All Kinds of Love

Written by Dueler312

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Chapter 1

Everything was going well in the Thornhart's place a couple weeks after Patrick came home. He was such a playful little boy, and Starr and Cole just loved spending every minute with him.

Though the one who was really loving spending time with Patrick was Hope. She really wanted to show her little brother a lot of love. Unfortunately though that would have to be cut pretty soon, as Hope was about to start school real soon. She was really excited to start it, but she didn't want to leave her mom alone with Patrick.

And that how she was feeling the day before school. She didn't even feel like playing school with her stuffed animals. She was just sitting on the bed, and that's how Cole found her when he looked in on her.

"Hey, baby girl. What's wrong?" he asked. Hope just shrugged and turned a little bit.

"Hey, you know I can tell that there is something wrong. Now what is it?" Cole asked again.

Hope just sighed and said, "I want to help Mommy with Patrick."

"Yeah, I know that," said Cole.

"But I can't do that if I go to school," Hope pointed out.

"Oh I see where this is going," said Cole. He then wrapped his arm around his daughter and dragged her close to him. Hope accepted being dragged over, but instead hugged her father. Cole then said, "Its going to be okay. Your mom will be able to take care of your little brother while you're at school. And I'm still going to be here for a while till I have to go back to work." Hope still looked a little down, but just nodded. Cole then headed out.

He closed the door on the way out and he went back to the front room, where Starr was feeding Patrick from a bottle. "Everything okay?" she asked

"Hope doesn't want to leave you alone with Patrick. She wants to help you a lot around here," Cole explained.

"Oh, I can understand how she feels there," said Starr. "I mean she felt like two people were trying to tear her family apart, and she wants to make sure that it doesn't happen again." Starr was referring to what happened when Britney broke James out of the mental hospital, and then the two were trying to get Cole and Starr for themselves.

"Well, she needs to know that nothing is going to happen to us," said Cole.

"Tell you what," said Starr. "Why don't you take this little guy and finish feeding him, while I go talk to Hope about this, okay?"

"Well, if she can listen to you, I'll be glad for that," said Cole. He then took little Patrick, in his arms, while Starr headed to her daughter's room.

"Hope, its your mom. Can I come in?" Starr asked, while knocking.

"Is everything okay?" asked Hope, as she opened the door.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," said Starr, as she came in and closed the door. "Your dad told me what wrong, and how you're feeling about it."

"Do you guys tell each other everything?" asked Hope.

Starr laughed a little and said, "Yep. We tell each other everything, unless its something we have to keep ourselves, and this is something that bothering you, and your Dad and I want to help. Now why is the reason you don't want to go to school and help out with me with Patrick?"

Hope remained silent for a little bit, and then said, "I'm just worried that something bad will happen when I'm not here."

"You're worried that someone bad could try and wreck our family?" asked Starr. Hope nodded.

Starr motioned her daughter to come closer, and then explained something to her straight to her face.

"Hope Thornhart, I want you listen to me very clearly, okay. While its true that those two bad people did try to mess with us, they won't be able to anymore. They're locked away for good. And you don't need to worry about me this much. I was actually a tough girl back in my young days, and I'm sure you got that in you too. But remember this, okay. You aren't the only one that's looking after me and Patrick. Your dad, Your Aunt Langston and Uncle Markko, and the rest of our family are also doing that.. Everyone is looking out for each other, which means you can go, without worrying about me and Patrick too much, okay?"

Hope looked a little hesitant, but then said, "Okay," in a defeated tone. Starr hugged her daughter, and then said, "Besides, think of all the good things that you can do once you start school tomorrow."

"Like what?" asked Hope.

"Well, you will meet new people, make new friends, and have new experiences there. Plus you will be learning so much, you won't have to worry that much about me, your dad, or your brother."

"Okay," Hope said, this time with a smile. She then gave a great big hug to her mother.

"Just remember that we will always be here for each other, no matter how far apart we are, okay?" Hope nodded, still hugging Starr.

Little did they knew, Cole was on the other side of the door, overhearing the conversation while still feeding Patrick. He then walked off quietly to the kitchen, and put the bottle down so he could help his son burp.

Later on, during that night, Starr and Cole were getting Hope's backpack all ready so she would be ready for school the next day. They had decided that Cole was going to take her to school, as someone needed to stay with Patrick, and Starr volunteered for that.

"You know, I didn't think this day would come this fast," said Starr.

"Hope going to her very first day of school? I know what you mean." said Cole. "Its like she was just born yesterday."

"And now she's all grown up into a little kid," Starr added. "Pretty soon she won't want to hang around her parents for long." Starr and Cole laughed at that.

"I don't think we have to worry about that for a while," Cole said with a smile. Then he added jokingly, "Although we may have to watch for boys."

Starr just laughed at that, and she threw one of the couch cushions at her husband.

"What's so funny?" asked Hope, who was coming from her room, all ready for bed.

"Your dad is" said Starr, still laughing.

"You both are really silly," said Hope, smiling.

"Oh, we are, huh?" said Cole, looking at Starr. "Would we be silly if we did 'this'? As soon as he said that, Cole grabbed Hope, and put her on his lap and started tickling her.

"Daddy, stop it!" Hope said, while laughing with excitement.

Starr just couldn't help but laugh and smile at the two. It was always fun to see those two get along.

"Well, its time for you to get to bed," Cole said, after he stopped tickling Hope. "You got a big day, and you're going to have to rest up for it."

"Okay, Daddy. I'm heading to bed," said Hope. And she ran straight to her room.

"I'll be in there to tuck you in in a sec, sweetie," said Starr. After Hope went into her room, Starr looked at Cole and said, "I really wish I could take her there her first day"

"I wish you could come, but I don't think Patrick needs to be in that kind of place yet, and someone has got to stay with him. Not to mention you did volunteer to stay," Cole reminded his wife.

"I know," said Starr. She got up and gave her husband a kiss before heading to Hope's room to tuck her in.

Surprisingly though, Hope was already tucked in, and Starr just shook her head. Her little girl was becoming a big girl. She then walked over to her, and said, "You have a good night sleep, and a good first day when you get to school, okay?"

"I will, Mommy," said Hope. Starr bent down to kiss her daughter on her forehead, and turned the light off, and Hope closed her eyes. Starr looked back, and she knew her daughter was going to just fine.

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