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Lucy scanned through the request board. It was her turn to pick a job today. Erza and Gray were out doing a job with team shadow gear and Juvia and so it was only them with Happy today.

It has been a while since they've gone on a job together and Lucy felt happy to go. She looked through carefully, making sure she doesn't choose one where Natsu was capable of destroying anything or burning anything. But, either way he will destroy or burn something.

She wanted one where it was easy and pays a lot.

"Oi, Lucy! Hurry up so we can get going!" Natsu shouted from the bar. "Aye!" Happy agreed. "Alright! Hold on, you two." Lucy said as she looked down the last row.

Something caught her eye and she ripped it off the board. She smiled and went over to Natsu.

"Natsu! Look! Look! It's an easy job and it gives a lot of money! It's even out of the city so you won't destroy anything!" Putting the paper in front of him so he can read it.

"Request: Desperately need a married couple for a week! Please contact us, if job wanted. Reward: 800,000 jewels." Natsu read out loud.

"But you and Natsu aren't a married couple." Happy said. "..Yet." Mira Jane added as she smiled and cleaned a cup behind the bar counter.

Lucy blushed and scolded her.

"What do you say Natsu? ~"

"Sure, it's like playing house with you. Right?"


"Yosh! Mira! Can we take this job?" Natsu asked slapping the job on the table. "Right away!" Mira said getting her book and writing it down. When she was finished she handed Natsu the paper and smiled.

"Have fun you two! Make sure you tell me how it goes!"

"Alright! We'll be off! Let's go Lucy! Happy we'll be back in a week!" Natsu shouted as he grabbed Lucy and ran out the door.

"I think this is the perfect job for them, don't you agree Happy?" Mira asked leaning against the counter.

"I wonder if they'll come back as a real married couple." Happy smiled.

As Natsu and Lucy packed they went to the train station to get going. Natsu was sick and throwing up again and Lucy sighed. It was just in Shirotsume Town, the place Lucy and Natsu took their first job.

"Ah, it's been such a while since we've been here! Neh, Natsu?" Lucy asked smiling. "Y-yeah. . . Where do we need to go?" Natsu asked as his color returned to his face.

"Um, the map said to go this way! Let's go!" Lucy grabbed his arm and the two left to find the house.


"So, what do we need to do for you Ma'am?" Natsu asked as he sat down on the couch, arms crossed.

"Oh, first I would like to thank you two for coming!" The lady, Ms. Kia, greeted. "It's a pleasure!" Lucy smiled. "So, Mrs. . ." Ms. Kia looked at Lucy waiting for her name. "Ah! Dragneel! Lucy Dragneel." Lucy shivered and felt Natsu tense up when she said that.

"Mrs. Dragneel. I would love if you and your husband attend a party for me."

"A Party? What kind of party?" Natsu asked.

"It's my daughter's kid's birthday party. I would love you two to perform there and wow the kids. I choose married couples since most mages aren't good with kids but married couples are prepared for things like these so, would you still accept the job?" Ms. Kia looked at them with a pleading look.

"This wasn't in the job description." Natsu said.

"But, wouldn't that be fun? I love kids and you're pretty good with amazing people with your magic." Lucy said looking at her 'husband'. "Um, sure. If you want." Natsu said looking back at his 'wife'.

"Thank you both so much! You two look so great together by the way! I'll go inform my daughter, right now." Ms. Kia said and left to call. Natsu and Lucy looked at each other with an awkward stare. "So, what now?" Natsu asked. Lucy shrugged. "Nothing wrong with it, and we always play house."

"But, that's just like 4 hours. I can't play husband with you for a whole week! Anyways, who has a party for a week?"

"Some people. . . I don't know, but Natsu just please play your part." Lucy begged. "Fine, but you're going to owe me."

"What! its part of the job too you know."

"Well, sweetheart you're still going to owe me." Natsu snickered. "Fine, whatever. But if you get out of character, I'll hurt you and you'll give me your reward."

"Okay, deal." Natsu smirked shaking Lucy's hand. Lucy smiled and the women came back. "My daughter said okay! She'll meet you two at her house today to discuss the party. I'll give you two her address." Ms. Kia said as she grabbed a notebook and pen.

She wrote something down and ripped it out of her notebook and handing it to the married couple.

"Thank you; have a nice day Ms. Kia." Lucy stood up and bowed. "Yeah, good day." Natsu also bowed, sort of confused on what to do. He wasn't really the 'formal' type or anything. He was just Natsu.

"Thank you for coming! I'll send you two off." She also stood up. The three went towards the door and once again, them fid farewell.

Natsu and Lucy walked around the streets, desperately trying to find Ms. Kia's daughter's house.

"URGH. Lucy how long does it take for you to read a freaking map?" Natsu asked groaning. "Oh, if you think it's so easy, you read it!" Lucy shoved the map to him.

"Let's see how easy it takes yo-"," Found it!" Natsu grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards a big house at the edge of the town.

The house was bigger than the other ones and this one had the huge field to itself. Natsu knocked on the door and Lucy was fuming next to him, arms crossed against her chest.

"Common, Lucy. You're acting like a big baby."

"And maybe you're acting like a smartass."

"What! Don't be using that tone of voice with me young lady."

"What are you? My mother?"

"No, I'm your husband. ~" Natsu purred at her. A chill ran down Lucy's spine and she glared at him. "Stay away from me you pervert."

"How can I when my wife is so irresistible?" Natsu smirked as he swung and arm around her shoulder.

"Shut up Natsu, I'll seriously hurt you." Lucy hissed. "Oh? In what kind of way?" Lucy blushed as she kicked him in the shin. Natsu yelped in pain as he put his hand to his shin. "Servers you right." Lucy stuck her tongue out and the door opened.

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