[Iggy and Feli Adventures! Ve~]

First Chapter - The Meeting Place.

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Rated M cuz its going to have Violence and Boyxboy in some chapters. btw this is my first fanfic xD so enjoy reading!

"Hey, Germany! Germany! Germany! Germany!" Italy cried out loud infront of Germany while he reads his book (Yes, He does have his Sexy reading glasses xD)
"Vhat the!- Italy am trying to Read!" Germany shouted at Italy but then Italy started to pout with tears in overflowing.. "But... Germany..."

Italy try to say something else but Germany interupted. "Nien!" 'Bloody Hell... Italy, i hate to see you cry but am not having this anymore...' "Can't you just go outside and Annoy someone else for Once, Let me enjoy my Wurst and Beer, Please. After i am done ve can go see Japan, Okay?"

Germany stared at Italy while he said those Words. "Ve~ Okay Germany... Then i go outside..." Italy softly said while he walks slowly and sadly at the Door, He looked back at Germany and saw he was back to reading... Italy sniffed and rubbed his eyes so no one could see he cried then he started to slowly walk without realising where he was going.

"You Bloody Wanker! Get out you... You... JUST GET OUT YOU BLOODY GIT!" England shouted violently at this flirty, Pervy (And Dirty...) France. "You will not touch my Vital Regions!"
"Je T'aime! Soon you want me, Soon the better. Ohonhonhonhon"

he laughed with his(Not) sexy voice "I promise you, that i Francis Bonnefoy will come back!" Then lefted with a rose in his mouth.
but you could still hear his "Ohonhonhon" from a mile away and that did creep England out. "Stupid bloody wanker, thank god hes gone-" England stopped while he stared at Italy walking on his own.

"Hmm... No Germany..." he kept staring intill Italy stopped walking. He was standing there, staring at the ground 'hehehe... Since italy is here, i might as well Kidnapp him and tell Germany."

England said to himself while he Tip toed to Italy then England quicky grabbed him by the Waist, He was Aiming for his Stomache but Italy Suddenly moved so the Moment was abit Awkward for him.
"Ve~ Who is it? Germany? Japan? Luvi? Spain?" then Italy gasped! "I hope its not Russia!~ Ah! Germany! Help me! Russia is here to Strike for my Vital Regions! Help! WAHHHH! Am scared!"

Italy started to Panic. "Shut it! Its only me, Arthur.." "Oh~ Its you, Huh-" Italy looked down and stare England's Arms around his Waist. "Uhm.. England... Why-" "Don't Comment!" England rudely Interupted.
"Its your Fault that you Moved in the first place!" he Shouted hashly. Italy blushed deeply, he never fought someone, even for a Bad cook to do this to him, Even germany nor japan did this!
"Ve~ What do you want? Am Sorry if i did something wrong! Don't hurt me!" Italy started to shake and Panic again. "Stop it.. am not going to do anything, i thought i kidnapped you but... Not today.."
'Wait... Why did i say that? Damn England! You saw his Cutiness and Pitied him so you let him go..- Wait did i say "Cutiness?" No.. i' "Ah, Thank you England! i didn't know you were this nice! Germany said you had a bad Tempted and a drinking p-p-problem? or was it Drunkard? Oh well, Its both the same i guess, Hehe~" Italy giggled at the end.

"While your here, you might as well come in..." "Yey!" Italy cheered and ran into England's house. "Oi! don't run or you-!" *BANG!* "Ow!" England finished his Sentence. "Trip..." He sighed..

He started to walk in his house while he saw italy rubbing his knee while he tried not to Cry.
(He really Tried... But yea... he didn't really sucess with that:P) "Come here, i got some Plasters here." England toke some plasters out of the drawer in the main hall. "Ve~ thank you"

Italy tears have stopped and he used his best and (Cute) Smiled at england. 'Cute...' 'Wait... No..' England sighed again.

"Do you want me to make you some Tea? or pour some wine?" he asked Politely, staring at Italy with his Emerald eyes.
"Ve~! i would like some Tea, Its better than my tea. Hehehe~" he smiled at england while england smiled back, its the first time someone said that. "Then sit down and i make some Tea."

Minutes later, England has already made the tea and they both drank. Lucky England hasnt made his scones. "Oh... England... Uhm.. i know this might sound weird, But... Uhmm, I.." England stared at Italy with confusion.
"I... want to be Friends! Even tho you can be Mean but your Nice to! thats what i reeeeally like about you!" Italy cried out loud while England is Shocked. "Oh, Well. Okay, But i don't want the Allys to know.. they probably think am teaming with the Axis or something.." "Yey!" Italy hugged England! Nice and Tightly "Thank you!"

England pushed Italy away abit. "Why Hug me? Do you know we're both Male!" He shouted at Italy while he was still shocked "Ve~! Am so Sorry! I like hugging my friends.. Am sorry.." italy started to cry abit because england shouted at him.. (Poor Pooor... Italy..) England sighs while he got up "Its fine. but next time, warn me."

Then he started to walk in his bedroom. He noticed a shadow over his so he looked behind and italy was following behind him.. "Why are you following me?" "Well. i wanted to look around!" Italy shouted happily. "Well.. Uhm ok.." "Oh!" Italy remembered something so he started to jump up and down like a Hyper kid. "Oh, Oh! England. Want to come with me to this Old Manison i saw the other day, i know Japan and Germany wont come, but your into Spirits and.. uhmm.. Da.. Daft Magic?"

England looked at Italy, staring at him intil he said something "Well.. theres no World meeting tomorrow and its not Flying mint Bunny's Birthday. So... Okay. i know but DO NOT BRING FRANCE Okay?" England said those 4 words Loudly so Italy will understand that he doesnt want the Flirty, Pervy and Also Dirty! France.

"Ah.. Oh don't worry, it be the two of us!" "Oh.. Its 8:30 already! Germany might get mad at me! Well i got to go! Ciao!" Italy runs out of the door, then he waves back at England, seeing England is near the door frame, waving back at Italy.

"Germany will get mad... i just know it! AH! Am scared..." Italy finally runs off them he quicky runs into Germany's house "Am sorry if i'm late! Don't hurt me!" "Germany?" Italy looked around, seeing no Germany.

"GERMANY! GERMANY! Did Russia became one with You! OH NO HES AFTER ME NEXT! GERMANY! JAPAN!" Italy panics and cries, then Germany opens the door and sees a italy sobbing on the floor "GERMANY! WHERE ARE YOU! AM SCARED! I NEED SOMEONE TO PROTECT ME! AND I DON'T HAVE MY WHITE FLAG!"

He starts crying more louder and louder.. then he hears a Sigh. "WHOS THERE!" Italy quicky drives under the table! then he looked up, seeing a Familar face. "Germany?"
"Ja?" "YOUR HERE! THANK GOD! I thought you would be gone because of Russia! or even worse... the Allys! and if you were gone! someone might come in and attack me and you couldnt Protect me!" italy cried out, then he leaped up and hugged Germany.. "Don't... Leave.."

"i vont, i only went out to get some Beer and wurst for tomorrow Breakfast." Germany noticed italy fell right to sleep after he cried to much.. "Vell.. time for bed... i guess.." Germany started to carry italy (Bride Style! Oh la la )
then he put Italy to bed, then he went to bed on the right side, pulling both covers over Him and Italy, then he slowly falls asleep while Italy clings on him. (He tries to sleep tho.)

-Next Day! *Iggy Angel sings cuz The Iggy angel is like.. Half Naked.. You know what i mean XD!-

"Italy...Italy... Please get up, some bad cooking bastard is here to see.. you.." Italy wakes up! You can see the happyness on him! 'England? He came to see me?'

he jumped for joy while he runs pass germany, running down the stairs he nearly fell but lucky he got his Balance then he runs to the door! "England-" Huh... He wasnt here? "Italy.. am in the House, Idiot." "Ve~ There you are, Hehehe~"

Italy smiled at England "Am so Happy! So why did you come?" "Can we talk about this... in Private, i don't want that guy to know." England looked around, seeing no Germany.
"Ve~ Lets go to the Park and talk about it then?" "Sure..." Italy toke England's hand "Let's go!" England saw Italy's Hand with his... "Uhm Italy, WHY THE HELL ARE WE HOLDING HANDS!" England shouted.

Before Italy could say anything, Germany ran downstairs "Vhat the hell is the Matter! first i see Italy run down stairs and now England is shouting about Holding Hands!" Germany stared at England then Italy then he slowly went down, seeing two Hands together..

"Vhat the..?" "Well! We got to go! Uhm.. England is going to help me get my Paintings off Big Bro France! Hehehe~"
"Vell... Okay, But don't you get kidnapped or so god help me..." "Ve~!" England shoke his hand off of Italy's Hand then they both started to walk to the Park. "By the way... Don't mind me saying but, Why the Park?" "Because its Fun! Hehehe.~! "REMEMBER WE'RE NOT HERE TO PLAY!" England violently shouted at poor Italy. " ! " "Now... You told me to... "Join" you to this Manison or whatever? Why didn't you ask America instead."

"Well. i tried but he said he was meeting some guy called Toni? or was it Tommy? or Tam? I forgot... Hehehe~" "Well, What time should we meet and should we meet at yours or mine?"
"Uhm, i say... 8? in the Morning. i ask Germany to wake me up Oh and lets Meet at your Place! Hehe~!" "Sure"