Sneak Peak of Upcoming Story: If We Touch...With the World Explode?

"Jake! Fionna and I are going for a walk." Finn called from the door. "Okay. Be back soon, I'm making spaghetti for dinner!" Jake called. He watched the two humans walk away hand-in-hand through the window. He smiled as he saw the two pull out their swords simultaneously while still keeping their fingers interlocked.

Jake waited an hour; then two; then three. By now, he was worried. He decided to go check on the two. He walked through the forest, looking for any signs of the young teens. It was too dark to see if they had left any foot prints, but he had their scent. He was following his nose, looking for the two blondes.

After a few minutes, he heard voices.

"Dude, that hurts!" it was Fionna.

"I know, I'm trying to do it quickly so it stops hurting!" that was Finn.

"Just get it out!"

"If I just pull it out, it'll hurt more!"

"DUDE, stop doing that!"

"Look I know you probably haven't done this before, but I have, and I know that if you do it quickly it hurts less!"

Jake was disturbed. Surely they weren't doing…that.

"Great, now you got it stuck!" Fionna sounded annoyed

"If you would stop wiggling, it wouldn't be stuck, now would it?" Finn retorted.

"Hey, it's your fault it's in there in the first place!"

"You could have told me to stop!"

"I didn't know this would happen!"

Jake was absolutely mortified. He ran all the way back to the tree fort without stopping. He ran inside and slammed the door. He ran upstairs into his and Finn's bedroom and hid under his blanket. "This isn't happening! This isn't happening!" he kept repeating to himself.

There was no way he was going to be able to talk to Finn after what he just heard.