Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012! So- as I promised, here's the sequel to We Are One!~

I don't know how and I don't know when I was put into this armor, but there's no way out. I'm stuck in this thin, black, sheet of metal with a scarlet hand print plastered to my chest. I stood in the middle of a dark room, usually used as a dungeon, but it was currently my room. I'd been sleeping on the damp, cold stone all night, waiting for mirror to command me awake. A black sword was strapped to my waste and a knife was sheathed against my thigh. A gust of warm air hit my face as mirror opened the door.

"Good morning, Starfish. Today is your big day!" Mirror's face was contorted with victory, possession, and anticipation. His hand clasped mine and I wanted so badly to tear myself away from him, but it was futile. My mind no longer depended on me, every action I face would now and always be controlled by the Master.

"Now, come with me." My legs moved mechanically with his down the too bright hallway. Each step brought my long sword clattering against my armored leg. Our foot falls echoed hauntingly down the empty hall. As we approached the large wooden door at the end of the hall, marred by the painting of a scarlet hand, I could hear the angry, hungry screams of the scarlet hand. Two card soldiers pushed open the door and the roar assaulted my ears. I could see Mirror's smile broaden with malice and he walked before me. I had no commands, and therefore, I could do nothing.

Four weeks ago, I was home in ferryport landing. Then, I hadn't realized it was my home at all and planned to leave that night. After saying a quick good bye to Puck, I'd ran for the hills. Unfortunately, I didn't get far, the fairy boy was following me and when he couldn't catch up, he fell. That lead to us entering cocoons and becoming bound together because of a dormant spell that I'd been under since our trip to New York. We were to be linked together forever, and soon after, to stop an evil rogue fairy army, Puck and I became engaged to be married. That never happened. Why? Because of the two stupid heads, Moth and Mirror. They capture me, and then Puck in the hall of wonders. We'd escaped somehow to New York, but now, Mirror had me back in his grasps. My connection with Puck was severed and I was under Mirror's command for as long as I am to live.

"And now, I present to you, Sabrina Grimm!" Mirror gestured for me to come forward, and I had no choice but to do so. I stepped in to the wide balcony and looked down at the scarlet hand. Acres of land were filled with tightly packed Everafters looking to kill my family and our friends. They roared and cheered as they set eyes on me. I was their lethal weapon, promising them victory and freedom.

"Soon, we'll be free! The Grimms and all those who are stupid enough to defend them will be dead. Then, my friends, we will be able to claim the world for ourselves, just like it should have always been!" Mirror's voice boomed. Speakers lined up on his castle walls projected his voice into the crowd. Another wave of cheers washed through the Scarlet Hand.

"Charming's fort was finally discovered weeks ago! We've been triumphant so far, what do you think about unleashing her?" The crowd seemed to agree and my heart stopped. That meant that today I'll be on the battle field, facing my family, the people who have helped us survive, and possibly even Puck. Not only would I have to face them with this hand print on my chest, but I'd be ordered to kill them.

Mirror turned and started to walk away, leaving me to stare down at the people I actually wanted to kill. Where was one of Puck'd glop grenades when you needed one? Then, Mirror called for me, and I turned back into the headquarters of the Scarlet Hand.

"Now, the first wave is preparing to march it two hours. You will lead them to the fort. I've explained the directions to you, you haven't forgotten, have you?" Mirror turned to me. "Speak."

"No master, I haven't forgotten the plan." I blurted.

"Good, now here are your commands; You are to lead the first wave to the fort, fall into the crowd to hide yourself, and then, once you breach the walls, you are to kill Relda." He smiled wickedly and tears pooled on my lashes. No. I couldn't kill my own Grandmother! "Speak."

"Yes, master. I will kill Granny Relda." And the tear slipped down my cheek. I had no choice, one by one, my family would die at my hands.

This concludes the first chapter of Half of a Half. I need more ideas on the title- it's not so appealing… Thank you- I hope you guys enjoyed it!