Steve and Grace
Chapter 1
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He'd carried gear that weighed more, far more, over miles of endless missions. Hell he had carried fallen comrade, but the weight he carried now was far more precious than anything he'd ever had in his possession.

The day had started with such promise; it had been a God-awful month for Five-0. Cases seemed to fall back to back in an endless cycle of drugs, violence and death. Thank God it hadn't been any of his team that had suffered a loss, a few cuts and bruises were their only battle wounds, despite Danny's continuous complaints of near misses and what could have been's.

But the case they'd wrapped up two days ago was by far the largest, a drug and arms bust worth millions and the shutting down of one of the biggest outlets for one of the mainland's most violent gangs. Five-0 had netted the main man for the islands and seized enough information for the FBI to make a move on the gang's home base in California. Most all the paperwork had been filed, the DA was thrilled that there were no possible loop-holes for the criminals to slip through, after all Steve did listen to Danny much more than he let the Jersey native know.

The Grand Jury would convene on Monday, to which Steve and Danny needed to appear, to insure an indictment, so until then the Governor had given Five-0 the next three days off. Chin was going to spend some much needed time with Malia. Kono was actually going to meet up with Charlie Fong for some surfing, which had been an endless source of teasing by her teammates, but she knew they were all happy that she had finally acknowledged the young man's obvious crush on her as well as her's on him.

Danny picked Grace up from school on Friday since Rachel had agreed to allow Danny to have his daughter on one of his off weekends. They had spent Friday evening doing whatever Grace wanted to do, then they were meeting up with Steve early Saturday morning for a promised hike to a lookout the former SEAL had convinced Grace they just had to see, it was one that not many tourist knew about and was about a thirty minute hike from the small parking lot.

Of course the perfect weekend would not be allowed to happen as planned when Danny received a phone call just as he was helping Grace with her hair Saturday morning. "That's just great." He grumbled, tossing his phone on the bed.

"What's wrong Danno?" Grace had watched her father's smile fade as he talked on the phone.

"There's been a change of plans Monkey, Danno's got to go and meet with the DA about court on Monday. I need to call Steve and let him know, I'm sorry sweetheart but we might have to put our hike off until the next weekend we have." Danny saw disappointment in his little girls face. This had been the first real weekend they'd had in a couple months. Pulling his daughter into his arms he whispered, "I'm so sorry."

Pulling back Grace sat down in the chair, fiddling with the ponytail holder in her hand as her father called his partner.

Steve was busy packing everything they would need for the short hike and small picnic he, Grace and Danny would be having today. He was actually looking forward to today, it had been a while since he'd gotten Danny out on a hike, actually the last time had ended up with Steve getting a broken arm and a mild concussion after falling about fifteen feet. McGarrett had actually been surprised his partner had agreed to go along and bring Grace no less, but then Steve had promised no rock climbing this time around.

He'd just come back in from throwing his backpack in the truck when his phone rang, smiling at Danny's name on the caller ID Steve answered. "I'm on my way now partner."

"Kind of been a change in plans." Danny started as he watched his daughter now playing with the zipper on her backpack she'd so proudly packed with all the stuff Steve had told her she would need.

Pausing on the porch, pulling the door closed Steve spoke again, "What's wrong? Grace okay?" asking while he made his way toward the truck.

"Grace is fine, disappointed but fine. No I got a call from the DA's office, they want me to come by and go over some things for Monday so we are gonna have to cancel the hike for another time." Danny had taken a seat at the table, still watching his little girl. "I'm gonna have to call Rachel."

Putting the truck in gear Steve pulled out, making his way toward his friend's place. "You've got to be kidding; the DA wants you in on a Saturday? Do they need me to come in too?"

"They didn't say, but I'd assume if they needed you they'd have called by now." Danny replied.

"Look I'll be at your place in ten; maybe we can figure something out so you don't have to take Grace back to Rachel early." Steve really didn't give Danny time to answer, knowing his friend would try to talk him out of coming over, but things between Danny and Rachel were still rocky with the whole baby and her getting back with Stan deal and this had been the first long weekend Danny and Grace had had for a while.

Pulling into the lot and parking next to the Camaro Steve saw Danny's door open and Grace race across the parking lot toward him, "Uncle Steve!" she shouted, launching herself at him.

"Hey Gracie…" Steve smiled, returning the hug he was getting from the little girl, "I think you've grown a foot since I saw you last." It had been a few weeks since Steve had actually seen Grace and each time he did it did seem as if the little girl was growing up so fast, he couldn't help the silent chuckle when he thought about how it wouldn't be long before she caught in height with her father, but he valued his life enough to not point out that little fact.

Steve watched as her face fell while they made their way back toward Danny's apartment. "Danno says we have to put off our hike and I packed my backpack just like you told me."

Danny met his partner at the door, a slightly pissed look on his face at having to lose time with his daughter again. "Well maybe we can work something out." McGarrett smiled, patting his partner's shoulder upon entering. "You haven't called Rachel yet have you?" Steve looked at Williams.

"Not yet…wait…you've got that look in your eyes like you have a plan that you just know I'm not going to like. What are you up to?" Danny watched Steve stop at the table, picking up Grace's backpack, appearing to inspect the young girls packing job.

"I was thinking…" McGarrett started before Danny interrupted him.

"Oh no, you were thinking, this never-ever ends well. It usually ends with gunfire and possibly small explosions." Danny animated each word with characteristic hand gestures, causing Steve to huff and Grace to giggle.

"That's not true, this last time wasn't my plan it was yours and that explosion wasn't my fault." Steve looked at Grace as if needing to explain himself, "The bad guy forgot about the crate of grenades he ducked behind…" Then he looked back at Danny, "And how was I suppose to know that is what was in them?"

Grace was full on laughing now, she had long ago learned how her Danno and Uncle Steve talked to each other and most of their conversations somehow always seemed to be funny. Both men looked at the chuckling child, "Okay fine, I'll give that last explosion wasn't your fault…" Danny smiled.

"Okay…" Steve clapped his hands together, "Now do you want to hear what I was thinking or do you have something else you'd like to try and blame me for?" The Navy man folded his arms across his chest, eyeing his partner.

"No, go ahead." Danny gestured with his hands, taking a seat he pulled Grace into his lap.

"I was thinking that Grace and I could go ahead on the hike and you could give us a call when you are finished with the DA then we could meet up for a late lunch or dinner, depending on the time." Steve smiled slightly, liking his idea, hoping his partner did too.

Grace's eyes lit up at the thought of getting to go on the hike, though she didn't really like doing without her father, she'd rather spend the day with her Uncle Steve and be with Danno tonight than having to return home two days early. "Please Danno…" She turned and begged, practically bouncing.

"I don't know…" Danny looked at his little girl, knowing deep down he couldn't deny her much and he really hated the idea of taking her back home early, at least this way he would have her this evening and still salvage tomorrow. "Can I trust Steve to keep you safe?" Danny glanced toward his friend with a joking expression. If the blond man was totally honest there is no one else on the planet that he knew he could completely trust to protect his daughter and keep her safe than his partner.

"Yes, yes, yes…" Grace bounced, "Uncle Steve will keep me safe, right Uncle Steve?" The young girl whirled around and grabbed Steve's arm, shaking it slightly.

McGarrett knelt down, "You know I will do everything in my power to keep you safe." Steve looked toward his friend who he knew already knew that.

Grace turned back toward her father, "See Danno, please…"

"Okay, you can go." Danny huffed acting put off, but not really.

"Yeah!" Grace yelled, throwing her arms around her father, "Thank you Danno."

Steve smiled, clapping his hands together, "Okay then, we're burning daylight here, let's get our gear and move out." McGarrett held out Grace's backpack for her to take.

"This is not the Army my friend; remember that, no forced marches through some Godforsaken jungle, you promised the hike was an easy one." Danny walked with his daughter out the door, toward Steve's truck.

"It's the Navy Danny." Steve's automatic response to the inside joke slipping from his lips. "And it is a easy hike; I'll wait a bit on the forced marches." He smiled as Danny strapped Grace in the cab.

"You do that." Williams turned his attention to his daughter, "Now listen Monkey, you listen to Steve, do what he says understand." Grace nodded, "I'll call you all as soon as I'm done."

"Okay Danno." She leaned in and hugged her dad.

"Danno loves you Monkey." Danny kissed the top of her head.

"I love you too." She smiled as Danny shut the door.

"Steve…" Danny looked toward his partner, knowing the other man understood the meaning behind that one word.

"We'll be fine, see you in a few hours." Steve put the truck in gear, pulling out of the parking lot.

Danny watched until the blue truck was out of sight before climbing into the Camaro, he never saw the dark SUV that fell into traffic behind Steve's Silverado, nor the non-descript grey sedan that pulled out behind him a few blocks from his apartment complex.