Arc II to: Bitter

A Kuroshitsuji love story

Chapter Three: Satin

Sebastian started getting dressed as I watched the contours of his body twist and move, his skin shined like a cream satin and wrinkled the same way just the same. His crimson red eyes were staring straight at me as I watched him button his shirt "Is there something you would like Bocchan?" He said then starting to reach for his vest which was tucked over the back of the chair. "No not in particular." I said watching him as glided his fingers over the buttons easily "Would you like to get dressed my lord?" He said smiling softly putting on his coat and I nodded softly and stretched my arms out and yawned loudly "I suppose so Sebastian." I said smiling and felt his big warm arms wrap around me as he slid my arms into the sleeves and buttoned my shirt up.

"What would my Bocchan like for breakfast?" He said with the same expression he had on his face every day, blank. I tugged at his sleeve "Was that just a dream as well Sebastian?" I said sighing with my eyes ready to let the tears fall again and deal with the pains head. "I will be yours at sundown then I will return to your butler when the sun rises in the sky and your butler only during the day." He said sternly looking at me with the serious expression I've become accustomed to. I nodded my head slightly and he continued dressing me into my trousers I smiled up at him then remembered 'he is only my butler' and froze in my place and I quickly gained a frown.

He helped me out of bed and handed me my cane as he then noticed the scratches on my hand "Bocchan did you get harmed?" He said looking at me and I shook my head looking down at the scratched hand "I have night terrors a lot, and I wake up with these on my hands but have no memory of getting them." I said sighing heavily rolling my fingers over the slight bumps. "Have you told Ms. Elizabeth about this my lord?" He asked me a bit worried and I shook my head "It's none of her concern." I said looking up at him with an indifferent expression.

He nodded slightly in agreement and held my cane out for me and I grabbed it and pulled myself up from the bed; today was going to be an extremely long day not being able to lay a hand on my Sebastian other than when needed. I heard the open door shut, and I looked at Sebastian then at the window "We still have an hour before the sun comes up." He said trailing his silky fingers down my neck then sat down to sit me down on his lap. He was so confusing to get me dressed just to undress me? He's not very logical. I thought to myself about that for what seemed like a while but felt myself involuntarily gasp out for air as Sebastian trailed his fingers up my thighs and gripped one of his hands around the muscle that was on my upper thigh and he whispered "My Bocchan is getting excited no?" He said traveling his other hand to my other member. He used the hand that was clenched around my thigh to pull our bodies closer towards each other.

I felt my body mold to his form not putting up a fight as he started to rub his hand against my member squeezing his hand slightly then releasing and repeating this pattern as he folded his hand around the bow of my shorts. He whispered holding me close "I'm the only one that can touch you in this way promise me that." He said as he nuzzled his face into the base of my neck kissing it softly and swirled his tongue against my skin and I felt a moan escape my mouth and I nodded "I promise." I wrapped my arm around his neck and felt Sebastian's hand mold to the contours of the side of my body and rest at the base of my shoulder blade after he had taken my underwear off. He nibbled softly on my neck as he rubbed my member which was now bare and now becoming hot with the friction of Sebastian's hand rubbing up against it. I heard myself groan out of pleasure as I clenched my jaw and leaned my head back on his shoulder.

The constant pattern of him gripping onto my member then releasing had a new movement added he started pressing down against the tip of my member which was painfully throbbing now wanting to stand at full attention but Sebastian kept it folded down in his hand as I groaned even louder in both pain and pleasure. "Oh S-S-Sebasti-an this feels too good." I said shivering slightly as he started picking up the pace still holding my throbbing member in his huge hands. I felt my thighs tremble in excitement as he bit down on my neck and gripped hard on my side, I felt myself burst against his hot hand I felt a smirk appear on his face as he unfolded my throbbing member and slid the other hand to press his thumb into the slit on the head of my member I whimpered in weakness and slumped into his body as I felt myself finish.

This was what made me realize, that today was real not a dream that today is real. I was lying on bed exhausted as he, the true god he was getting changed because I had got some of my cum on his trousers and shirt, he was changing in front of a window with the sun hitting against his satin skin. "Sorry to drain you of your energy before we even get the day started." He said rustling my hair laughing softly and I whispered weakly shaking slightly "It's perfectly fine." I said wrapping my arms around his waist. "As soon as that door opens we're merely just business associates." He said putting a shirt on the both of us. I didn't want that door to open but I knew this was going to have to happen.

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