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The Doctor sat by the hospital bed, gripping Rose's limp hand in his.

"Doctor," Donna called across the room softly "it's time to go now."

The Doctor didn't reply, he just continued to stare at his sleeping angel in the bed. He heard Donna sigh and cross the room, expecting her to slap him and drag him from the room. He wouldn't have cared, he wouldn't have felt the pain; he was numb. In shock. And so, he was startled when, instead of slapping him, Donna simply laid a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly.

"Come on. The nurses want to tidy the room up." Donna told him, gently easing Rose's hand from his and tugging him to the door.

The Doctor allowed himself to be led.


Throughout the service, the Doctor stared straight ahead. He ignored the comforting, supportive hands of Sarah Jane and Donna as they helped him stand and led him outside. He ignored Martha quietly fussing over his tux and bow tie, smoothing out the wrinkles and straightening him out. He didn't care; he saw no need to look good. There were to be no photographs taken, nothing to landmark this event. As soon as he was back at the TARDIS, the Doctor was going to cremate the suit. He'd never be able to look at it again. Not without crying, anyway. As they assembled on the lawn outside the small church, the Doctor actually looked up for the first time. Of course, there were only a few of them there; himself, Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane, Jack and a few old school friends of Rose's he'd never met, although he recognised Keisha and Shareen from when Rose had dragged him on visits to Jackie. The Doctor remained solemn-faced throughout, refusing to cry, refusing to weaken. Not in front of these people. The only person who deserved to see him get that emotional was Rose. However, this didn't stop the Doctor pulling Martha, Donna and Sarah Jane in for hugs as they openly sobbed. Soon, though, everyone was heading home and it was then that the Doctor saw Jack's dam break. He held the Time Agent as he openly sobbed, knowing that he and Rose had been like brother and sister. Nonetheless, Jack quickly pulled himself together and left the Doctor alone with Rose for a few moments. For once, the Doctor didn't know what to say. So he said the one thing he could think of.

"Rose Tyler, I love you."


Donna retired to her room on the TARDIS early that night, giving the Doctor some privacy. It was only then, when he was definitely alone, that he finally allowed the tears to fall.

"You promised me forever." The Doctor whispered into the air.

Forever, as it turned out, had been five years, three months and eighteen days. Never long enough.

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