Author's Note: This story will be a series of drabbles and short chapters based off characters from ABC's One Life to Live. I don't own OLTL, ABC, or the characters. This was written for entertainment only! (Warning: Male slash- and it's my first time, so BE GENTLE)


Since the DNA tests had just came back proving that Todd was telling the truth and the man who had been living his life the past eight years was actually an imposter, Todd and John had gone out to celebrate. They were eating at the Palace Hotel Restaurant. "Mmmm, this is really good," Todd said as he dug into his steak.

"Yeah, the food is great," John agreed.

"Thanks for helping me, McBain. Because of you, I got my life back, I can see my kids, and once we go to court, the imposter will have to give back everything that's rightfully mine," Todd said happily.

"I'm happy for you, Todd... but now that we are dating, I think you should start calling me 'John' instead of 'McBain.'"

"I'll do anything if you continue to feed me," Todd promised with a little grin.

Just then Blair Cramer walked up to their table. "Todd? John? What are you guys doing here?" she asked with surprise.

"Ohhh we are celebrating now that I got my life back... and we are out on a date," Todd answered.

"A date?" she said in shock.

"Yes. John and I are a couple," Todd stated.

"You've gotta be joking!" Blair gasped.

"Nope, it's no joke. He's really good in bed," John spoke up.

"What the-?" Blair exclaimed.

"It's true. I'm good in bed," Todd stated with a smirk.

Blair was staring at them both in a state of shock. "If you're dating him, then prove it!" she challenged Todd.

Todd stood up from his chair and went around to John's side of the table. He grabbed John by his collar and gave him a hot, steamy kiss on the lips. The kiss was so incredibly sexy that half the restaurant was staring.

"Ohhh my God!" Blair cried out.

"There you have it. He's the one I want," Todd said as he gave Blair a little wink.

"That explains it then," Blair grumbled under her breath.

"Explains what?" asked Todd.

"Your intimacy issues! I always thought it was because of what had happened with you and Marty..." spoke Blair. "But no, you didn't want me. You wanted a GUY!"

Todd only grinned. "Not just any guy. I want John."

"Now could you please leave us alone?" Todd said to Blair. "We are having dinner, then John would like to go home and have sex."

Blair stood there speechless when she heard Todd's words. She looked at John and just shook her head. "Whatever," she said in a huff as she briskly walked away.

"Whattya make of that?" John asked after she had left.

"She's jealous. She totally wants you. But she's not gonna get you, cuz you're mine," responded Todd.

"Yep, I'm yours," John agreed as they continued to enjoy their romantic dinner. Finally he had Todd right where he wanted him, and he wasn't about to let him go.