Title: The Stilinski Brothers' Journey

Rating: T (M in later chapters)

Author: CourtyPie

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Wolf, so no sueing.

Summary: Stiles has a twin brother named Caden. Together they'll journey down a dark road that will lead to them finding their mates. Laughs, tears, pain, love, betrayal and family await the Stilinski brothers. Can they make it through it all, or will their choices destroy them? Derek/Stiles, Peter/Caden, Scott/Allison, Jackson/Danny, Lydia/Adrian.

Author's Note: There may be some OOCness with some of the show's characters, so please forgive me if there is. Also, I'm looking for another writer to do Derek and Peter's POVs. Because I'll fail at them if I do it myself, so it would be mighty kind of someone to offer to do them. Just shoot me a message if you're interested. If this story does well, I may have a prequel planned that will explain just how Caden arrived to Beacon Hills, and thus confusing Stiles.

Also, Caden doesn't know about the existence of werewolves, and Derek didn't end up killing Peter. Kate Argent remains dead, and Peter's somewhat calmed down since her death but he's still a savage beast. Er, I need to stop rambling, I'm sure you guys get the point xD.

Now, let the show begin!


"Dad, Stiles won't stop throwing the tennis ball at my head!"

Sheriff Richard Stilinski sighed deeply, running a calloused hand over his aged face. Normally his boys got on really well, even if they gave each other shit on rare occasions (they preferred to pick on Scott like no tomorrow instead), but it was times like right now that they clearly got on the other's nerves. And their father's as well.

He shook his head lightly, making to grab at his half empty coffee mug when a sudden and loud crashing sound could be heard from upstairs.

"And here we go again," he mumbled to himself with a playful roll of his eyes, rising from his chair at the dining table and taking the all too familiar route up the stairs to his sons' room.

Richard had lost count of how many times this occurred every week. The sheriff paused at the open door to the room, daring to peek his head in to see what chaos had been done, and to which twin. This was the scene laid before his old eyes: Stiles was busy trying to pick up the pieces of a broken lamp which had obviously been hit by his damned tennis ball, while Caden sported a ball sized red mark on his left cheek, rubbing at it furiously with a hand as he glared at his twin brother.

Their father just simply smirked at the sight and resisted the urge to laugh.

He couldn't stop a small chuckle, however, and both his boys looked to him wondering what the hell he found so funny. "Er, you okay there, Dad?" Stiles asked with a raised eyebrow, momentarily forgetting what he was supposed to be doing in favor of checking his father's sanity.

A small pout was forming on Caden's face though as he caught on quicker than his brother did, and Richard just chuckled more.

"What am I going to do with you two?" He jested, shaking his head and allowing a small grin to appear. "One of these days either of you will hurt the other, and I'll be saying I told ya so."

The grin changed to a full blown smirk, managing to catch the nearly inaudible huff that slipped from both of the boys. They were so much more alike than they realized, or maybe that was just wishful thinking on his part. But Richard definitely saw their mother in them both. That easy going nature, nearly undivided loyalty and a strong heart. He couldn't believe they'd ever given Caden up for adoption, because he was sure as hell regretting the decision now, and had Cecilia still been alive he knew for certain she would have been regretting it too.

The sheriff sighed softly before he realized his boys were still staring at him, and he quickly changed tack to avoid being questioned by them. A trait that he himself had passed onto them unknowingly. "You two should be in bed by now, it's nearly eleven o'clock. You guys have school tomorrow." Richard scolded lightly, taking a quick glance at his watch to confirm his wild stab in the dark at the time. He was right.

Caden flopped onto his single bed, still rubbing away at the mark on his cheek as Stiles went to go brush his teeth, and he glanced at his father. "Stiles started it." Caden smirked, rolling over onto his side and thus turning his back to the sheriff.

If anything he was always the first one of the three to fall asleep, no matter where or what he was doing. Which worried Richard slightly; it would appear to any outsider that Caden simply liked his sleep, but being able to fall asleep anywhere at anytime wasn't normal. He reminded himself to make a doctor's appointment for Cade on the weekend.

"Come on, Stiles! You're going to bed, not the formal." Richard called out quietly, knowing that his other son was already more than likely passed out.

A muffled response was called back from the bathroom, and the sheriff shook his head again. "Bloody kids." He muttered good naturedly with a fond smile, stepping to the side as Stiles re-entered the bedroom and immediately made himself at home on the other single bed. "Night, Dad." The sixteen year old mumbled, and Richard softly uttered it back before closing the door, and heading back downstairs to finish off his paperwork.

None of them were aware of the red eyes, and electric blue eyes, looking in through the window at the twins.


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