"10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1- HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The whole agency burst into celebration. Tony's eyes locked into Ziva's. She stepped forward and caught his lips with hers. Her put his arms around her waist, and joined in. This was the best kiss he'd ever had. Ziva went on her tiptoes, so Tony didn't have to bend down. A minute later and they stopped. "I've got to," Ziva whispered, before turning on her heel and running off. Tony's face drooped more with every click of her heel.

The Next Day.

Ziva entered into the bullpen. She caught Tony's eyes for a flicker of a second, before looking away. She was not ready to face him after what happened. McGee sensed the tension, and rushed off, mumbling something about seeing Abby.

Hours, not minutes seemed to go by, before the steady sound of a ringing phone vibrated the bullpen floor. "DiNozzo." There were a few nods and "Hms," before he put the phone down. "Ducky." Ziva nodded and followed him into the elevator.

When they did, Tony flicked the switch, and invisible stop waves echoed through the elevator. "I'd like to talk about what happened at the party." Before Ziva could open her mouth, he continued.

"When I kissed you, I felt a spark. A connection. And I know you felt it too. It's been there for ages but the thing is, we needed a trigger. Like a bullet, I'd say. I love you Ziva. And I just wanted you to know that before I move the elevator along and we both get on with our lives. You can go get a nice man like Ray and I'll continue chasing college girls."

He made a mode to get the elevator going again, but Ziva moved to block him. "It's my turn to tell the story," She whispered, "I love you too. I don't want a man like Ray and I know that in your heart of hearts, you don't want another college girl. I'm giving you a choice. We make "our" elevator move upwards, or we can stay on the ground floor." She flipped the switch and promptly walked out the elevator once it opened to Autopsy.

Later that day.

"Ziva," Tony ran after her, as she walked towards her car, "Ziva. I've made my choice. Please listen."

"All my life, I've been on the ground floor. It's time to move upwards."

"First floor?"

"Always?" Tony smiled as he kissed Ziva. And with that, the first snow of 2012 began to flow down.

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