"Just shut up." Lucy said. "You see, Lucy I saying all this because I lo-", "Lucy! Natsu! Please come and help me!" Mrs. Kai shouted.

Lucy lifted her head up before giving Natsu a look. She took his arms off her and left to the kitchen to help.

Natsu sighed as he ran a hand through his pink locks.

"I love you,"

Lucy came inside the kitchen with Natsu following soon after. "Mrs. Kai. Is something wrong?" Lucy asked coming in front of her leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Nothing is wrong; I just need some help taking the drinks and snack outside. Would you help me, dear?" She asked smiling.

Lucy nodded reaching for a tray of fruits but Natsu grabbed it before her. "Carry the light stuff; I'll carry the heavy ones." He said heading out.

"Isn't he a sweetheart?"

"Yeah," Lucy smiled as she grabbed some juice and soda. When she went outside she saw the kids crowding around Natsu, grabbing onto his pants and sparkling. He laughed and grinned while he set the tray down.

"Natsu-Nii!" Ami grabbed his pants. "There's the birthday girl," Natsu grinned. "Natsu-Nii! Would you show us your magic now?"

"Su-", "Not yet, Ami." Lucy said as she set the drinks down on the decorated table. The kids all awed pouting.

"Just wait and go have fun, there's the bouncy castle too!" Lucy pointed towards it. The kids all scrambled away leaving Natsu and Lucy alone by the snack and drink table.

"So, what was that thing you needed to tell me earlier?" Lucy asked as she put a strawberry pocky stick in her mouth. Natsu stared at her for a moment.

He just then leaned forward biting the other end of the pocky stick. Lucy blushed as Natsu broke the stick and pulled away from her chewing the cracker in his mouth.

"Never mind," He said leaning against the table and running his hand through his hair again. He looked so dashing and sexy right there.

Lucy just laughed as a imagine of Natsu being one of those models in the magazine. "What's so funny?"

"D-Don't do that..!"

"Don't do what?"

"Never mind!" Lucy said whipping a tear away from her eyes. Natsu knitted his eyebrows together. "You're weird,"

"Me? Weird? I'm limited edition." Lucy smirked. Natsu smirked along with her. "Damn straight you are," Lucy smiled at him and he smiled back.

In that split second Natsu leaned forward but then Mrs. Kai called for Lucy. Lucy, who didn't notice Natsu leaning in, moved aside and let Natsu fall to the ground, and running inside.

"Damn." Natsu said as he lied on the ground. He was too lazy to get back up. He started to stare at the grass and dirt, playing with the ground.

Lucy came back with some snacks in her hands, seeing her partner on the ground, she laughed. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I'm admiring mother nature." Lucy laughed again as she stared down at him.

He looked back at her and to the ground, luckily she wasn't wearing a skirt today but she was wearing short shorts. "Get up, it's dirty."

"I don't care. . ."

"How'd you end up down there anyways?" Lucy asked. "You."


"Never mind, Help me up." Natsu held his arm up. Lucy sighed as she grabbed his hand and yanked him up. Natsu dusted himself off as Lucy helped him. "You can't go doing those weird things in public; people will think you're crazy."

"They already know I'm crazy. I'm 'The destructive salamander of Fairy Tail.' In the sorcery magazine." Natsu said looking at her. Lucy laughed dusting his back. "Don't be so down, you have a reputation."

"A crappy one."

"No, we all love you for your destructiveness. . . Sometimes." Lucy said. "What do you mean so-?" Lucy shoved some chips into his mouth.

"Have some chips!" Lucy said as she turned her heel.

"I need to go help Mrs. Kai. You stay here and try not to eat everything or destroy anything, okay?"

"See!" Lucy laughed. "Bye!" She ran inside. Natsu sighed as he grabbed a bag of chips, opening it and eating one by one.

This job isn't so bad, he gets to be with Lucy and best of all; act like a married couple. But he wanted some action, not being careful. He wanted to fight and protect Lucy to show he'll do whatever to keep her safe but he was just here to entertain and help out. This is crappy.

Natsu trashed his empty bag of chips as Lucy came back with party hats and plates. Natsu took it from her as he set it on the table.

"So what are we suppose to do now?"

"Mrs. Kai said we can show them our magic pretty soon."

"Great!" Natsu smirked. "Just in case, I'll go get a fire extinguisher."

"No! Its fine, I promise I won't burn anything." Natsu grabbed her wrist. Lucy raised a brow at him before Natsu let go of her wrist.

"On second thought, go get it." Lucy nodded as she went inside. He seriously needs to learn how to use magic without having a flaw to it.

When Lucy came back, setting the thing under the table just in case one of the kids gets curious and starts playing with it. Lucy sighed as she looked at her keys, going to one to another.

"Which on should I show..?" Lucy mumbled to herself going through golden ones and silver ones.

Plue she was definitely going to show but Aquarius was too violent; Scorpios will probably be with Aquarius, Loki was too flirty, Virgo too perverted, Lyra is a yes, and others she'll think about it.

"No matter what, don't take Loki out,"

"I wasn't planning to. He'll freak when he sees us acting like a married couple." Natsu then smirked. It was a perfect time to piss the lion sprit off.

"No, bring him out. I need to tell him something,"

"Can't it wait?"

"No, come on! Bring him out!" Natsu whined. Lucy sighed as she put her golden key out. "Gate of the lion, I open thee: Leo!"

"My Princess! You called?" Loki asked holding her hand and kissing it slightly. "Hey, Loki! Get your paws off my wife!" He smirked as he grabbed Lucy, pulling her towards him. Loki's eyes got wide as he dropped her hand. "W-W-Wife?"

"Natsu..!" Lucy scolded as she tried pulling away from him. Natsu held onto her waists firmly as he watched Loki break down.

"Y-You're married to N-Natsu?"



"M-Married..?" Loki fell to the floor grabbing onto his hair. "When did this happen? Are you pregnant?" He asked.

"N-No! Loki, don't believe Natsu! He's lying!"

"Lying? But sweetie, you were screaming my name yesterday from our bed," Natsu kissed her neck while peering at Loki.

Loki's face went pale as his mouth gapped open. Lucy blushed as she elbowed him in the chest making let her go.

"Loki, I swear! Don't believe Natsu! I'm not married and I'm still a virgin!"

"B-But married? Natsu that is a sick joke! I actually believed you!"

"Hey, we're right now named Lucy and Natsu Dragneel." Natsu said pointing to him and Lucy. "Lucy, what is this? What is that idiot talking about?"

"Hey-!" Natsu scolded. "Okay, Loki we're on a job right now as you can see." Lucy said showing him the area. Loki nodded seeing the party favors and kids. "And, our job is to act like a married couple so right now we're a married couple. But we're acting, okay? I'm not really married to him," Lucy said pointing to Natsu.

Loki sighed in relief. "Thank god!"

"But you never know we could marry one day." Natsu smirked. Loki growled as Lucy blushed. "Loki go back!" Lucy shouted as she closed his gate.

When he disappeared Lucy glared at Natsu. "If I have known you would have done that, I'll never bring him out again!" Natsu chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah."

"Don't 'Yeah, yeah' me! You're apologizing later!"

"But Lu-"

"No buts! You're apologizing, young man!"

"Yes ma'am. . ." Natsu sighed crossing his arms and pouting. Mrs. Kai came giggling. "It's more like mother and son." She commented. Lucy smiled as Natsu blushed embarrassed that she said that. "You're allowed to entertain now,"

"Great, let's go Natsu." Lucy tugged on his sleeve. "Yeah. . ." Natsu followed after her. When Mrs. Kai called all the kids they all sat in front of Natsu and Lucy, excitedly talking to one another.

Natsu lit his finger as he blew on it, making a big fire and shushing the kids up. "Whoa! Did you see that?" One whispered.

"The salamander!" Natsu grinned. "Hi everyone!" Lucy smiled. They all greeted her back, some recognizing her. Lucy grabbed her key as she summoned Plue.

"Punn pun!" He danced. They all awed and gasped. "Whoa! A snowman!"

"No it's a white doggy!"

"It clearly looks like a snowman."

"It's a dog!" They started to argue. Lucy sighed as she picked Plue up. "He's the spirit white doggy." Lucy said. "Ha!" Some shouted. "Think that's cool? Watch this!" Natsu grinned as he sucked in some air and blew it up in the air.

They all gasped clapping for the one and only salamander. "He's so cool!"

"His Flames are so hot!"

"I like his hair!" Lucy giggled. Lucy took out another key and slashed it in the air. Lyra popped out and smiled.

"Lucy-San! You haven't summoned me in a while! How are you?"

"I'm fine! Would you mind singing a song for the little kiddies?"

"Alright!" She cleared her throat and taking a deep breath in. She started to sing beautifully, the kids enjoying her little song.

"Thank you!" Lucy smiled and Lyra disappeared.

Natsu was playing with the fire when suddenly the table cloth got on fire. The kid's eyes got wide as it started to get bigger.

"Natsu!" Lucy said as she rushed to get the fire extinguisher but failed to when the fire blocked her way. Lucy quickly looked around as she saw a half drunken water bottle. She dumped the last bit and put her keys into the pouring water summoning Aquarius. "Please!" Lucy begged. Aquarius glared as she used her magic and flushed everyone and everything down.

When everything ended everyone was drenched and things were ruined. Lucy was on the floor, her shirt falling off and wet. She glared at Natsu who was coughing up some water.

"You bitch! You summon me from a water bottle? First you get me from a girls' body now a freaking water bottle? I'll whoop you!" Aquarius hissed. Lucy flinched as Aquarius glared at her.

"Sorry! It was an emergency!"

"I'll kill you next time! I'm on vacation with my boyfriend right now; you shouldn't call me anytime this week if you know what's good for you." She started to disappear. "You should get yourself a man too, you loner."

"Hey! I'm married you know!" Lucy shouted throwing her fist in the air.

Lucy looked around as the kids were on the ground and drenched. Mrs. Kai was wet and the party favors were all ruined.

Just the presents and cake were fine since they were all in the house.

Lucy looked at Natsu who was checking to see if people were alright and when he spotted Lucy he went to her grinning sheepish.

"Eh. . . Are you okay?"

"Okay? Okay? Did you seriously ask me if I'm okay?"

"Err, yes?"

"Natsu! Look what you've done! You burnt something making me bring Aquarius out and then this shit happened! Why can't you be more careful?"

"Look, it was by accident, I'm sorry."

"Sorry? You should be apologizing to Mrs. Kai and everyone else not to me!"

"Lucy, it was an honest mistake!"

"Natsu, I seriously think you are the most-"Suddenly everyone started cheering.

Lucy and Natsu stopped looking at everyone. Why were they clapping and cheering for them? "That was SO cool!"

"I've never seen magic this cool before!"

"Wah! Did you see how she suddenly appeared and wash us away? Awesome!"

"BEST magic EVER!" They cheered and clapped louder for them. When they stopped Lucy spoke.

"Err, why is everyone clapping for us..?" Lucy asked. "Why, that was the coolest thing we've ever seen!" Mrs. Kai complimented.

"Uh, it was?" Natsu asked. "Yes! How she washed us away and appeared, how Natsu's magic was really awesome! Bravo!" They clapped once more.

Lucy and Natsu exchanged glances before breaking out into a grin.

"Why, thanks!" Natsu grinned rubbing the back of his head.


After cleaning and enjoying the rest of the party, Haru and Ami opened their presents and the kids all went home.

Lucy and Natsu collected their reward as they went back to the hotel, resting and thinking of going back home tomorrow morning. Lucy took a warm bath after Natsu took a shower, plopping down on her bed and sighing in delight.

Natsu crossed his arms as he sat on his bed, watching his teammate enjoy her comfy bed.

"Ahem," Natsu cleared his throat catching her attention. "What?"

"I think you owe me an apology."

"An apology? For what?" She sat up on the bed, sitting her legs cross. "You yelled at me at the party for no reason, I think you at least owe me an apology for that." Natsu huffed.

"Ah, sorry. I thought you messed us up and. . . . Yeah. Sorry about that." Lucy smiled sheepish. Natsu sighed.

"I can't believe you would just snap like that . . . I mean it's not the first time I did something horrible like that." Natsu said pursing his lip.

Lucy got up as she walked over to him, sitting next to him on the bed. She looked at him.

"I'm sorry. Like I said, I thought we really went overboard burning things out and flooding the place up. I just panic and I just thought it was all your fault and-"

"My fault? You're the one who summoned that mermaid washing everything out!"

"Her name is Aquarius. And I said I'm sorry,"

"But seriously, half of it is your fault." Lucy sighed as she rubbed her temples. She doesn't have enough energy to argue with him anymore.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry, end of story. Period." Lucy said standing up. "But you know, I did like it when you yelled at her 'I'm married you know!' That just made me feels so happy. A smile coming up to my lips, it gave me tingles when you said that." Natsu said grinning and blushing a tiny bit.

Lucy felt the heat rushing to her cheeks and her heart beating fast.

"U-Uh, glad you feel that way! I'm going to go sleep, alright?" Lucy said quickly walking to her bed.

"Awe~ you sure you can't stay up longer? I want to play~" Natsu whined. "No! Just go to sleep!"

"But, your husband is not sleepy!"

"Husband? You're not my husband!" Lucy shouted as she looked at him. "Yes I am! And you're my wife!" Natsu said.

"We're done with this 'Husband and Wife' game! Alright? The job is done and so the whole husband and wife thing is done!" In a flash Natsu was in front of her. Lucy squeaked as she felt something warm on her lips and waists.

She subconsciously closed her eyes kissing him back. What felt like years he pulled away looking at her, his eyes half open.

"We could always change that," He said grinning. Lucy blushed as she looked into his eyes. "W-What do you mean?"

"Lucy, you can't go on deciding things like that. You don't know if you'll stay Lucy Heartfillia forever. For all you know, you're name could be changed into Lucy Dragneel."

"Lucy D-Dragneel?"


"W-Why Dragneel? Out of millions of names, why Dragneel?"

"Because, I love you." Lucy's heart stopped as her eyes got wide. "You what?"

"I love you, and I've decided I won't let anybody take you away from me." Natsu said as he nuzzled his face in her hair, inhaling her sweet scent. The one scent that nobody can replace.

Lucy relaxed as she felt him holding her. Every time this fool holds her, she always feel so safe in his arms.

Like he'll protect her no matter how dangerous it is or how serious it is, he'll always be that person who'll be at the bottom of the cliff to catch her if she falls.

Lucy wrapped her arms around his neck as he hugged him back. "I. . . I. . . I love you too,"

"Great! Now I won't feel bad doing this to you!"

"Doing what to me?"

"This." Natsu crushed his lips onto hers. Lucy closed her eyes as Natsu gently laid Lucy down on her bed. Clothes were thrown onto the floor and the lights when out. As if anything could ruin this moment.

The next morning Natsu and Lucy came into the guild smiling brightly and hands laced together. "We're back!" Lucy said. "We're home!" Natsu shouted. They all greeted them but soon noticed their laced hands.

"Whoa, are you two dating?" Levy asked coming up to them. Lucy blushed as Natsu grinned. "Hell yeah we are!" This got everyone's attention.

"Lucy and Natsu, dating?"

"Since when?"

"Finally! Those two got together!"

"Awe! So cute!" People started to talk. Mira came running to Lucy, giving her a big bone crushing hug before letting her go.

"So you two finally become a couple! I knew that job was going to work!" Mira shouted cheering and spinning around in place. "Work..?" Natsu and Lucy asked.

"Whoops!" Mira giggled covering her mouth. "Guess the secret is out~" Mira sang. "Mira, what are you talking about?" Lucy asked.

"Ah, you see, the job you got I'm the one who put it up!"

"You? But this woman said she requested us!"

"Yup! Ms. Kia? My Aunt?" Mirajane smiled innocently. "Y-Your aunt?" They both asked. She nodded.

"You went to my cousin's house acting like a married couple! I was planning on using that one for Gray and Juvia also but oh well! I've got you two instead!" Mira cheered once more.

Lucy and Natsu were speechless. She set this up? Like they haven't gotten enough 'match making Mira' in the guild. Lucy sighed as she shook her head.

"I have two things I need to say about that. One, thank you for caring. And two, do you need some help too?"

"On what?"

"That green hair dude! What's his name? Fred? Frank?"

"Freed." Lucy said. "Oh yeah! Him!" Natsu grinned thanking his girlfriend. Mirajane blushed and gasped. "What about him?" She asked.

"You're a pretty good match maker in Fairy Tail, Mira. But you know, I think you need a break. How about I get Freed to accompany you for a dinner date?"

"D-Dinner date?" Mira said as her face became redder. "Here! Let's get going Mira!" Lucy shouted grabbing her arm.

Just then Mira passed out onto the floor, the color draining from her face.

"Is she going to be alright?" Natsu asked pointing to the bartender on the ground. "Yeah! Don't worry about her!" Lucy smiled grabbing his arm and walking away.

All you can just do is wait fot Freed to come by and take her away. . .

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