Welcome to the wonder world of Roller Derby.

I have no experience or knowledge of the sport outside of what I found on Google…so forgive me.

If any of you do happen to have some insider info…please let me know. I would like to have this be as realistic as possible.

Melanie is in for the ride once again…I love her so flocking much.

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"Come and get me you fucking twat waffle. I will pull that weave right out of your head! Try and take me down...we'll see who gets taken down!" She screamed as the ref carried her off the rink. Fucking bleach blonde skank with her fake tattoos, she thought as she kicked and screamed.

"Swan…what have I told you about taking the other girls down from behind? You do that once more and you're going home." The Zebra scolded her as he tossed her down in the box. "One minute."


She yanked the panty off her helmet and tossed it over the box to Jess, aka Amelia MedicateHer and watched as she tugged it over her own helmet. Now she was going to miss the next jam all because that girl from the Roller Dolls couldn't stay on her fucking skates.


The Rat City Rollergirls were a roller derby team in Seattle. All girls…all hardcore. Fresh meat had to earn their names and their place on the rink…and it was hard to get a place. Bell Swan had fought tooth and nail to get a spot on the team and to have her name bestowed on her.

Bell on Wheels.

She loved being part of such a close knit group. She knew her girls would always have her back on the rink. The problem was, she didn't have anyone to rely on in real life, which was why she fought so hard when she played.

She looked up to watch as the Jammer for the Roller Dolls busted through the Rat's blockers and nabbed four points.

"Fuck!" She screamed as she glanced up at the board and realized there was no way they would be able to get those points back before the end of the bout. She grabbed her helmet off the bench next to her and whipped it at the floor. It hit the rubber mat under her chair and headed back at her, catching her right in the temple.

She hit the ground with a thump and was out cold.


Edward was watching the absolute joy on his sister's face instead of the action down below. She had begged and pleaded for him to take her to the bout between the Rat City Rollergirls and the Denver Roller Dolls and he finally relented after his twin sister agreed to come as well.

Alice was born when he and his twin were eleven, and right away it was obvious something was wrong. Although she would never be 'normal' her brother and sister never treated her any different. She would forever have the mind of an eight year old, but that just made them love her even more.

"Rose! Look Rose, that girl is getting a time out." Alice squealed as they watched the referee escort one of the Rat City players into the penalty box. Edward looked over with distain as the girl cursed and screamed while he reprimanded her for some fault on the rink. She yanked her helmet off, throwing something to one of the other scantily clad players before she sat down hard on the chair. He had no idea why the barbaric and unfeminine sport interested his sister so, but he would do anything to see her smile the way she was.

A whistle blew but his eyes were still glued on the player in the box. Free from the helmet, her dark hair caressed her face as she raged. Her paler than pale skin was flushed pink with her anger and exertion as she waved her arms at the players on the rink. She was in a red and blue tank top with tiny silver shorts covering her voluptuous rear end. Her long legs were encased in red thigh high fishnet stockings and it looked like they were held up by a garter belt that disappeared beneath the shorts. She had the requisite knee, elbow and wrist guards on and her helmet sat beside her on the bench. Her skin was covered with colorful tattoos. Both her bare arms had designs over them and they trailed across her chest and between her breasts as well. A flash of silver at her lip caught his eye and he realized she had her lip pierced. Looking at this girl, Edward Cullen felt his pants get tight and that confused the hell out of him.

He was a genius; there was no other way to say it. He got a perfect score on his SATs all three times he took them and his MCAT scores were near perfect as well. When he finished med school he had his pick of hospitals and residency programs. But all he wanted was to be close to home, so Forks General it was. His father couldn't have been happier to have him at work with him every day, although Edward wasn't really in the same league as the illustrious Dr. Carlisle Cullen, plastic surgeon. Edward knew that his shy nature and awkward social skills left him only one choice. So Edward Cullen became a Medical Examiner. He spent his day with dead people and couldn't have been happier about it.

His time in undergrad and all through medical school was torture. While his classmates had been out getting drunk and having sex, he had been in the cadaver lab. Which could be why, at the ripe old age of 26, Edward was still a virgin. He knew so much about human anatomy and had seen so many nude (although deceased) women; it took a lot to catch his eye. But somehow this girl had his attention, and apparently the attention of his cock as well.

She suddenly stood up screaming and reached for her helmet, throwing it in anger. His eyes widened when he saw the hard plastic safety equipment hit the ground and careen right for her head. He was on his feet before her body hit the ground.

Uh oh…

What happens next?

See you Wednesday to find out!