Hi Everybody! Here's another RP-based Yamachi fanfic.

My partner for this RP is Sigyn. Her character was originally named Amaru. But I initially thought of this plot as a Matt x Tai story and she's done a pretty good job at creating a strong-willed uke character (which is what I picture Tai as). So I'm posting this as a MattxTai fic

I have told her that I'm posting this – hopefully she doesn't mind. If she lets me know that she's not happy about me posting it, I will take it down.

Sigyn posted as "Tai" (Amaru); I (flame_retardant) posted as "Matt" (Shuldich). The date and time you see every couple of paragraphs reflects when we were posting on the RP.

SUMMARY: 31yr old King Tai's tribe (in Egypt) is under devastating yearly attacks by Vikings from Iceland. The Vikings steal their women, their food, their cattle. Tai goes to Iceland to see the Icelandic King. Unfortunately, he learns the Icelandic king will not see him. Instead, he must deal with 19yr old Crown Prince Matt.

From the moment he sees Tai, Matt wants nothing more than to take him to bed. So he offers Tai a choice: 3 weeks in Matt's harem as his concubine and Iceland will not attack Tai's tribe for 1 year. Having no other choice, Tai agrees. He certainly doesn't expect to end up pregnant from those 3 weeks...

September 23, 2011, 01:15:52 AM

"Mmm... harder your highness...," the woman on top of him moaned as he thrust up harder into her.

Matt was not having the best of times. Maya was one of his favorite concubines - but lately, he had found himself bored. At 16 years old, her youth was just beginning to bloom. Her pale gold hair cascaded down him back - he was suckling one nipple into his mouth as she grinded down against him. This was all so... mundane...

He heard the knock at the door but didn't bother stopping or answering. The door hesitantly opened and then a flurry of apologies followed.

"Forgive me, your highness!" The brown-haired man apologized, his eyes cast on the floor. "I didn't know!"

"Get on with it, William," Matt drawled. Right now, he didn't have the patience to deal with sniveling apologies. Maya completely ignored their interruption and continued bouncing on top him, her moans becoming a little breathier as he thrust a little harder up into her.

"Urmm... well.. yes... sire...," William fumbled for his words, looking anywhere but at Matt and his concubine. He fixed his gaze on a particularly interesting spot on the floor. "The King of the biggest tribe in Egypt wishes an audience with the King," he mumbled, just loudly enough to be heard.

"Yes well... I'm not the king, am I?" Matt replied, feeling rather irritated. "Why don't you go and find my father?"

"Ahh... well... sire...," William stumbled over his words again. "You see - you are the Crown Prince of Iceland and as you may recall, your father has charged you with all responsibilities of North Africa. And Egypt is in North Africa after all...,"

"I know where Egypt is," Matt ground out again. This was certainly not going well. The midday fuck was boring - and now it was about to be interrupted by some insufferable little tribal king. Still, he knew his duties and he always fulfilled them well. "Show him in," he ordered, waving William away.

Largest tribe in Egypt ... He thought he knew the place... His army had raided the tribe not very long ago. A particularly good place to pick up human chattel, if he recalled correctly. Good production of dates as well.

Well... whatever it was, he saw no reason to interrupt his afternoon fuck. So he was still buried deep inside Maya when the door opened again. The Egyptian King walked through into the throne room.

September 23, 2011, 02:14:23 AM

Tai adjusted the collar of the cloak he was wearing as he stood outside of the throne room. God dammit, why was it so fucking cold in Iceland? He was told this god forsaken place had descent weather. That was what his advisers had told him before he had left his home, but then again they never had been out of Egypt before. Now here he was freezing his ass off, but he could never show it on his face. No he was a bit too stubborn for something like that.

Looking toward the door he raised his brow hearing the moans coming from inside of it without having...what was his name? Oh yes he said his name was William. Anyway he and his guards could have heard them before they even set foot in this damn place. He couldn't help but wonder however, what kind of king had sex in his own throne room? Really was the king so barbaric? Oh yes he forgot he was dealing with a barbarian, the same barbarian that had raided his tribe not too long ago.

That was why he was there, this had to be put to a stop or there was going to be hell to pay.''

After some time he was allowed into the throne room and frowned when the moans became louder and he saw the king fucking some woman in his lap. Waving his guards in he stepped inside just to stop a few feet in the room. That wasn't a king, it was a young man from what he could see. 'I must deal with this brat?' he thought to himself and glared over at his guards warning them to keep their composer during this meeting or he was leaving them in the snow to die.

"Surely this is some kind of joke." he said walking until he was in the middle of the room and then looked over to William. "I demanded to see your king, not your lowly prince." he said firmly glaring at the man darkly as he motioned to the couple on the throne. "This is inexpiable!"

September 23, 2011, 01:16:59 PM

((awake now))

Largest tribe in Egypt... This would be King Aruma. He'd never seen the man in person but Matt made it a point to know as much as he could about his enemies. Even minor ones.

The first thing Matt noticed about the tribal King was his beauty. At about 5'9, he wasn't a large man, atleast not by Icelandic standards. And his frame was rather lithe for a warrior king - he looked built more for agility rather than brute strength. But there was an inherent fire burning under his swarthy face; even with the distance between them, Matt could the angry glow in those big brown eyes.

The second thing Matt noticed was how demanding he was. Strange... he doesn't seem to realize he's only a tribal king standing in front of the army greatest general in the world. Often enough, Matt could be accused of having an inflated opinion about himself - but in this case, there wasn't much exaggeration. The Crown Prince was a brilliant war tactician with a vast army at his disposal.

Matt chose to be intrigued rather than irritated.

"I do apologize," he said, shoving Maya off himself and deftly straightening up his own pants in one fluid motion. He ignored her 'oomph' of protest as he kept his icy blue eyes locked on the tribal King. "However, the King, my father, is unavailable at the moment. I am Crown Prince Matt. Pray tell - what brings you here, King Aruma?" He asked, sitting up straight-backed against the throne.

September 23, 2011, 01:48:28 PM

Tai was more than a little surprised when the young prince apologized for his actions and shoved the woman off his lap. Looking at her he couldn't help but grin slightly. Serves her right for acting like such a...oh wait she was a whore never mind then.

Turning his attention back to the Crown prince he frowned. He really didn't want to entertain the prince of all people. "What brings me here? Surely you're not that stupid?" he snapped glaring at Matt.

"Your army has raided my tribe of its people and food. Not only that they are still seen around my borders. I demand that you have them withdrawn at once and return my people, for which you've kidnapped!" he said taking a few steps closer to the other male, but stopped to hold his ground.

There were rumors going around with his generals that some country had such a great general that if he wanted he could take over the world, but really he didn't believe in such things. After all no one could be that great.

Putting a hand on his hip he stared at the young man in the eye. Tai knew that he had to try and get these people out of his country, they were caught by surprise by the sudden attack that most of his people were taken, along with food and cattle. He had to get through to this man, even if he was dealing with the dammed prince of all people.

September 23, 2011, 02:16:32 PM

Matt had to smirk. Demand? This man ruled over some mud-hut dwelling savages and here was standing in front of Matt making outrageous demands. He kept his face calm and pleasant, although inwardly he was chortling in laughter.

"Yes," he nodded sagely. "I understand why that may be a problem for you, King Tai." His voice was sympathetic and understanding. "However, as I'm sure you're aware - you don't have the military presence required to pose any kind of threat to me. And I happen to have a particular fondness of your date-trees." He reached over a picked one date off a platter sitting on a table next to the throne. "Delicious fruits, really. You may have some if you like," he said, extending the plate towards Tai.

"As for your people - I must say they make excellent slave stock. Though... they are rather small," he looked pointedly at the King. "Not great for raising buildings. They do just fine as field-hands. And I've enjoyed quite a few of your women in my harems but if you are a specimen, perhaps I should consider broadening my tastes to your men as well." He smirked lasciviously at the King, taking note of Tai's slender waist and curved hips.

September 23, 2011, 02:35:21 PM

Tai walked up to the prince and slapped the platter of dates out of his hand not paying attention to when it fell to the floor making a loud noise. This young man was playing with him and that was something you didn't stand for.

"That's just it you stupid boy, we do not pose a threat to you so there's no reason to attack as like this and if you have a fondness for our dates then either buy your own date tree or trade for them dammit." he all but growled at the prince. Screw being nice to this barbarian child, he still didn't have a right to do this to his people.

Tai's eye twitched when he was called...small, no one called him that and got away with it. His anger only grew when the other talked about him like he was something to play with. Raising his hand he backhanded Matt across his face, his rings actually breaking open the males lip.

"How dare you speak to me as if I'm some common whore like the one you were fucking when I got here." He said motioning toward the woman that was still on the floor. He grabbed the prince by his collar and lifted him up so they were face to face. "I'm tired of speaking with a disgusting barbarian spawn like you, now call for your father. I will be taking this up with him."

September 23, 2011, 03:04:57 PM

Matt wasn't particularly surprised when the man slapped the plate of dates away from his hand. "Vikings don't trade when we can just as easily pillage. You have no defenses against us - why would we bother to waste resources on you when we can just as easily take what we want?"

However, his patience was definitely reaching its limits when Tai cut open his bottom lip - the blood streaked down his chin and began to pool at his collar bone. Matt's eyes started blazing in cold fury when Tai grabbed his collar and pulled him up roughly to standing height.

Matt straightened slowly to his full 6'2. His eyes darkened now from their pale sky blue into a deeper ocean blue - his anger radiating off him in palpable waves. Without saying a word, he brought one big hand up to grab Tai's smaller one from his collar before twisting that offending arm around the darker man's back. He cruelly ground the bones in those delicate wrists together as another smirk played on his lips.

"My father does not deal with insignificant heathens such as yourself. Your position doesn't even warrant an audience with me, dear King." He loosened his grip a little on that wrist, letting the circulation flow back into Tai's hand and took a long few moments to study the King.

Wide chocolate eyes. Heavy dark eyebrows, small nose, delicate bone structure and full pouty lips. There was no denying it - up close, Tai was just lovely. "However... your beauty intrigues me and I'm not an unreasonable man. I will withhold my attacks on your kingdom for one year. In exchange you will be my concubine for three weeks."

William gasped. "But sire! Your father will not be pleased!"

Matt ignored him, focused on Tai's chocolate eyes.

September 23, 2011, 03:33:52 PM

To say that Tai wasn't shocked when the young prince's actions would be a understatement. He only out a grunt as he was twisted around to face his guards and kept the glare on his face. He would NOT show weakness in front of his brat. For a moment he did cast a glare to his guards, a silent order for them not to move an inch. Losing more men to these barbarians wasn't his plan and he couldn't, his tribe couldn't afford losing men just because he was being stubborn and hot headed.

"You're the heathen here, not me."

Hearing the others offer his eyes widened in shock. What was the other playing at? A whole year that this barbarian wouldn't attack and the only thing he would have to do was be his concubine? Tai knew that the following year the other would just attack and then what?

However, during that time it could be enough for them to defend their home and he could ask for help from the Pharaoh himself.

He didn't like the idea of being a concubine at all, but he needed the time and it was for his people. There was no choice, but to agree...dammit.

"You're a sick bastard, I hope you die a slow painful death." he snapped up at the other. Looking away he growled. "However...for my people...I'll...agree...with your terms." he said not looking at the other and remain looking at the floor feeling sick with himself hearing his guards gasp at what he just did.

September 23, 2011, 03:56:42 PM

Matt was surprised - he had expected more of a fight from Tai. But the king had quite easily agreed to warm his bed for the next three weeks.

Smirking in delight, he wrapped an arm low around those full hips letting his hands ghost over the darker man's round buttocks. "A wise choice, my King," he said approvingly, lowering his head to brush one sweet, rather innocent kiss against soft lips to seal the deal. He pulled Tai even closer, feeling the curves and lines of that lithe body against his own. The man's clothing was cold to touch but Matt could feel the heat of his warm body permeating through. Intoxicating.

"I'm sure you and I will become well acquainted over the next three weeks," he said, leaning down to take a whiff of rich dark hair. It was a lovely aroma - slightly musky but still fresh. All together unexpected that the man should smell so good after the long journey from his kingdom to Iceland. Or maybe Matt just liked his natural scent.

He would've liked to do more - explore that soft mouth more thoroughly. But it would have to wait. He had business to attend to this afternoon and Tai would have to decide what to do with his own soldiers for the next three weeks.

"I give you this afternoon, my King - to make preparations for the next three weeks. Your soldiers are welcome to stay in our army barracks if they choose to remain in Iceland with you. If they return home, I will personally see to your safe delivery back to your own lands after the three weeks." He explained and then regretfully released the King.

"After you see to your soldiers, my attendants will help you ready yourself for me. I will come to you tonight," he finished, then waved the King off. He couldn't wait for evening to arrive.

September 23, 2011, 04:18:13 PM

Tai's body tensed when that...that sick man touched his body. He was better than this, he couldn't believe he was letting this lowlife touch him like this. The king just glared at the other when he was kissed, not even bothering to kiss the other male back. Just because he was going to give this sickco his body for the next three weeks didn't mean that he was going to enjoy it one fucking bit!

"I doubt that I'll ever want to be acquainted with you at all during this...imprisonment."

Once he was released he took a few steps back from the man wanting to get away from him right now. With a growl Tai turned on his heel just to storm out of the throne room with his guards following him quickly.

Back out in the frozen the king let out a loud scream of rage before he paced around cursing at that fucking shit faced, fucker prince. How dare he just wave him off like he was some commoner! After a few minutes of this he stopped forcing himself him to take a few long, deep, calming breaths so that he could think a bit more clearly.

Okay, his sister was safe and now for the next year his people would be safe. That was more than enough time to set up defenses and get more solders to fight. Everything. Would. Be. Fine. He just had to deal with this spoiled prince for three weeks and then it was back home.

Turning to his guards he quickly held up a hand for them to be quiet as they opened their mouths one they saw he was paying attention to them. "You will return home and start building our defenses..." he said glaring at them as they opened their mouths to protest. "...have word sent to the Pharaoh about what is happening and whatever happens to me you are to Defend. The. Tribe." he said firmly looking between them.

"Protect my sister as well." he added running a hand through his hair. "Now go, I will return in three weeks." he said waving them off.

The guards clearly didn't like leaving their king behind in his place, but they had to follow his orders no matter what. Bowing their heads they got on their horses and headed to the docks.

Sighing Tai didn't bother watching them leave and walked back into the cold palace where at once he was taken by the attendants to be cleaned and shown to his room.