Hi! This first chapter is like an introduction of sorts. The rest of the chapters will be longer.

Melanie hooked me up even though her head was killing her. Damn migraines.

Some info at the end…

My name is Edward Cullen…

And I'm a fatty.

I haven't always been fat.

There was a time when I was just pleasantly plump.


But those days are long gone.

And calling me a fatty would actually be a nice change from some of the other names I've been called.

But today I am making a change.

I don't want to be fat anymore.

I'm done living my life hidden from the rest of the world.

"Inner Swan Personal Training, this is Bella. How can I help you?" A sweet voice asks as she answers the phone.

"I need to set up an appointment." I say, having to clear my throat before I speak.

Talking to people makes me nervous.

Shit, everything makes me nervous.

"Sure…I have an opening available tomorrow at eight. Would that work for you Mr…" She hedges for my name.

"Cullen. My name is Edward Cullen and that works fine." I say, desperate to get off the phone.

"Do you know where we're located?" She asks and I can hear the clicking of keys in the background.

Sounds like a Dell laptop.

I'm such a tech nerd.

"Yep…I'm all good."

"I'll see you tomorrow then." She says, her smile evident in her voice.

"Bye." I rasp and I can feel the panic attack coming on.

I hate talking to people.

I hate interacting with people.

I really just hate people…


But I hate not being able to see my cock even more.

So tomorrow starts my new life…

And I'm fucking petrified.


So yes…Fat Edward…Fattyward…I know. Rocking the boat. Don't I always do that anymore?

See you on Saturday for another chapter.