It has been 3 days since Lulu moved her finger. Even though Patrick couldn't believe it, he knew it was true, and he told Dante that same thing: Lulu is getting better.

Lulu's POV

I knew it. I knew I could do it. So did Dante. I feel different...good different. Like I'm ready to wake up. Well, I want to wake up. I want to open my eyes and tell Dante I love him. But I'm scared. The last time I tried waking up, I flatlined, and almost died. I don't wanna do that again. But I have to because as Dante always told me, I can't let fear run my life.

End Lulu's POV

As Dante sat there, he said for probably the billionth time, "Cmon baby, you can do it. Fight. Come back to me. You're a Falconeri now. And Falconeri's are not quitters!"

And just then, it happened, after 15 and a half months it happened. Everything Dante had been waiting for, praying for, hoping for, wishing for, it happened. Lesley Lu Spencer Falconeri opened her eyes, and smiled that big beautiful smile that could make any man's heart melt at him.

Immediately, the tears start falling from his eyes. He grabs her hands, they kiss, they cry, they hug. They smile. Dante watches as Lulu struggles to speak, it had been over a year since she has. She finally gets the words out, " you. Thank you for...never letting go and...standing by me, I'm alive...because you refused to shut off the machines, refused to let me die. You're my...everything."

Dante continues crying, "Lulu you're the love of my life. I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't one point where I thought that you may never come back to me. But I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind. I knew our love could overcome everything, and when they told me it was time to shut off the life support...I was furious. I wanted to hurt them. I couldn't believe they would even suggest letting you go. I convinced the doctors to give you another year. They told me that they thought I should just let go, that it would be easier now then later, but they would do it for me. Everyone told me to leave your side, that I was just getting my hopes up and that they'd come crashing down. They were wrong. I knew it. I know you and I know your heart. I knew that you'd never leave me without a fight. I love you so much, it's so good to be able to hear your voice and see your smile again. I can never lose you. I'm nothing without you by my side."

Just then, Patrick walks in and as he runs some tests he says, "Lulu, you are a miracle. You're amazing. I've never had a patient this extraordinary. You are an inspiration." Dante and Lulu just look into eachother's eyes. Then, Patrick says, "It appears that you're going to make a full recovery. Congratulations Lulu, and thank you for proving me wrong, Dante." Patrick walks out with a friendly wave and a smile.

Lulu and Dante look into eachother's eyes, and they both mentally decide, right then and there, that they will never stop looking at eachother ever again

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