Author's Note: This story will be a series of drabbles and short chapters based off characters from ABC's One Life to Live. I don't own OLTL, ABC, or the characters. This was written for entertainment only! (Warning: Male slash- and it's my first time, so BE GENTLE)


Todd had no where to stay. Everyone he loved believed that some other guy was the real Todd Manning. Moreover, someone was trying to kill Todd and several attempts had been made upon his life. Considering he was virtually homeless and in need of protection, John McBain had offered Todd a place to stay at his apartment at Angel's Square.

"You'll be safe here. Just don't answer the phone or the door while I'm at work," John ordered.

"I'll behave myself... but it won't be easy," answered Todd as he was lounging on John's sofa, eating peanuts.

"Ohhh and don't eat all the food in the place while I am gone," John added before he headed over toward the door.

Todd just smirked as he popped a few more peanuts into his mouth. John had the greatest snacks. In the kitchen he had found mass quantities of delicious chocolate donuts, muffins, pretzels, and all the fixins to make every sort of sandwich under the sun. "Ohhh... and don't forget to bring back some beer when you come home," Todd called out, giving John a little wink.

John made a sound of exasperation as he disappeared through the door. "I know he likes me," Todd said with a grin before leaning back into the couch and munching on a handful of peanuts. "He just doesn't want to admit it yet."