion nodded, still not sure why Arachnor gave him this magical ball but kept it in a compartment in his robe. He was going to think about this later.

"Care to dance those calories away?"

Lion-O looked up to see Cheetara reaching out to him in invitation. He took her extended hand and laughed as he accepted. "Are you sure you're asking the right cat here?"

She smiled warmly. "I've had plenty of quality time with his royal snarkniness, thank you very much." she indicated her husband who was exchanging war stories with a motley crew of warriors from a neighboring kingdom. She led him to the ballroom floor to a lazy waltz.

The king followed her lead as she gracefully glided to the tune. Dancing was not one of his favorite things to do either, but in rare occasions like these, he was more than happy to oblige. As he had small talk with the cheetah on the state of affairs of the kingdom and how his little nephews got into trouble 24/7, his thoughts began to drift in curiosity.

Did he really want to know what it was like to be in his brother's place? Married to this beautiful creature before him and father to her rambunctious children? Second in command and not the lead monarch in the most powerful kingdom of all of third earth, not worrying about everything as there was someone higher to take responsibility? Would he?

These questions continued to pervade his thoughts even after the ball and everyone has gone. His brother and his family were the last ones to leave. Lion-O had spent an extra hour entertaining his two nephews before finally calling it a day. He remained preoccupied with this idea of crossing realities, much to the dismay of his concubines. They had done their best to satisfy his physical needs yet his mind kept wandering off. After wearing him out, they left demanding that he quit thinking about the kingdom for one night and just be himself.

He went to sleep and woke up a few hours later, as his mind just refused to shut off. Luckily he had declared the following day a holiday and he needn't worry about having to face his court and advisors sleep-deprived and cranky.

He reached out to his night stand and unwrapped the mystical ball he had been lent by Arachnor. He stared at it for a few seconds and wondered.

Dare I even try?

Arachnor did say he had a choice, and that should he choose to remain where he was at, he will forget what has happened in the alternate reality. Or he could choose to stay and assume that identity.

The spider king did remind him before he had left that he didn't have to use it either and just return to him on their next conference.


Just for one day.

It certainly wouldn't hurt, would it?

Besides, his memory of it will be erased should he not like it.

To not be this Lion-O for one day.

How on third earth do I use it anyway? he wondered. The spider king didn't tell him what to do with it.

I'll ask him tomorrow. With this he tried to return to sleep again and this time succeeded.

Lion-O felt the warm sun in his face. He just about bolted out of bed thinking he was late for a council meeting when he remembered it was a holiday. He sighed in relief and turned to the other side, almost leaping out anyway when he saw there was another person in the bed with him.

The silky, golden tresses were a familiar sight to him, just not under these circumstances.

"Someone's awake." her voice was too familiar as she turned to him, eyes still half-closed, a sweet smile on her lips. "Good morning."

The look on his face was likely strange, as she laughed heartily when he didn't reply. She got up partially and planted a light kiss on his lips. When she did, she exposed her upper body which showed she was wearing but a flimsy nightgown that left little to the imagination.

The lion swallowed.

"Must be that dinner last night." she concluded as she snuggled back under the covers. "I told Panthro those mushrooms can get weird after a while." she closed her eyes and seemed to lull back to sleep after a few moments.

Lion-O lay there, still trying to wrap his head on why his sister-in-law was in bed with him and how she didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with it. He didn't recall eating any mushrooms the night before and certainly didn't remember any on the banquet table either.

What on earth is going on here?

His gaze turned to his night stand where the crystal ball sat. It was still there, but the light that glowed in the middle of it now appeared to be of a different color. It was now red as previously it was blue.


He wandered around his chambers and for the most part it was exactly the same as it was in his reality. Save for the enormous painting of his wedding which stood in the middle of the wall. From it he can also tell that he was still king, as he was donned in his typical thunderan robes. The crown which he usually kept in a glass case at a corner of the room was still there, although this time right next to it laid a queen's crown which goes without saying belonged to the cheetah who was snoring gently in their royal bed.

What else is different then?

He looked out at the courtyard. Even this was an exact replica of what it was where he had come from. Even the guards were the exact same people in the exact same position. The gardens were the same, the gates were the same, even the whole village beneath the palace was the same, down to the last detail.

"Are you coming back to bed or do I have to drag you?" a voice from under the covers barked seductively at him. She was up sitting, her hair tousled in a come-hither kind of way, one strap of her nightgown slipped on one shoulder, partially exposing the top of her well-formed mounds. The thin material didn't hide the perky pink peaks beneath them, nor did they shield the fine globular shapes underneath.

His mouth suddenly felt all dry.


She rolled her eyes and tossed her hair aside. That very move gave the lion a very unusual sensation at the pit of his stomach. He felt as though his knees were going to do him in when she threw the covers aside and swung her long, shapely legs over. Her long, white, sleeping attire was practically non-existent as it left little to nothing to the imagination. He could tell as the suns rays filtered through them that all she wore underneath was some silken underwear whose hues blended perfectly with her fur.

"What?" she raised a brow as she approached him while he stood frozen by the palace window, "Don't I turn you on anymore?" she whispered in his ear as she licked it. Her hand slid suggestively on the small of his back as she pressed her well-formed chest against his naked one. "Did you meet someone while you were out in your travels who could please you more than I can?" her voice pretended to be hurt by his lack of response to her seduction.

Whiskers. Double fucking whiskers.

He gulped as her hands got to the waistband of his drawers. She slid them down as she descended herself, in the process rubbing her body against his. He shuddered at the heat that her contact provided him. He felt his cheeks flush at the site of her right across his now stimulated manhood, watching her lick her lips in anticipation and marveling at the hunger in her eyes.

"I missed you my king." she spoke softly, "Two weeks is too long to leave the queen starving."

He held in a breath as he watched her take in his length inside her mouth. He had to hold on to the ledge of the window he was standing by as he felt his knees weaken. He knew he was more than average sized and the state of being excited contributed to it more. How she could fit all of him all the way back to her throat left him speechless, among other things.

She licked. She sucked. She pulled him in and out of her mouth so effortlessly it was beyond his comprehension. Not that he could think straight right now. It seems as though all the blood has been drained off his head and had gone down to his groin. He grasped locks of her hair as he tried to keep her from changing her mind and leaving him high and dry. He felt himself on the brink of ecstasy when she slowly pulled away and pushed him towards the bed.

He fell over the soft mattress and before he could blink she was already on top of him, her legs straddling his thighs.

"Good morning to you too." he managed to muster before pulling her towards him to plant a longing kiss on her mouth. He had decided it was his turn to play aggressor as his tongue invaded. He grabbed hold of her nightgown and ripped it in half before tossing it carelessly on the floor. He pushed her off of him and reversed their positions, his two muscular arms holding her captive between them as she laid on the pristine, white sheets, her hair spread like a golden blanket on the pillows.

He stared at her for the longest time, taking in her breathtaking beauty. Her lips naturally pink and swollen from making love to his member, they were partly open and panting from his rough play. His gaze wandered to her long, supple neck, longing to taste every inch of it, then went down to her heaving chest. Her bosom was well-formed, the mounds like sloping mountains with pink peaks that were hardened from excitement. He wondered what they would feel like against his roughened tongue. Then he looked down her waist, down, down, down to the still covered triangle of pleasure where he ached to be in the most. Her legs were slightly parted and in between he noted that her silken underwear was wet.

He felt as though his heart was going to explode with desire. This was all too much to be taking in at 7 in the morning. He didn't even know where to begin.

"I love you, my sexy king."

It was all he could handle.

He covered her mouth with a long, deep, kiss. His tongue outlined the shape of her lips before penetrating her mouth. He sucked at her tongue like a starving man. His hands wandered to the rest of her warm, enticing body. His palm traced her curves, feeling, pressing. Once he had a fill of her mouth, he moved sideways to trace a path to her ear, nibbling and licking all the way down to her neck. His exploring hands then went to her breast, squeezing and letting the nipples pucker in between his fingers as he rubbed them. He heard her gasp when his mouth covered the peaks, suckling at them like a newborn would. As he did, his claws found their way to the sides of her hips. He tugged impatiently at her panties and literally ripped them off of her, not caring where they landed or if they even made their way to the open window. At this point he had no coherent thoughts put together. All he wanted was to absorb all of her into him and keep it that way.

His tongue made its way in a straight path down her abdomen. His hands pried her thighs apart, squeezing her cheeks in the process. He figured he was going to slowly torture her by not giving what she wanted right away so he moved up to her knees, slowly licking his way down towards the middle of her thighs. He placed his fingers where she wanted his mouth to be, lightly rubbing her glistened folds and inserting two of his fingers inside. He felt her move restlessly underneath his touch as he pushed his fingers in and out.


He loved hearing her moan like that, hell he could listen to it over and over and not get tired of it. He felt her clutch his hair, pushing his face to where she had wanted him to be. The king obliged, more than happy to do so to please his queen. She screamed loud enough to shake the walls when he put his mouth to her wetness. He drew lines up and down from where her cheeks met up to the spot of her utmost pleasure. He nibbled at the swollen gland, taking tiny bites, following her gyrating hips as she pressed them harder against his mouth. The more he pressed his tongue, the wetter it had gotten. He sensed her muscles clench against his tongue, knowing she was closely getting to her heights of pleasure. He sucked hard, once, and felt her explode against his mouth followed by her body spasm, her fluids spilling over on his lips.

The lion smirked, not a very common thing for him to do, but he was quite pleased seeing her face fulfilled as she lay panting on the bed, her ecstasy leaving a very obvious spot on the sheets. She was still on the throes of orgasm, he could tell, as her claws clutched tightly at the pillows, threatening to rip them open while her eyes remained closed.

"Ready for more?"

She nodded as he pulled her hips forward, positioning himself where he had been aching to be since the start of this encounter. He seemed to be taking his sweet time punishing her as his organ slowly made its way inside her. She literally felt it throbbing inch by inch as it penetrated her depths. The lion jolted her surprised when at the last second or so he plunged full force inside her. She ended up biting a pillow as he started thrusting back and forth almost violently, sending a delicious pain up into her spine and between her legs. She drew her claws against his back, scratching him to the point of near bleeding and cried once more as she reached a mind-numbing orgasm, her back arching as far as it would go, pressing her body against her king.

Lion-O roared as he reached his peak, shuddering as he did while he spilled his bodily fluids inside his queen. He felt almost breathless with his release, falling on his elbows and finally rolling on to his side. He felt like his entire body was going to explode at that moment. He had sank into the pillows and sheets, exhausted and overwhelmed.

It took a few minutes before any of them spoke. The cheetah had turned to his side, smiling coyly at him, cheeks flushed. "I guess you missed me too." She planted a light kiss on his mouth before snuggling into his arms.

You don't even know the half of it, he smiled contentedly, closing his eyes and savoring her warmth and the smell of blossoms in her hair before he passed out.

It was close to noon before he even got close to getting dressed. That his wife was insatiable was an understatement. At one point she had even brought in two ladies of the court who apparently were no strangers to their marital bed.

"Pumyra and Verolena." Cheetara had reminded him when the two young felines entered their room while he was still half-naked. They wasted no time in joining the king and queen, doing things he thought were only possible in written literature.

I could get used to this kind of existence, he chuckled to himself as he walked down the hallways of his palace. The Lion-O of this world surely had no inhibitions when it comes to carnal affairs. He didn't consider himself that adventurous.

"Father! Father!"

He turned to see a set of cubs running towards him. The older one he guessed was about was 5 and the smaller one around 3. They were his spitting image, red hair, blue eyes, the only giveaway to their mother were the spots on their arms and legs.

"My kids!" he proceeded to hug them and give them a kiss on the head each.

So not only does the lion in this world have a wife and the throne. He had children too.

This seems all too good to be true.

He began to wonder if he wanted this reality to swap with his.

Or is it too early to tell?

"Good day, your highness!"

That voice was familiar too. Approaching from the other side of the hall was Panthro, who still has his arms and was wearing a regal, medal-studded uniform. Walking right next to him was an older WilyKat, also draped in military gear, looking proud and gallant as any soldier of Thundera would.

"Good day, General and Lieutenant!"

He released the cubs that respectively ran towards WilyKit, who apparently was their governess now. Lion-O took to the corridors with his two trusted friends. He was mildly surprised to see that they both held the same positions in this world as well, the only difference being Panthro having his original arms.

"Celebrations too much for you, your highness?" WilyKat joked, as this was the first time Lion-O had emerged from his quarters since retiring last night from the Winter Solstice Ball. It seemed to be the same timeline that he appeared in.

"I am not getting any younger, that's for certain!" he replied, laughing.

"You still have a long ways to go!" Panthro said, "Leoric and Leonidas have at least ten more years before they can fill in your shoes."

They arrived at the throne room where the rest of his advisors were waiting. Although it was officially declared a holiday, the day after the Winter Solstice Ball, they apparently had called this meeting in for an urgent matter that had transpired within the few hours.

Once everyone has settled down, Lion-O eyed them one by one. This crew was no different from his court in his world. In fact, they were a direct doppel ganger of every cat in his advisory. They had the same clothes, the same mannerisms, even the same idiosyncrasies. He didn't have time to figure out how they are not the same company he kept before Lynx-O stood up and made an announcement.

"Bring in the messenger!"

He immediately recognized BenGali, the young white tiger who served both as one of his weapon forgers and one of his finest men. He had been sent only to the most important of missions, so Lion-O knew that whatever he had to say was extremely important.

BenGali paid his respects to the king by kneeling on one knee before standing straight and addressing the royal audience. "After two years of elusiveness, the royal Thunderan army is proud to report, to your highness King Lion-O and your court, that we have captured third earth's most dangerous fugitive."

The whole room erupted in celebration as they knew who the young tiger was referring to. Everyone was jubilant, cheering, save for Lion-O. He of course, had to maintain his royal composure, but mostly kept to himself because he had no idea who BenGali was referring to.

Is Mumm-Ra still alive in this realm? Or Grune? He can't imagine either one existing and have his kingdom still be in one piece.

His question was answered when the white tiger stepped aside, motioning for the doors to be opened. A small army of clerics and no fewer than two dozen soldiers marched in, surrounding their prisoner who was in more chains than anyone can humanly handle. This surprised Lion-O, as the hooded prisoner dragged himself to the center of the throne room. All weapons were trained on him, as though he was going to make an escape within a breath, even though he was chained from neck to ankle. He was visibly defiant, head raised, not bowing or acknowledging anyone. He stood steadfast and proud, seemingly ignoring the weight of the bindings around him and not showing an ounce of fear or trepidation at the gazes that, could they kill, would have dropped him on the spot.

"I present to you, my Lord, Commander Tygra of the Mumm-Ra's Invincible Battalion!"

To say that he was surprised was the understatement of the decade. Had BenGali not pulled the hood down to show the king the prisoner's face he would not have believed it.


His brother, Tygra.

Not just one with the same name, or same coloring. It was him.

This Tygra, however, looked more war-worn. He had a long centipede-like scar extending from the inner side of his right eye to the angle of his jaw, his hair was long at the back, contained in a foot-long braid. On his upper arms deep scars were visible, as were on his chest. He wore a black uniform, similar to all those who had served in Mumm-Ra's army. On his chest, instead of the Thunderan logo was a coiled snake that symbolized their enemy. Sewn on his lapels were symbols that signified his high rank in the mummy's battalion.

He had fresh wounds that were covered with dried blood on their surface. He apparently didn't go down without a vicious fight.

"What's up, Lion-Ho?" he sneered, apparently showing no fear despite being surrounded by weapons and soldiers.

"You will not speak to our king with that contemptuous little tongue!" BenGali motioned to strike the other tiger with his spear when Lion-O motioned for him to stop.

"Miss me, brother?" Tygra taunted again, emphasizing the last word, his gaze then shifted to Cheetara who had appeared next to her husband. "Hey your royal hotness, how's it going?" he leered at her, "Is he half the man in your bedroom as I was?"

That earned the tiger a smash on the head with the butt of a sword, courtesy of WilyKat. That dropped the tiger to his knees unwillingly, also drawing a bit of blood on his lip. It dropped rapidly on to the marble flooring of the throne room, staining it with its dark red hue. "Oops, sorry about your upholstery, your majesty." He stood up again and tilted his head, "Although I'm sure replacing it wouldn't cost your taxpayers much."

He laughed out loud as one of Lion-O's ministers ordered the soldiers to take him to the dungeon. The king was still in shock, as he took back his seat. Even though that had unfolded right before his eyes, he could not believe it.


Mumm-Ra's commander?

What happened?

"I apologize for his behavior, your majesty." Bengali said. "We thought the punishment we had given him was enough to tame him, but we suppose he is incorrigible."

Lion-O simply nodded. He mustered up a short speech, congratulating his troops for the capture, even though he wasn't sure how and why it all transpired. He did this in haste and dismissed the court to reconvene the following day to decide the fate of their most important prisoner.

"I need to be alone for a little while, my love." He gave Cheetara a brief kiss on the cheek as he headed off to his study. She nodded in agreement and left him to his thinking.

He didn't know how long he spent in his studies, running over the documents and scrolls of the last few years. Through it he discovered that his brother had defected to Mumm-Ra's command, although no one was quite sure when and how it happened. All was known was the one day he had disappeared in battle and had been thought of as dead, only to re-emerge a few weeks later, leading the lizards to roll over Thundera, nearly wiping out the race that had rejected him as king. He also was the one who lead the party that destroyed the elephant village, the astral plane, and had killed many an ally of the Thundercats. He had gone into hiding once Mumm-ra's forces have been completely eliminated and after years of pursuit, they had finally succeeded in capturing him.

Back then, he had always thought there was a form of darkness in his brother, he just never thought it would ever come out in the open. He also never realized it would be this out of control. He had always believed that the good in his brother prevailed over everything else.

This was not the brother he knew. Not the brother he loved. Not the brother he grew up with. This was not the Tygra that their father raised.

The realization fell on him like a ton of bricks.

This is too much. He held his head in his hands.

Just when you thought everything was perfect, it turns out to be naught.

I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.

His thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of Panthro.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your highness." The general apologized. He entered when Lion-O motioned for him to come in.

"It's okay, Panthro." He reassured. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"I was just checking on you." The panther sat across him. "You seemed to be…shaken, when you saw Commander Tygra."

Lion-O didn't think it had been that obvious, but then, Panthro seemed to be very good at reading him, even in his other life. "It just seemed so…surreal." He said for the lack of a better term.

The panther seemed to agree with him. "I know what you mean." He acknowledged. "I can't believe it myself when it first happened," he referred to the tiger's defection, "One day you're fighting side by side, next thing you know, you're battling against him."

A moment of silence ensued, with the older thundercat breaking it. "I'm sure this is very hard for you, your highness. After all, he still is your brother."

"It is, General, it is." His gaze then turned to the panther, "So, what's next for our prisoner?" he didn't want to mention his brother by name, as it broke his heart to do so.

"We decide on the date of his execution."

The lion felt the color drain from his face. He turned halfway away to avoid Panthro's definite would-be questioning of his reaction.


"Yes." The panther said matter-of-factly, "He is far too dangerous to let alive, lest he break out of prison." He sensed the hesitation in the king as he continued, "The war crimes Commander Tygra have committed are unspeakable, your highness. Some of them are even too grave to chronicle."

Lion-O could not believe his ears. He felt as though he was in a nightmare. A very, very bad one.

"If it would please your majesty, we could have you do the execution yourself, with the Sword of Omens."

The lion looked at the sword glistening in the scabbard on his arm. The thought of shedding his brother's blood with it made him want to vomit. It took all his strength to face Panthro again and speak. "I will consider that offer, General." He said at last, speaking in a dismissive tone. "Now if you will excuse me, I have to see to my family."

"Of course your highness," and with a bow, Panthro left him in his study.

Lion-O felt that his paws weren't even touching concrete as he headed back to his chambers. The events that had transpired over the last few hours filled his head so much that it throbbed.


Dear brother, what have you done?

More importantly, was it something he had done?

He changed his mind at the last minute and turned about, heading for the dungeons.

He knew the dungeon well, and the section where his brother was contained in was particularly special. It was reserved for the most dangerous of criminals. It took seven well guarded doors to even get to the cell, and it was solitary, with walls built three times thicker, the windows smaller and ten feet higher than usual. Even the door was booby-trapped. One who was unfamiliar with it can expect an unpleasant surprise if they even attempt to break out.

When he stepped into his brother's cell, he motioned for the guards to leave them alone, much to their protest. They did, however, stand close by. Even inside the cellblock, Tygra's neck and hands were chained, as well as his feet. Upon entry, the tiger looked up at him, the corner of his mouth lifting, his weary eyes moving up and down the king, as though sizing him up. He didn't bother to stand up and acknowledge his arrival.

"What do you want, squirt?"

Lion-O remembered that term. Tygra used to tease him because of their size difference. Even in adulthood, this persisted. For every inch he grew, the tiger seemed to grow two.

"How are you?" was the first sentence he could muster. His throat felt coarse. His head felt light.

The tiger looked up at him and lifted his chained hands, "Just peachy, how about you?" he drawled sarcastically.

The lion took a seat across his brother, the wanted criminal. He still couldn't wrap his head around that concept. "What happened to you, Tygra?" he finally blurted out. "Why?"

He didn't expect the reply that the tiger threw at him.

"I just got tired of being passed on for, just because I'm not a lion." he spoke so casually that it was like him telling Lion-O he liked doughnuts. Tygra lifted his chained arms and stretched them at the back of his head. "What you cannot earn, can always be taken."

Lion-O stared at this stranger before him.

Who are you?

"So," the tiger spoke again, "Are you throwing me a party before you kill me?" he smiled partly, "Oh and how is the queen? You wouldn't mind throwing your brother a bone before his execution, would you? I do miss the way she would cry out my name when we made love, how she would scream and beg for more when I'm on top of her luscious body. Do you like all those tricks I taught her?" he laughed so hard there were tears in his eyes.

It was all he could stand. Lion-O pulled the tiger by the chain around his neck and yanked him so close that their faces were but an inch apart. His eyes blazed in fury. "You, are not my brother." he snarled.

"I realized that a long time ago." the tiger spoke, unshaken. "Never had been, never will be."

He threw the tiger against the wall before stomping out of his cell. The last thing he heard was the maniacal laughter that mocked him as he walked away.

That night he couldn't sleep, even after his queen had worn him out with her sexual appetite. She was spent and was dozing off lightly, naked and tangled in the sheets, not bothering to put back her night gown back on. He had performed a little half-heartedly today as his mind was filled with the events that transpired.

The Lion-O whose place he occupied right now had a lot of things he did like. The beautiful queen whose devotion to him extended into more ways than the emotional aspect. The adorable, polite children who were so well behaved on the dinner table today he thought it was a harbinger of things to come. A massive army led by soldiers he liked and trusted and a kingdom that apparently was the envy of third earth with its prosperity and beauty.

But then, there was his brother.

His brother who gave the word traitor a new definition. Who hated Lion-O and everything he stood for and just about destroyed everything he held dear just to piss him off. He had also learned that this world's Tygra was not only vicious and unforgiving, he was considered the scourge of third earth. Even his own men feared him more than Mumm-Ra, as he can turn against them in a blink of an eye should they do something that displeased him.

Tygra was going to be set for execution in the next few days, and as king of all Thundera, it was up to Lion-O to carry it out. His people had demanded that he bring forth justice for all that Commander Tygra had done wrong.

I can't, I can't do this. Lion-O grit his teeth. For no matter how many times he had ran through his head all the misdeeds this tiger had done, he could not get the memory of the Tygra he knew out of it. The other Tygra. The brother who stood by him when the going got tough. The one who saved him from the other princes who used to pick on him for his size when they were little. The one who, although rarely, took the blame for his little misdeeds in the castle. The one who would tell him at bedtime that the boogeyman had to face him before he could get to Lion-O. The one who put himself on Mumm-Ra's sacrificial altar to take his place during the final days of the war before they had claimed victory. They had their bad times, and good times, but in the end, he knew that the Tygra of his world would give up his own life for him if it ever came down to it.

Lion-O felt something constrict his neck, breaking him out of his train of thought, he tried to open his mouth but no sound came out, and he felt as though he was choking. When his vision was able to focus better, he felt heavy chains on his windpipe and saw Tygra the fugitive above him, pressing his bindings across the Lion's neck, his lips twisted in a diabolic smile.

"You should've killed me when you had the chance, Lion-Ho!" he snarled.

His vision began to fog as the oxygen to his brain ceased flowing, Lion-O reached over to the side of the bed where he had kept the sword of omens. With all his remaining strength he bolted upright from bed and plunged the sword to the tiger's side, pushing it to the hilt as far as he can go.


Lion-O snapped awake. His breathing heavy, his forehead covered in sweat. He shook his head several times as though to clear his thoughts. It took him about a minute or so to realize that Tygra was not in his room and wasn't trying to kill him. He breathed a sigh of relief as he fell back in bed and realized he was likely just dreaming.

Wasn't he?

He reached towards the side of his bed, where he felt the magical crystal ball was. It was there, still gleaming like a star in the midnight sky. He stared at it for a long while before coming into his conclusion.

"Thanks but no thanks, dear friend," he said as though addressing Arachnor. "I realize that there is no such thing as a perfect reality out there and I can't have everything."

The magical ball glimmered as though responding to him. He placed in back in its wrapping and tucked it away at the furthest corner of his nightstand, as though giving it some distance would keep it from messing with his head.

He was alone in his bed, and that seemed to signify he was back in his world. He wiped the sweat off his brow and closed his eyes, that was a close call.

When he wakes up in the morning, he wouldn't have to worry about executing his brother. Thank the heavens, because he didn't think he could. That would have brought about too many questions on the part of his court and that was one thing he didn't want to address.

King Lion-O was just. Not bringing forth punishment to third earth's deadliest criminal was not justice at all.

He was going to have to leave that to the other Lion-O. The one who's probably more familiar with that particular Tygra and would have no qualms about putting an end to his evil-laden life.

It was with this thought that he had fallen back asleep.

He was awakened by the other side of the bed sinking. He hadn't completely opened his eyes and rapidly grabbed the sword of Omens, which lay not too far away from his head. He pointed it towards the other side of the bed where someone had taken seat.

"Whoa! That's a little too kinky even for me, babe."

Once he was done blinking Lion-O's eyes popped open and registered Cheetara sitting on the other side of the bed, dressed in a sleeping gown, her hands up in surrender as the tip of the sword was pointed at her jugular, her coral eyes wide and inquiring.

"What are you doing in here?" he blurted out the first thing that came to his mind. That didn't sound right, but his brain wasn't fully functional right now, being jolted out of sleep like that.

That she was wearing a black, frilly, lace number was no help. It dipped low between the valley of her well-formed breasts, a long ribbon barely holding it together, as though inviting him to pull it and see what's underneath.

What am I saying, Lion-O shook his head. This is NOT the time for that Lion-O.

"Last I checked we're still married." she managed to smile and push the sword of Omens away to the side. "Sorry it took a while to get the kids to sleep. I think they inherited all your energy."

The look on his face was strange to say the least, but she seemed to just laugh it off. "What, did you expect someone else to walk through the door or what?" she raised a brow, "I know there's a whole army of felines out there ready and willing to take my place but they'll have to walk over my dead body first."

Saying the word "body" made him shift his gaze to that very thing.

Well, she did say they were married, right? Nothing wrong with looking….

Or imagining all the things he could do with that perfect form beneath the black gown.

"That's a silly thing for you to say, babe." he replied, trying not to look beneath her neckline and quash the thoughts running through his head right now, "You know you're the only cat for me."

She smiled, her eyes started raking him up and down. "You okay? You look a little pale, babe." she rubbed his back, "Are you getting those insane nightmares again? You know you really have to give that silly ball back to Arachnor." she said,"You haven't had a decent night's sleep since you've had it."

He nodded. That was one accurate statement. "Remind me to have the messengers send it back to him in the morning."

"You best be going to sleep, my darling." she planted a kiss on his lips, "These stupid dreams can't be good for your head."

Seeing her in this alluring night gown was one thing. Feeling her lips touch his was another.


The lower half of his body responded automatically.

The tent on the bed covers was unmistakable.

Cheetara's gaze moved towards that bulge, a smile lifting the corner of her lips. "My, my. Someone else is awake." She moved her hand across the area where the sheet was lifted and grabbed him playfully.

He gasped. This was one part of his reality-crossing that he didn't mind one bit.

He had yet to encounter a timeline where his wife was not a sex-crazed bombshell.

She dipped her head and invaded his parted lips with a long, slow kiss that told him exactly what she wanted right then and there. He was trying to catch air by the time she finished marauding his mouth. That his bedmate was not shy in letting him know her desires was the understatement of a lifetime. She ripped his pajama top open, buttons flying everywhere and pulled down his underwear. She moved slowly and calculatingly on top of him, positioning her face on his midsection while presenting her womanhood in front of his. She still had on a black, lace thong that seemed like more of a nuisance as it shielded nothing from his view. The string that crossed her crotch only emphasized that part of her that ached for his touch. He gulped as her womanly scent invaded his nostrils, her nether lips but a breath away from his mouth. She wriggled her well-shaped behind in front of his face as though offering herself to him. He pushed the annoying panties aside and stared at the enticing piece of flesh before him. Her folds were hot, pink and moist as he pressed the tip of his nose against it, as though taking in the smell of her desire to mate. He held a breath as he felt her take his arousal in her mouth, feeling the tip of her tongue slide on his endowment and swallow him whole. He felt the muscles on his buttocks twitch from the excitement. He placed his hands on her firm behind and squeezed while she made love to his manhood. He pushed his face against her sweet orifice, tracing a path from her nub up to the area where her second hole was. He felt her stiffen when he licked her long and slow. Felt her get wetter as his long tongue repeated the long, luscious strokes. She would clench her butt cheeks together when he sucked on her folds and just about crushed him with her thighs when he delectably ate the point of her utmost pleasure.

"Oh, oh, yes, yes, more, eat me, please. Gods I love your mouth on me."

His member kept growing in her mouth as she suckled him like there was no tomorrow. He had to keep himself from releasing himself inside her throat. He almost violently flipped over, tore her sleeping outfit off and gave her one long lick on her middle before following a path that lead straight to the middle of her breasts. He held her arms down as he got on top, his tongue lapping alternately on her breasts, sucking, fondling, biting gently on her nipples that were puckered with excitement. She was moaning, squealing, halfway screaming as he kept attacking her body with his mouth, hands and tongue, while preventing her from doing anything as one hand held her wrists together.

"Inside me…now!" she demanded as the first wave of orgasm hit her, making her arch her back in delight.

He placed his hands on her hips, positioned his swollen arousal in front her, before making a last minute switch and turning her over on to her front. He pulled her up to her knees , held her there and plunged with reckless abandon, taking her from behind. She stifled a scream by pushing her face against a pillow. He came in and out of her with such force he could swear he was hurting her, but her screams begged him to nail her harder instead of slowing down. He pressed his thumb against her pleasure spot as he pounded her, causing her to spasm some more in delight.

He squeezed her hips together as he felt himself implode inside her hot, wet, warmth. He released a primitive growl upon reaching his climax. She wasn't far behind him. After about a minute of trying to catch his breath, he fell over and collapsed on his bed.

"The palace seamstresses hate us, you know."

She spoke after a few minutes of quiet comfort in each other's arms. He laughed at her comment. "I think they should just stop bothering to make us clothes for sleeping." he said, "There is no point to it, obviously."

Cheetara moved her head to nuzzle his neck. "You should just be walking around in loin cloth for all that irrepressible appetite of yours." she laughed. "My sweet, sexy, king."

It didn't take long for her to fall into slumber, as physically demanding as their lovemaking was. The lion, however remained awake, his mind racing a million thoughts a second.

Does this mean he still had to face Tygra at the guillotine in the morning?

Is he stuck in this reality, even if he had not acknowledged that he wanted to stay in it?

Where was the spider king when he needed answers to these goddamn questions?

Arachnor is going to hear all about this in the morning. He existed in this world, as Cheetara did mention that. He was going to hunt the spider king down and get back to his own world, regardless. He may have been single but at least his life wasn't this complicated.

Double freaking whiskers indeed.


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