Chapter 1 : READ

Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact. — Robert McKee

To learn to read is to light a fire : every syllabe that is spelled out is a spark - Victor Hugo

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« Yes ? »

« Can I come in ? »

« Morgiana ! Of course ! I believed you were training today ? »

« We just finished. Masrur has things to do. So I came to see you. Aladin is sleeping ? » She sat near Alibaba.

« Yeah. Snap time ! He often do it after training … Seems that using magic is really tiring ... maybe we push him too much. He's still a kid after all … »

« But he seems fine and childen often take a nap. So maybe you shouldn't worry so much ... »

« … You're right ! Thanks Morgiana »

« No you don't need to than... »

« Anyway, I have nothing to do either. So maybe we could read this ? » He showed her the book he found in the library few time ago « I just began ! Do you like this story ? »

His smile disapeared looking at Morgiane's usual upset face

« What's wrong ? »

« … »

« What's wrong ? »

« Nothing. »

« Morgiana, you're lying I can see it with your face.»

« ... »

« Seriously, I don't know what I did or said but I apologize. So PLEASE tell me what's wrong ! »

« I came to see you and you want to do the only thing … It's not really your fault after all. » Now she seemed more sad than upset and that made him worry for his friend.

« Really ? So what is the problem ?»

« It's … embarassing »

« You can rely on me ! I swear I won't laugh at you. » Said Alibaba with a reassuring smile

«It's just that sometimes I … »

« Yes ? »

« Well, you … and sometimes Aladin too, you are often reading or speaking about something you read. Each time you are so exited ! You obviously like it very much. But read this book with you, I can't do that. Slaves don't learn to read. There is also a lot of things I don't know … So sometimes, I feel lonely and also ignorant. » She hadn't look at him while speaking.

« … I … Crap ! I'm such an idiot ! I'm so sorry Morgianna I … I wasn't thinking ! I … sorry »

« It 's not your fault » She was still avoiding his gaze.

The young man was ashamed and, looking at Morgiana, he suddenly realized something « Haha ! … You can't read ? It's only that ! No big deal ! »

« What ! You said you would't laugh at me ! »

« Yes, sorry. » Answered Alibaba, puting up both hands « But don't misunderstand : I wasn't laughing because you can't read but because you are ashamed of it. It's a shame but you know, even among plebeians, there is few persons who can read. So you don't have to feel that way. » He raised his finger « Moreover, there's a good side about ignorance ! »

« Really ? » Morgiana had a sceptical expression.

« If there is a lot of things you can't do or don't know, that means that you've got a lot of things to learn, right ? And if you want, I can teach you to read »

« Really ? »

He looked at her bright smile « Of course ! »

« But ... It will take time. Are you sure that doesn't bother you ? »

« Not at all. It could be very nice indeed »

« Thank you ! When do we begin ? »

/ later in the day /

Aladin awoken alone in the room and decided to look for his friends. He found them outside in one of the palaces' terrace, deep in conversation.

« Looks like you're having fun ! »

« Oh ! You wake up ! Do you feel better ? »

« Yep ! What are you doing ? »

« Alibaba teach me to read »

« Sounds great »

The young girl smiled « Yes »

« Morgiane learns soooo fast ! She's impressive ! » Said Alibaba, proudly « She's already able to decipher a short text ! »

« … Hardly, and only with your help and this paper. » She showed the paper where he wrote the alphabet.

« You just started to read. Of course it's still difficult ! It's like everything you need to practice, to train (you like training right ?) and soon you'll read alone easily »

« Maybe » She wasn't in a hurry, thought « What is this world ?»


Hope you enjoyed !:)

I'm totally fond of Morgiana and Alibaba, they are awesome (and SO cute together) ! I hope I respected the characters personnalities …

Feel happy I've been able to write this little storry. It was hard because I imagined it with pictures like in a manga and I wanted to do something quite simple, realistic and cute but no muchy or too childish and with as less description as possible. It's an interesting challenge. You only understand how hard it is to write something when you do it yourself, especially in a foreign language (I'm french).

Your opinion and advices are welcome ! ^^