All Kinds of Love

Written by Dueler312

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Chapter 18

In no time at all, Lauren had started getting closer to Hope and Nick, and pretty soon, all three of them were playing every day at recess. The other kids were shocked at this turn around, but weren't so sure about it. Hope and Nick though were certain Lauren had made a complete turn around. Even their teacher, Mrs. Ambers could see that Lauren had did a complete 180 with her attitude.

Lauren also had managed to get close to her father. She was still a little careful though, with the way her mother was, but Andrew knew that it had to take time.

Starr and Cole even were offering to help Lauren a bit, and she even let them, but she also apologized to them about how she treated Hope the first few times. Starr and Cole said that its okay, as Hope did forgive her.

Pretty soon, though the rest of the school year had passed. Hope, Lauren, and Nick weren't really wanting it to end. But they knew they had to. They were getting ready to start the last day, as they were getting into their seats.

"Okay, I just want to say this. I know that some of us have had a real good year, while others have had a real tough one," Mrs. Ambers said, looking real quickly at Hope, Nick, and Lauren. "But god or bad, I do hope that all of you take what you have learned, whether its from me, someone else, or something that you had learned by yourself, and use it as you move up to the first grade. I will also say that it has been my honor to teach you kids, and I do hope you continue to grow into awesome people.

Nick, Hope, and Lauren looked at each other and smiled. They knew that they were going to be great people with what they went through, but they got brought back to the present when their teacher started to speak again.

"Now, I do have one last assignment for you guys. I am going to let you know that this assignment will not be graded at all. This is something that I want you to create, in order to help remember the times that you had here this year. I want you to draw the best thing that has happened to you this year. Now you will have all the time you have . You can even group with anyone and talk about it. I do want all of you to do one each though. Everyone understand?" The whole class either nodded or said yes. "Good," said Mrs. Ambers. "Go ahead and begin."

No sooner then Mrs. Ambers finished that Lauren had started to walk her way to Nick and Hope. Those three knew what the best thing that happened to them. All they had to was discuss how they wanted to do it.

Starr and Cole were getting things ready for a BBQ party they were having, just to celebrate the kids from graduating from kindergarten, Dorian offered to have it at her place, but Starr and Cole refused on this. This was one thing that they wanted to have at their place. Andrew was there as well, helping as well, as Lauren and Nick were going to be there as well.

Starr was starting on cutting things up for a salad when Cole sneaked up on her. Starr was used to do this, but it always made her feel happy when he did that, wrapping his arms around her. "You might want to be careful, since I got a knife in my hands," she joked a little.

"Oh I know you wouldn't do that," said Cole, smiling. Starr turned around and kissed him but briefly. Because she had to get the ingredients cut and mixed.

"I can't believe that she's already finishing up Kindergarten," said Starr, referring to their daughter. "Its just like yesterday she was a little one, even though we missed out the first seven months of her life."

"Yeah, but at least we know we have the rest of our lives to be with her, at least until till she grows up and moves," said Cole. "And I don't even want to think about that right now." Starr just smiled.

"Well, why don't we just think about how we got a great young daughter, who has two amazing friends, and a personality that is beyond amazing," said Starr.

"Well she is, since she's is our girl," said Cole. They both kissed again, and kept at it until a familiar voice.

"You know, you guys aren't going to get anything done if you being their all lovey-dovey." It was Langston, with Markko by her side. . Langston was at least eight months pregnant, and was definitely showing.

"Hey, I didn't expect you guys to be here," said Starr.

"Hey, you know that we would want to be here," said Markko.

"Well I'm glad you guys are here," said Starr. Cole agreed as well. They all hugged as tight as they could, while making sure not to harm Langston's unborn child.

Pretty soon the day had gone by during the school day until it was the last hour in the school year. Hope, Nick, and Lauren were finishing up their assignment. They had just finished the final touches and ready to present it.

"Okay, everyone. I need you to stop, please," Mrs. Ambers called out. "We need to start putting away things, since you know you won't be coming to this classroom again. And we to make sure you don't lose anything."

Once that was done, everyone took turns in showing what was the best thing that happened to them this year. Hope, Nick, and Lauren were the last ones that presented what the best thing that happened to them, once the kids that were finished sat down, Mrs. Ambers called them up.

"We actually all share one best thing, something that has happened to us this school year," Nick started.

"And hopefully, the rest of our lives as well," said Lauren, smiling.

"The best thing that happened to us," Hope started to said, and then with a quick look at Nick and Lauren, "was when we all met each other." All three of them each showed them a piece of paper that they were holding, and all three papers showed a picture of them, hanging out with each other. Mrs. Ambers couldn't help but smile. Hope then continued.

"Me and Nick first started as friends first, and continued to be throughout the school year. Lauren started with someone else, but then a huge bunch of things happened, and that managed to help us become best friends, and have been since this day."

"And these events also led me to finding my twin sister," said Nick, "and I love her a lot and I don't want anything to happen to her." Lauren smiled and finished up the presentation.

"I will admit that I was being a bad girl during the first few months of this year," said Lauren. "But I actually learned something as well when I became friends with my brother Nick and Hope. Its that friends are always there when you need them, and I'm glad have these two here." She looked at her two friends when she finished. Just then everyone clapped as they took their seats. Mrs. Ambers then called attention.

"I will just like to say to you three that that even though all of you did great work, Nick's, Hope's, and Lauren's was one of the best I have heard. You three should be proud of yourselves.

"Now, it is time for to pack up everyone. I do hope you have a great summer, and that you come back and have a good time, when you enter into first grade. Lets get ready."

Everyone started to get their things together. Though they were a little excited for the summer, they were wishing that they could stay.

Just as they were finishing up, Andrew came up.

"Dad!" Lauren and Nick cried out. They ran to him and gave him a big hug.

"I take it you three are ready to go?" asked Andrew.

"Where's my Mommy and Daddy?" asked Hope.

"Well, I do have to take you somewhere besides your home, Hope, and that's where we are going first. Its the hospital," Andrew explained.

"Is something wrong with Mommy or Daddy?" asked Hope. Lauren and Nick looked nervous.

"No, its actually your Aunt Langston. She went into labor early at your place, and they are at the hospital right now, with Langston giving birth right now."

"Yay!" said Hope. "Let's go!" Nick and Lauren were wanting to go as well and see the baby as well, so they all headed out of there, with saying goodbye to Mrs. Ambers first.

When they arrived to the hospital, they headed up the maternity ward, and went into the waiting room. Starr and Cole were in two seats right in the middle, and they looked up when they heard the door opened.

"Mommy, where's Aunt Langston's baby?" asked Hope.

"We don't know yet, sweetie," said Starr. "We're just waiting for your Uncle Markko to come back to tell us the news."

"I can't wait to meet him, or her." Hope said, adding that bit real quickly.

"We can't wait either," said Andrew. Lauren and Nick were right beside him.

"Where's Patrick?" asked Hope.

"You're cousin, Jessica is keeping an eye on him while we are here, okay. Thought it would be better, so that way he wouldn't disturb people here waiting," said Cole.

"How could Patrick disrupt other people?" asked Lauren.

"Because there are other people waiting in silence until they hear what's happening with their other loved ones," said Andrew. "And we don't want to disturb them.

"Okay," said Lauren. They then all sat down and waited for news. They didn't have to wait long though, as Markko came in, dressed in scrubs, and massaging his right hand.

"Well?" asked Cole. Hope, Lauren, and Nick looked with extreme curiosity. Markko then gave a good smile.

"She's here." he said.

"Its a girl?" asked Starr.

"Yep," said Markko. "We decided to name her Laura Maria Rivera."

"She has my first name?" asked Lauren. Everyone chuckled.

"Almost," said Starr. "Its just that her first name has the same first four letters as your does, except that it ends with an 'A' while yours ends with the letters 'en'."

"Ahh," said Lauren.

"Can we see her?" asked Hope.

"Well they got to get the baby cleaned up first and make sure its okay, and then I'll let you know, okay," said Markko, and Hope nodded to let him know she understood.

"Tell you what you two, why don't we let Hope's family see the little one first, and then we can come back another time and see the new addition, okay?" Andrew suggested.

Nick really wanted to stay, but they knew their father had a point, so they said good-bye to Hope and her family, and they headed out.

Later on, Markko was leading them to the hospital room where Langston was at. When they entered, Langston was holding her little girl in her arms and nursing her.

"Langston, she's beautiful," said Starr. She, Cole, and Hope went to one side of the bed, while Markko went to the other side.

"I know," said Langston. "I can't wait to show her to the rest of the family."

"Speaking of which, where is the rest of the family?" asked Starr, noticing the absence of Dorian, and Markko's parents.

"Dorian will be here soon," said Langston. "Along with Markko's parents. They just couldn't get out of work."

"I can understand that one," said Cole.

"She looks pretty," said Hope.

"Yeah, she does, Hope," said Langston. "I know you will be wanting to help take care of her, right?"

"When I can," said Hope.

The four adults just smiled. It seemed like everything just became all perfect again, with this moment, and a lot of love was flowing all around.

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