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"My plan is coming together quite nicely, I'm so very glad that this Pyro fellow has turned out to be such a wonderful puppet" said a figure pacing back and forth casting a Sinister shadow across the disturbing room.

Life in the mansion was more difficult than ever. Now that all of the teams had joined forces and decided to all live in the mansion everyone was in a super terrible mood. Scott didn't know who to trust anymore. He thought he could trust Rogue but then she lied to everyone and offered their enemies a home. Kurt was upset at having to share his food supplies, and having to look at his sister giggle. 'The Rogue does not giggle' he kept thinking. Jean and Kitty kept hounding Rogue about her secrets and her relationships. And everyone else continued to cause trouble where ever they went.

"For the LAST time I cannot see your future and no I'm not sleeping with Gambit" Rogue said for the hundredth time to one of the younger residents.

"Just ignore them chère , they will stop eventually."

"I just don't understand why they can't accept my friendship with you?"

"Maybe because they just know we would be the hottest couple in the mansion. No! the hottest couple in Bayville."

"Remy there you go again, do I need to pop that ego of yours again"

"Chère you can pop anything of mine just say the words."

"Rems you're such a prev, and a prev with terrible lines"

"But it got your mind off the chaos in the mansions no? and let Remy say he loves it when you call him by his name instead of swamp rat."

"Well don't get to use to it swamp rat" Rogue said as she walked away from Gambit laughing.

In another room the adults were having a meeting in the professor's office.

"I just think it's an elaborate plan for the kids to be allowed to date the enemies" Logan tried to point out.

"But Logan do you really think Rogue would go to such extremes, just so she could date Gambit. We all know she would have no problem sneaking around with him, she does really like her privacy" Storm reasoned.

"Storm does have a point, I'm inclined to believe Rogue though I would better believe her if she would ever talk to me about this terrible future event. And she has developed some extraordinary mental walls. Don't you agree Erik?"

"I'd be more inclined if she would actually use the powers that she says she carries."

"You must believe what she says, for the prophecy says this will happen" Mystique said but instead of this comment ending the discussion it only brought more questions from everyone in the room, the most common being "What prophecy?"

"I feel so strange. My head feel s so empty and I have no urge to light a match. OH MY GOOD I MUST BE DYING! I can't write, I can't fight and I have peace with the squirrels! I'm cursed to be bored for the rest of my days!" Pyro said, could it possibly have something to do with the foreign thoughts in his head?

"If nobody believes me then I'm not really saving the future I'm only bringing it closer. Why can't I make people see what's important here" Rogue said out loud to herself as she pondered how she could save the world seemingly without any help.

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