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Warning: Self-harm

Her Savior

Slowly she let the knife blade slide over her thin wrist. She didn't feel any pain, she was numb with sorrow. She just couldn't do it anymore, feeling the pain that every day was tearing her apart. Feeling like her heart was being ripped out whenever she saw her in the hallway.

The blood slowly started to poor out of, even if the wound was so tiny it was dripping down on the cold wooden floor. Mixing with the tears that were streaming down her cheeks.

Why did this have to happen, why couldn't they be anymore.

Because she was a woman, because of work policies, because she didn't feel comfortable with it all, because she was so much older than her.

The petite blonde let the knife rip over her wrist once more, increasing the bleeding. She didn't care about her reasoning. She didn't care about what others felt, she didn't care about the age difference. All she cared about was her. She loved her with all her might, more than she had loved everyone before.

"Talia…" she whimpered.

All she wanted was to be with her, to be held by her, loved by her in every way, like she had been the past six months. After her break with Eric it had all made perfect sense, it felt so right. That however didn't help much when her better half didn't feel the same way.

Whimpering she curled up on the floor, watching her blood escape her. Watching the red blood pool on the wooden floor getting bigger.

"Talia," she whispered again, starting to feel even number than before.

Just then when she felt all was lost, when she was ready to join her grandmother, she heard her front door open and a familiar clicketi clack near the living room where she was.

"So it's here you're hiding, Calleigh, what in the world," Natalia's voice got turned into shock along with her face. She quickly ran to the kitchen and back before pressing a towel on her wound.

"I can't go on without you," Calleigh whispered meeting her hazel eyes.

"You have no idea how long I've looked for you when you didn't come in. I thought you spend the evening on a crime scene. Only you were nowhere to be found and you didn't picked up. I was scared something bad happened to you and it turned out I was right," said Natalia with a sigh.

"Why do you care, you ended it remember," Calleigh pointed out.

"Because you are still my friend and I love you very much, I couldn't stand the thought of living and working without you. Calleigh, I've been so foolish, can you consider taking me back?" she asked in a soft tone.

"Does this mean you will not do the same again?" Calleigh wanted to know.

"It does, we need to take care of your wounds, luckily they don't seem too deep, but don't ever pull something like this again," she said in a warning tone.

"With you by my side I have no need to," Calleigh whispered, slowly getting up with Natalia's support. She helped her to the bathroom where she tended to the wounds then her mistress.

That day Natalia saved her bulletgirl in more than one way and she never parted from her again. After all she did love her more than anything and she was the only one she wished to be with. As for Calleigh, she never did anything like that again; after all she never again would have her heart broken or be on the point of desperation ever again.

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