June 11, 2004; Friday 11:59 pm

"Nice work, love."

"Who are you?"

"You'll find out on Saturday"

"What happens on Saturday?"

"I kill you."

The wind weaves around me, my coat flowing with it. I remain still, my prey in my sight. My throat closes up at the thought and I try to pretend that tears are not pricking at my eyes. I would do anything, anything, to not have to kill her.

Her green eyes are staring at me now. There's a look in them that I cannot comprehend although I feel I should. It takes me back to when we first properly laid eyes on each other.

She was confused when I first appeared to her all those years ago. I could see it on her face. Confused and yet, there was a sort of recognition. Somethin' inside her recognized me. Just as somethin' inside me recognized her. She was young, still a child, but she radiated power. The power that had flowed through so many girls before her. She stood there, watchin' me. I would imagine I radiated danger to her and not just because of my appearance. Her friends were on either side of this young powerful girl. They weren't important to me of course. She was. With one last look at the Slayer I turned and left after promisin' her I'd see her on Saturday. She stayed where she was, still confused, but knowin' a threat when she heard one.

Now, as I stand here, starin' at her, I can't help but remember the first words I ever spoke to her, all those years ago, a whole ocean away. My intent then, was to draw her out. Take my time, nice and slow, enjoy the fight and eventually kill her. Most vampires when invokin' the slayer wanted to kill her right there right then. Not me. She was special. She was the Vampire Slayer. The one girl in all the world with the strength and power to fight the vampires. She deserved to be, for lack of a better word, courted. It wasn't all about the kill as most made it out to be. It was about the fight. About the dance. The Vampire Slayers deserved someone special for that dance.

I was the Slayer of the Slayers. I was the one vampire who sought the girls out. The one to match them in their fight. To be their dance give them a death worthy of them. Every Slayer has a death wish. I was there to grant them that. There were two Slayers before her. Young girls that I made it my mission to fight and ultimately triumph against. To be the one to defeat such powerful young females. Beings that when mentioned, scared others of my kind. The power that gave me. It was an ambrosia.

Even back then in that alley way, I knew that this Slayer, the third one I'd ever met, was different. There was a sort of atmosphere around her. She had friends and family, people that made her not just a slayer but a real live human being. Because of them she was Buffy. The Slayer that even without a soul I came to love. Even now, I couldn't tell you what exactly it was about her.

Bein' in love with Drusilla at least, made some sense. She was not only a vampire, but my sire. It was only natural that I would love her. Fallin' for Buffy, the Slayer of Vampires was another thing altogether, especially considerin' I had no soul. I can just imagine what the boy, Andrew, would say about this. On second thought I'd rather not.

Thinkin' about it, I suppose it started with Peaches losing his soul, courtesy of Buffy and returnin' to Drusilla and me. If that hadn't happened I'd never have made a deal with the Slayer to stop Angelus from destroyin' the world. We'd just have gone on fightin' each other until one or the other died. That was how it was suppose to be. That was how it had been since the Slayer was created and how it should have gone on. However Angelus did come back to us and I did make that deal with Buffy. This caused a rift in my relationship with my Dark Goddess who eventually left me. After makin' out with a Chaos demon. Really a Chaos demon. I still can't understand it with the slime and the antlers and everythin'.

I was upset, returned to Sunnydale several times, one of which was when the U.S. government put that bleedin' chip in my head and I ended up gettin' involved with the bleedin' scoobies. Hunger makes one do desperate things. Things get murkier there. It just happened. One day she was the Slayer, the annoyin' little bint that was there every time I turned around muckin' up my plans, the next, she was my golden goddess, my Goldilocks. Even now she has that gorgeous golden hair I want to run my fingers through.

She's standin' ten feet in front of me, deceptively still, as we stare at each other. This woman who started out as an enemy, before becomin' my lover and endin' as my friend. We are once more enemies. Visually, she still appears like the woman I loved. The hair, the eyes, every gesture she makes is reflective of Buffy Summers. So many things have changed since then. She is grinnin' at me now. It's no longer her soft smile, but the grin of a predator. We are moving now, circlin' one another. Dancing. I once told her that dancing was all we've ever done. It seems even with our time apart that's one thing that hasn't changed.

Standin' this close to her, I can sense the changes that have been wrought in her. I can't help but think that a few years ago I would have been pleased. I would have laughed, been elated and rubbed her friends' noses in it. A few years before that the idea would have amused me for a few before I went back to my daily life. Now, the very idea sickens me. I know better than most, with the exception of one, what these changes truly mean.

All those years ago when I had sought her out, I was determined to make her my third. Now it looks like she may be. But not in the way that I had intended. Tears pool in my eyes. She sees this and laughs at me. Her beautiful green eyes flash yellow.

I lunge, stake in my hand, aimed at her non beating heart.

A.N. This story has been completely rewritten. I find the changes have led to a more exciting story, and I would love to hear your opinion on these exciting changes. Also the majority of the story has been rewritten so hopefully there will be less of a wait between chapters. Thank you!