Arc II to: Bitter

A Kuroshitsuji love story

Chapter One: Darkness

I lied there in a ball sobbing wanting him to remember but it was a dream, what was there to remember if it never existed. Wait... what if it really did happen and this is a cruel sick dream, not a dream a nightmare. This has to be a nightmare those feelings were too real to be a figment of my imagination that I thought up. "Sebastian… is this a dream?" I asked scared to find out the answer and he shook his head disappointedly at me "This is all too real my master." He said sighing heavily and shook his head.

"Bocchan we have nothing to 'us' you just had a weird dream my lord." He said sighing heavily. He looked at me with disbelief in his eyes. He never believed me that we were in love, we looked at each other in different view he saw me as a deranged desperate brat, I saw him as my partner, not my business partner but my life partner. The pain cut me like a knife that had a three tiered blade to it, it cut into my very soul that was breeding darkness to it that at this moment was engulfing my whole being.

Sebastian didn't see my pain as I didn't see his love. I masked my pain under a fake smile that could cover any emotion as long as it had the slightest twinkle to it as my eyes did. I kept my teeth clenched, fore I fear that maybe if they were to part my sanity, and my wellbeing would perish at that very moment. He picked me up and carried me to my quarters yet again, "Sebastian I order you to sleep with me. Please." I said sobbing hopelessly. He sighed and nodded "As you wish my lord." He said as he went to lie in my bed.

He had his back turned to me and then I turned to wrap my arms around his big chest, but he stopped me and said "No need to be clingy Bocchan." He said and pushed my hands away and I sighed and cuddled up as close to him as I could I loved Sebastian and I wanted for him to know it so badly, that it actually hurt. I never wanted anything more than I wanted right now for him to know that my love was honest and true. He didn't believe me he just thought I was dazed and confused or ill. I wasn't I was awake and I was as broken as a shattered dream.

Was this real, or was it just a dream? I hoped secretly that it was just a cruel dream, but the tears tasted too real. They were bitter and sad and cruel, taunting me to remember that this was my reality not what I thought was reality. Why was the pain so intense and how could I feel it if it was just a dream? I had no idea how to comprehend that all I knew was now fake and unrealistic; the child I hated is the one I now loved because it was the last link Sebastian and me. Why did that have to be fake? It was such a pleasant dream to return to cruel reality that it broke my heart to do so. I didn't want to break so easily but I couldn't help myself, I felt myself swallow in a huge abundance of air and just cry, cry out of pain, and cry out of mourn. Mourning my child's no longer existence; Leanne was dead even if she never existed she was dead. What a tragic ending to it, now I guess I'll be alone forever.

But being alone forever by his side is better than being alone for good. I know Elizabeth would always adore me but at this point I don't give a shit about that winch, she stood between my happiness with Sebastian. But for now I had to keep her or else Sebastian would think I was completely insane. The things in my dream had to be repeated, even if I were to die at the end; I just want to feel his arms around my body again that wasn't wrong was it? Of course it wasn't I just need to make sure Sebastian loves me before I murder Elizabeth… I just want to be happy.

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Me: So The second Arc to Bitter.. I wasn't happy with the ending to the last one.

Ciel: *Crying* NEITHER WAS I! *hugs onto Sebastian's leg*

Sebastian: *pushes Ciel away*
Me: Aww Sebastian he just loves you.

Ciel: *cries and holds onto author* MAKE HIM LOVE ME!
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