Italy's Adventure: Love Life and Friendship

Chapter 17 – I can't do it.

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Italy woke up as he felt his head against a soft pillow, recognizing that this pillow had a stain on it... Smelt like Vodka... He sniffed the pillow a bit more. 'Yep... That does smell like Vodka?' He turn his head as he peeked at the strange head looming over him. "Your wake?" "Hm? Russia?" Russia smiled as he nodded.

"Da. Its me" He sat gently on the bed, next to Italy's legs under the cover of the warm cozy blanket.

"Where am i?" Italy whispered as he was still a bit dozy from the sleeping. "My House." He said in his strong Russian accent.

Italy flinched up, looking around. "Is china here?" He wondered a bit loudly, not wanting the Chinese person to beat him up again... "No..." Why was Russia just answering him with small answers? Russia stared at Italy, not blinking once as he detailed everything on Italy's face. 'Just Beautiful...' he thought as his hand reached up, touching a stain of a tear on Italy's cheek.

"Ve~?"He eyeballed Russia's hand, blushing a bit as his finger smoothed against Italy's skin. "R-russia?" He answered, now eyeing the Russian fellow next to him.

"Did something happen?" Russia stared at Italy, hoping to hear what Italy had to say. "Oh, Something did but i guess you don't want to hear the boring story..." Italy flinched his head down, fidgeting the blanket with his fingers.

"I want to hear it. Da?" He cupped the Italian's cheeks, staring into his eyes... "Now what happened..." He seemed out of Character, wanting to know how the Italian felt. But Italy would like to tell someone, its not good keeping all of his trapped emotions inside of him.

"Well, Yesterday I was with Germany and... we did..." He explained by making a Circle with his Thumb and index finger while the other index finger went through it. It basically explained that he had sex.

Russia nodded, he felt a bit of anger that the damn German got Italy before him...

"After that, Prussia interrupted us and started to shout at Germany, He thought Germany rapped me so they started to fight... But Prussia said that Germany only liked my Body... not else..." His tears went down his cheeks as he wanted to be strong about this.

The Russian hugged the Italian carefully... "Thanks for telling me..." He was really out of Character... but as least he told someone. "Thanks for listening Russia..." Italy hugged back, brushing his chin against Russia's shoulder.

"Now, lets have a Drink? I have Vodka, Da?" He Smiled. But Italy shook his head.

"I can't have Vodka... I do like the taste but i don't like it when it burns my Throat.., Ve~" He explained to the Russian, as the Russian accepted it.

"Big Brother~ Is there another person in your room, Big Brother~" Italy got a bit scared as Belarus eyes were between the door and the door frame. Staring at Russia and Italy.

"B-Belarus" Russia said, Shaking a bit. She mentally glared at the Italian, reaching down to his socks to reveal the knife she had placed there.

"Big Brother, What is he doing in your bed?" He stared at the Italian, gripping the handle firmly within her grasp.

"Just a Friend! Da?" He walked towards her. Italy remembered how Russia was scared of Belarus and her Brother Complex. Russia tried to push Belarus out of the door but she stood firmly. "If its only a Friend, then Big Brother can marry me~" "Marry me~" She said, repeating those two words as those words haunted Russia.

"No! No no no no!" He said, Pushing her out! "No no no no!"

He finally got her out and weighed his body against the door. Belarus fingertips scraped the door, as she wanted to get in.

"Big Brother, Let me in...!" "No no no!" He said for the third time as he pointed to the Dresser next to him, telling the Italian to push it. So Italy did, trying to push it. It toke about 40 Minutes, Because you know... he was kind of weak but he made it there. The last push of the dresser was now against the door. Blocking them from the scary sister.

"Phew... Thanks." "Ve~ No Problem"

"Big Brother~" Her voiced echoed as she was still next to the door, they were safe but not for long...

Russia walked towards his bookshelf, pulling one of them. Italy heard a clinking sound as the bookshelf moved left.

Russia's hand moved a bit, informing the Italian to come with him. So Italy did, skipping towards the Russian as they went down. Letting the bookshelf close behind them.

"BIG BROTHER!" She smashed everything with her knife, the door was now gone and so was the dresser. Sadly No big brother was there, she sighed and walked away, hoping to find her Big brother soon.

"So Brudar, vhere do you think Italy could be?" the Albino said to the blonde man. As they both walked down the street as Italy did.

"Vell, i don't know!?" He shouted, scanning everywhere for the auburn Italian. "Ger-" "Shush, Gilbert. Don't say that name out loud. Use my human name vhen ve outside." "Got it Ger- Ludwiggy! Haha! See what i did that! LUDWIGGY! HAHA!"

"OH SHUT IT BRUDAR!" "Kesesese..." He laughed quietly. Thinking about the joke he just said.

"So Feliciano should be here somewhere, lets ask?"

Germany blinked at him.

"Vhat?" "Did you say something that was a good idea?" "OI! I have awesome ideas!"

Germany giggled a bit. Then walking to some people, asking if they saw an auburn hair Italian around. They asked nearly everyone in till they asked some different people who actually saw a screaming Italian on the street yesterday. Then Person 3 showed up. "Yeah... That fucking Russian fellow was with him. He threaten me as well!"

"Vhy did he threaten you?" Gilbert asked. "Well, i only said that Italian guy was only screaming my eardrums off and then that Russian fellow popped up and threatened me!"

Gilbert glared at Person 3 but didn't do anything. Ludwig didn't either. They saw the other people leave as they looked at each other

"Russia." They both said quietly, knowing who has their Italian. "Someone say Big Brother~" Belarus popped out of no where, still lurking around the neighbourhood for her Brother.

"EEK!" Gilbert Screamed, as Ludwig kept quiet.

"Yes, I did. Do you know where Russia is?" Ludwig asked her... Hoping to get one final answer that will finally lead to Italy.

"Italy... Italy... Oh that person who was in my Big Brothers Room... Big Brother pushed me out... Someone helped him push the damn dresser in the way... Well, now the door and the fucking dresser is smashed to pieces..." She glared. 'What if Russia liked that Italian...' She clutched her Knife beside her, as Gilbert nor Ludwig haven't even noticed.

"If that Italian bastard touches my Big Brother whom will marry me! I will KILL HIM!" She rushed away, but Gilbert and Ludwig caught her in time! Both of their hands gripped her shoulders. She looked and saw the two men behind her.

"Don't get in my way..." She said, death staring them. "You vont hurt our Italian..." Prussia said, glaring back even though his legs were shivering...

"No she vont!" Ludwig declared! "I said..." She mumbled... rising her knife to the sky. "DON'T GET IN MY WAY!" She attacked! But Ludwig easily knocked it out of her hand but Belarus wasn't gonna give up. She does have more knifes up her sleeve!

Four Knifes revealed themselves, between each finger but soon they were thrown towards the German Brothers. Germany rushed towards her as he tried to dodge them, some cutting his skin but not to deep on the other hand, Gilbert went around Belarus, nodding to Ludwig as he signalled that he was ready.

Ludwig nodded, quickly getting ready for his final attack!


Gilbert toke her arms, firmly gripping them as she struggled while Ludwig grabbed her Legs.

"THATS NOT-" They rushed through the crowd as they made it back to Belarus's house. Latvia was already there so he opened the door. Ludwig and Gilbert gently swung her as they let go, letting her body go into the house!

Ludwig ran to the door and slammed it, pressing his weight against the door as Gilbert picked up Latvia and turned him upside down, shaking him to find the key. "H-Hey! Please... stop! Don't hurt me!" Gilbert shook him violently as one key popped out of Latvia's pocket. He swung Latvia away and grabbed the Key, locking the door!

"Ve vont have much time... Lets go!" Ludwig shouted, running with his older brother. They went back through the crowd, knocking a few people over, Ludwig said sorry but Gilbert laughed, earning a smack to the head.

"God, America- WILL YOU STOP EATTING!" England yelled, slamming his spell book on the floor. "Dude, don't get mad. I need to eat or i will die." America kept noming on his burger as England threw his glares at the American.

England sighed, picking up the spell book as he flicked through the pages... "You'll probably die from Diabetes anyway" He said as he didn't bother looking at the shocked blonde. "First of all dude! I'm not gonna get Diabetes! And B! I'M NOT FAT!"

"Never said you were, but i guess you are..." England said, eyeing up and down... America threw something at England. "OI!" England ran to America and smacked him! Causing America to run away, laughing like an idiot he is...

"Some piece and quiet..." He flicked some more pages in till his finger stopped and placed against a spell. "Lets see..." He closed his eyes as the magic force within him started to activate. "Cla-" "Vee~" "Hm?"

He looked at his Magic circle, he saw a Curl popping out first then the head. "WHAT THE!-" He flinched to the side, accidentally throwing the book away. Only the head and the neck appeared.

"Hey England~" the Auburn said, smiling with his idiot eyes closed. "What-" Another head popped out. "Hey England~" Russia smiled, well the smile was not gentle but you know... normal i guess...

"Uhm... Hey" He said... "What the fuck are you doing there..." Sadly he was ignored, as Russia taught Italy how to get out. "So you use your hands to push the body up, Da? Then when you reach to a high level, just throw out legs over the side. Like this."

Russia toke his hands and pressed them against the cold floor, as he pulled himself up, throwing his right leg on the side to so he could get his body out. Then he got his left leg out. He stood up, brushing the dust off his coat. "See?" Italy nodded and did the same but failed, His arms kept doing down again because his arms are kind of weak if you know what i am...

Russia smiled and picked up the Italian, Italy's body was picked up, seeing Russia's face. "Ve~ Thank you!" He hugged Russia as Russia placed him on the floor. Italy got back on his feet and saw the spell book on the floor so he skipped towards it and picked it up. He looked at England and skipped towards him.

"Here~" He gave the book to England, as England blushed and said Thanks. England's hand twitched as Italy's hand touched his, as Italy gave the book back...

England didn't know why he was flushing all over the Italian, was it a good thing? Was he in L-

"Ve~" Italy opened his eyes, staring at England, he slowly placed his palm on England's forehead. "No Fever..." He moved his head to the side a bit as he was now confused...

This made England blushed more... "Uhm- Its just uhmm..." He felt a hard stare against him, he looked and saw Russia, Russia was making a scary face, it was close to his KolKolKoling face...

Just Creepy... really... Ekk! England looked away as he stared at Italy's face, So much happiness, He didn't noticed in till Italy said something. "England looks cute when he smiles." This made England's face go red... "T-Thank you-" He heard something- KolKolKol... Uh Oh... He looked at the scary Russian, the Kolkolkoling came from Russia's mouth...

England toke Italy's hand as he guided him through the Area. "let's go upstairs..." Italy nodded as he and Russia followed the British man. They went upstairs as England closed the door to his Spelldorm(idk what to call it XD) or Magic room. He guided them up stairs and into the Living. The two guests sat down as England bought some Tea and Scones. He sat them down as Italy and Russia glazed at the scones... England poured some Tea into the cups and gently handed them out. Italy accepted one but Russia didn't he toke out a big bottle of Vodka and smiled. England just sighed.

Noone ate the scones, well expect England... "Vee~ I love this Tea... Its taste like-" "Its from the Italians, I've order some... How you like it.." He blushed as Russia got a bit Jealous of the way England looked.

"Really! Wow!" Italy slurped the tea down as he placed the cup on the saucer.

"Big Brother~" Belarus scraped the windows with her nails, as her eyes kept looking at Russia, Russia quickly looked at Belarus and hide behind the chair. England dropped his Cup as Italy flew himself onto England, Shaking violently...!

England felt something in his pants as the Italian hugged England, Italy's head was against the man's shoulder as he sobbed into it.

"Russia, Why don't you go handle your sister..." England said, knowing that if Russia leaves he might-

"No." Quick answer, he flinched as Belarus broke the window, grabbed Russia's arms and pulling him away. "No! Belarus! Stop! Da?" "Your gonna Marry me... Big Brother." You can hear Russia saying Noooo~ as his body was dragged down the road, letting him disappear.

"Ve~ Are they gone..." "Yes..." Italy's knee slowly touched where England's crotch was... England moaned in his mind as the Italian hasn't noticed.

"England?" Italy looked at the Flushed British man. He looked down, seeing what has caused it... Italy blushed as well! He moved away but was caught in England's arms. "Wait!"

"Please, don't go!" England wanted Italy so soon. Italy started to Struggle as England forced Italy upon him, England started to kiss the neck, moving upwards to the pink lips of his prey, plunging his own lips onto the pink. Italy's hands tried to push England off him, by pressing his hands against England's chest. He mumbled in England's mouth. "S-top!" Italy moaned, England smoothed his finger against Italy's crotch, Slowly, he pulled of Italy's pants as Italy begged him to stop. "Shh..."

England kissed Italy's tears as his hand was now under Italy's underwear, feeling the hard member.

Italy meowed as the cold hand touched his erection. England's fingertip touched the member's slit, rubbing the precum slowly.

Italy bucked his hips up, getting more friction. "More~" he meowed, his body was giving up, as the pleasure was building inside of him... England moved his head as Italy's moved down, Italy's curl was now next to his mouth. England knew what this curl does, it happened before... He swooped his mouth onto the curl, treasuring it in his mouth as the Italian was moaning louder.

England moved his hands around the smooth silky cheeks, He played with them in till one of his fingers found an interesting place. His finger tried to smooth around the hole as he plucked his finger through, hearing a paining moan from Italy.

He shushed him again, as his lips pressed against the curl. Hearing more pleasurable moans.

Italy heard a Zip, looking down at England's hard member, and the precum.

England's hand grabbed the two members and moved up and down as the other hand fingered Italy's ass. They both moaned with the rhyme of the hand job.

He moved faster, up and down as Italy bucked his hips a bit more. "Eng- I'm cumming~" He sang as their members exploded with cum, on their chests.

England growled as he kissed violently against Italy. Italy was now obeying and following England's lip movements. Tongues dancing, Lips touching... Italy heard something from England that shocked him...

"I Love you..." Italy didn't hear it right, but it was certain that he heard something, but he ignored it for now. As they both kissed. England stopped, glancing at the panting Italian, as he breathed with air.

"Ah! I'm so rude... I'm so sorry that i did that! Where is my manners" England frowned as he repeated sorry to the Italian.

Italy quickly forgiven him and said it was... Kind of nice, His first time was with Germany but... He never felt so alive when Germany did it with him... But with England... It was like a Beast was emerging out of him.

"England, i feel tired..." England nodded and picked Italy up, guiding him upstairs, into the guests room. "Thanks" "No problem." England smiled gently. He turned around but Italy called for him... "Uhm, England..."

"Hm?" He turned and looked at him as Italy's cheek were now pinkish.

"Can you... uhm sleep with me" "EH!" "I-I didn't mean it in that way, because when i go to... Germany's house, i.. always go to his room because i never like sleeping in the guests room."

England calmed down and nodded, He guided Italy to his room as Italy plopped himself onto the bed double bed.

"Choose any Pj's you want..." England pointed to the Pjs he has. Italy choose a cute one with a Kitty on the front and a tail on the back. "So cute~" 'Yeah, On you... it looks cute' His eyebrows twitched as he saw America walk into the room. "Yo- Oh Hey Italy, What you doing- DID HIS SCONES DID THIS TO YOU!" He yelled, seeing Italy resting on England's bed. "Ve~?" England threw a book at America's head. "GET OUT YOU BLOODY BASTARD!" America whimpered but he glanced at Italy, slowly falling asleep... 'Cute'

But he felt a glare eyeing him to the face! He gazed at England...He ignored him and turned... 'Better not ask...' He sighed sadly, walking out.

England locked the door and went to his bed, finding an Italian sleeping already. He smiled and pulled the blanket on the themselves, he placed his messy hair against the pillow and slowly falling asleep.

"Brudar, ve not gonna find him now..." Prussia said as they slowly kept walking around the streets.

"Ve must find Russia-" then he saw it. Belarus dragging Russia away... "Shit!" Germany ran towards Belarus. "Belarus! Vhere is Italy!" He commanded, glaring at the Belorussian. "Oh, i forgot about him. Oh well." "Help..."Russia said. Prussia thought of something... He zoomed over to his house, you could hear banging and different noises from the basement. Then he zoomed back. Holding a Russia Doll.

"Look, Belarus... Big Brother..." She looked, glueing her eyes on the doll. "Now, Big Brother Run, Belarus Catch!" Prussia flinged the Russia doll very and i mean VERY! Far away as she zoomed away, seeing no more of her.

"Thanks.." Germany grabbed Russia's scarf and pulled it towards him, glaring at the Russian. Russia remember what Italy said before so he glared at the German... "Vhere is ITALY!" Russia didn't answer. "OI! He answered you a question!" Prussia shouted, making a fist to threaten Russia. "Don't. Know." Russia looked away, sighing. "You've must know! I need to say sorry to him..." "Why?" "Because this idiot of mine did something bad and said something cruel..." Russia thought of something and grinned. "If i say where he is... What do i get?" "Well.. Uhm... Free Vodka?" "No, i want Italy for a week. Da?" he smiled, his evil eyes staring within the German brothers souls. "If i can get to say I'm sorry... Then... FINE!" "Da! He is with England... Oh Wait-" "ENGLAND!" The German brothers shouted, rushing towards the old house that where England lived.

Russia was following them. They crushed the door down when they arrived, They went upstairs and slammed the door open, it was locked so they broke it. Seeing England and Italy sleeping in the same Bed...



"Phew..." They all wiped their sweat from their foreheads... "They didn't do it..." "Thank god..."

"Ve?" Italy opened his eyes, seeing three people at the door, his eye sight was still blurry so he thought they were someone else.

"BURGLARS" Italy Screamed as he hid under the covers, England's back went up, eyeing the three people who weren't Burglars but they were trespassing...

"Italia..." Germany said, as he walked towards the Italian, this made the Italian have a flash back about what happened between them... then tears start coming from his eyes with shook as he fell backwards, head banging against the floor. "ITALY!" "Owie..." Pain started to pulse through his head... He regain his blurry vision again and saw Germany was now next to him, holding him together.

"Italy... I'm-" "No! Get off me!" "Italy! Please! Listen to me!" "Ve~..." Italy shivered as the German has just shouted at him. "I'm sorry! But i never loved you because of your body! I love you because you are you!" He said, declaring his love for the Italian. Prussia was alright... But England and Russia was starting to feel a bit Jealous... England kept calm of it tho as Russia glared in Germany's back but Germany ignored it.

"Ge-many!" He hugged Germany, wrapping his arms around the big body. "But... Germany..." "Hm?" "I'm glad you said you were sorry but... that thing was only... one time, just please forget about it..." Italy said, his eyes avoiding Germany's

"Vhat?" Italy stood up. "Vhy?" "VHY!" He grabbed Italy's arms and shook him lightly. "I don't love you anymore..." "Vhat?" Italy got quite angry now... This is new for him but he felt anger inside, why didn't Germany understand him... "I said..." "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!" His voice in powered itself as the force flew Germany against the wall. "Vhat the..." Germany coughed, pushing himself out of the cracked wall. "Brudar!" Prussia ran to Germany, pulling Germany's arm over his shoulder, helping him up...

"Vhat the hell is this Italy!?" Prussia started to yell now. "I did the same with Grandpa Rome..." He knelt down, clutching his head within his arms... Sobbing. "I DON'T KNOW! I DON'T KNOW!" He screamed as he repeating the words. "I DON'T KNOW!" He calmed down as he last words... "I'm Sorry..." he fainted, crashing into the ground.

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Chapter 18: Is Love pain or Pleasure.