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"Lily hurry! Protect Harry and Joshua!"James potter shouted as the door to Godric's hollow was blown open. Lily was already halfway up the stairs when it happened.

Standing in the doorway was none other than the Dark Lord himself, a black hood covered his face but a long lock of black hair was still visible.

"Diffindo!" James shouted, hoping against all hopes that he would catch the Dark lord off guard. Sadly the man was ready for him and simply bated the spell back. With a flick of the wrist Voldemort had James crashing into Lily's China. James never got back up and Voldemort moved on.

Maybe if Voldemort had simply glanced at James he would of seen the slight rise and fall of his chest.

A second flick of the wrist had the door before him flying off its hinges revealing Lily Potter standing before a crib with two boy babies. One had messy black hair and emerald green eyes while the other had brown hair and opal eyes. The brown one seemed slightly plump but Voldemort didn't really care about that, they would both be dead soon.

"Step aside woman" he hissed

"No! Please not my babies! Not my babies!"

He frowned, why could they never listen?

"Reducto!" he watched in slight amusement as she flew over the babies and slammed into the wooden cabinet, shards flew everywhere and one just so happened to slash the brown haired child across his shoulder, leaving a large gash.

Immediately the Childs annoying cries filled the room, the other one though, didn't as much as blink. Voldemort felt as though the child was analyzing him.

Without any form of remorse he raised his wand and pointed it at the black haired baby first, he didn't like the way he was watching him.

"Avadra Kevadra!" A green light shot from his wand and much to Voldemort's surprise, instead of killing the child it simply rebounded. Luckily he snapped out of his shock before the spell hit and managed to dodge the dark magic.

Unknown to him a lightning bolt scar appeared under the babies bangs, but it was so light that no one would have seen it.

Tears welled up in the Childs eyes, most likely due to the pain he was currently feeling in his head.

Voldemort could feel it, the raw magic that was welling up around the child. An earsplitting cry left the baby's mouth and all hell broke loose.

All the windows in the house shattered, everything in the room was blown to bits, the Fidelius charm was destroyed and all the order members that had just arrived were knocked off their feet.

This time mother luck was not on his side, the major blast of magic damaged Voldemort in a way that it would take years for him to recover. Large slashes and gashes covered his body, magical wounds were always the hardest to heal. With shaky hands Voldemort managed to apparate away.

That child could be the end of him.

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