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Nashville, TN - 1985

Eighteen year old Julia Prudence St. Claire zips the zipper on her last suitcase.

She's leaving for New York to go to Julliard, the collage of her dreams, and she's never been more excited, yet there's something holding her back.

She walks into her mother's room, sits next to her mother's frail frame, and looks at her steadily with heavily lidded brown eyes.

"Hello, dear, what is it?" Her mother asks, though she already knows what Julia wants.

"Tell me the story of you and dad." Julia says. "Where is he?"

Her mother sighs, and taps Julia's long, thin nose. "He's no longer alive, honey. He died before you got the chance to meet him."

Julia pursed her lips, wanting to just pick up and leave, but she was determined to get the whole story.

"What was his name?"

Her mother's blue-green eyes dart around the room, trying to avoid the question. When she can find nothing, she sighs again and looks Julia in the eyes.

"His name was John Lennon. The name on your birth certificate is indeed Julia Prudence Lennon. I met your father when we were in high school in 1956."

Julia huffs, frustrated. "That's what you told me the last time I asked. Well, the second part, at least. I want the whole story!" Julia's voice had steadily risen, and she had shouted the last part.

Her mother's eyes widen in shock, but return to normal size when she realizes her daughter simply wants to know, and in her condition, it might be the last time she would be able to hear it.

"Okay," Julia's mother says. "I'll tell you. It all started when I moved to Liverpool from Nashville."

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