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I don't own Twilight but I do own this plot ... which is based on an actually annual event I go to each year ...

Bella's POV

Why, oh why did I let them talk me into this? I was currently sat in front of a vanity mirror in our hotel bedroom drinking cheap sparkling bubbly, getting tipsy well before I should, while my hair was being curled by my equally tipsy best friend, Alice.

"Fucking hell Alice! Be careful! I would like to keep my ears if it's all the same to you."

"Oh stop fucking whining Bella." Rose, my other best friend shouted from her bed as she was applying mascara with the smallest mirror known to man. Why wasn't she using the full length one or the bathroom mirror? Oh yeah, we're all a little tipsy and doing stupid things. Like me being here.

Alice and Rose had literally begged me to come to their annual 'Ladies Night' for Chicago Wolves, the ice hockey team they support; and by 'support' I really mean oogle over paid, over rated hockey players that were either too old or not good enough for the big time. Yeah I wasn't the biggest hockey fan which was the reason I'd avoided this... until now.

Both Alice and Rose had been to each Ladies Night since it had began four years ago and on this, the fifth annualChicago Wolves' Ladies Night, I, Bella Swan was going to let it all go and enjoy myself ... hopefully. The butterflies in my stomach were back. Urgh.

Well, that's as long as I could get through the getting ready part first. I gasped as the heat of the curling tongs got too close to my ear again for the third time in twenty minutes.

"Right that's enough, Alice. If you want me to start relaxing and having a good time, then we're done with the hair."

Alice giggled, "Okay bossy boots. Next, make up!" I groaned. I just needed this bit done with then the drinking and the party can really start.


Looking through the full length mirror on the wardrobe door at the short, silver one shouldered, fitted dress I was wearing, I didn't look too bad. The dress clung to all the right places and made my legs look long. Paired with a pair of five inch high heeled black shoes, I looked kinda hot. Maybe I was in for a good night after all. Plus I was single and from what Alice and Rose had told me about these nights, the players were always up for a bit of fun.

"Come on bitches. It's time for us to make ourselves known." Rose called from the door.

Even though Alice and Rose had been to every Ladies Night so far, last year's team didn't do too well so there was a massive clear out of old faces and new ones replaced them. I knew both of the girls had new favourites, pictures of them had been shoved in my face over the last week. I'd also seen the team photo that had been taken at the start of the season. Three lines of players in their full hockey kit minus the helmet were lined up. I remember casually looking at each player to keep Alice and Rose happy. The photo wasn't all that good, slightly blurred and each player's head was too small to see any real detail as it was a full team shot but when my eyes fell over the player sat next to who must be the coach, my jaw dropped. He was ... well he was fucking gorgeous! I couldn't make out a lot of detail because of the quality of the photo but I could make out the crazy mop of hair on his head, chiseled jaw line and his tall, muscular frame. Not wanting to make Alice and Rose go mad with the fact I might actually really like one of the players, I played it cool. I didn't ask his name but from the picture, I could see he was their captain, the mark C on his jersey. Would be easy to find his name from Google ... Google knows all but as I sat in my laptop the night before Ladies Night with my fingers hovering over the enter key; Chicago Wolves Captain 2011-2012 in the search bar, I stopped.

Ladies Night was all about having fun, or so I'd been told on numerous occasions. It was about having a good time, alcohol and doing things you wouldn't normally do. I clicked close on the browser and shut down my laptop. Whoever the Chicago Wolves Captain was, I was determined to find out in person.

"Come on Bella! It's time to shine." Alice pulled me from my thoughts. She was waving me over to get out of the room. With one more check in the mirror, I grabbed the glass of bubbly and downed in. Grabbing my purse, I walked out of our hotel room door with my head high. Time to play this game.


We were at the bar a couple of minutes later. I was told that this bar area was separate to where the actual event would take place; in the adjoining room. The bar area was swarming with women, lots of lots of women. I tried to count how many women were actually here but lost count at eighty. Even the bartenders were women. Not a man in sight.

"It's all women tonight Bella. The only men here are the players." Alice winked at me.

"So twenty men to what," I looked around, "over a hundred women?" Alice nodded and grinned. "Yep, competition's stiff Bella but I'm sure you'll do just fine." She looked me up and down. I looked down at myself. I did look good tonight but what chance do I have with one player, the captain at that! He probably has girls falling at his feet! Oh God, what was I thinking? I suddenly felt out of my depth and really out of place.

"Alice, I don't know whether I can do this ..." I whispered because if Rose heard me ...

"What Bella? Do what?..."

Too late.

"Because you're one fine piece of ass and any player here will be climbing over themselves to get to you. So don't give me that shit!"

"Just keep your paws off Jasper and Emmett." Alice giggled. Jasper Whitlock and Emmett McCarty were Alice and Rose's favourites and I valued my life more than try anything with them. I wonder if any of these girls knew their fate if they tried. Hmmmm.

Alice was getting our drinks so perched on a bar stool, I took another looked at everyone here. All women but of varied age. Some looked older than my mother but they all looked to be having a great time talking in their small groups of people. My eyes wandered over to a small group of girls stood in the corner who looked barely old enough to be here. Biting their lips and looking like rabbits in the headlights, they looked how I felt but now at twenty five, I'd learnt how to push the nerves down and seem confident.

Alice placed a Cosmopolitan in my hand to which I was very grateful. Three gulps later, my glass was empty. "Woah there Bella, we need to happy drunk, not can't stand up drunk."

"You forget ladies that I can hold my drink better than you two put together."

Alice giggled and Rose rolled her eyes. They both knew I was right.

"Where's the bathroom?" I glanced around but couldn't see any signs.

Rose pointed to the far side where we had come in. "They're on your left, before the door we came through to get in here."

"Okay, I'll be back in a minute."

Both Alice and Rose downed their drinks. "No, we stick together... until later." Rose winked then linked arms with me as we walked towards the bathroom.

Going through the double doors, I turned left. "After you ladies." I pushed the door open to let Alice and Rose through before me. Just then, before I walked through the door, I heard a loud, whistle, a wolf-whistle. The noise from the bar was drowned out by the closed doors so the whistle, slow and exaggerated was plain to hear.

"Oh my God Bella. You just got wolfed!" Alice grabbed me to drag me the rest of the way into the bathroom, bouncing in excitement.


"Yeah." Rose swiped her lip gloss across her lips using the mirror, "The players usually hang back here waiting for their intros. One of the players has taken a liking to you and is letting the other lads know." She wiggled her eyebrows at me through the mirror.

"Oh. The wolf-whistle?"

"Yes, it's a team tradition. The wolf marking his prey."

"Prey? Yeah right. I'm no puck bunny Rose. I'm not going to just fall at the feet of just any man."

Rose pressed her lips together and let go with a pop. "We'll see."


"Ladies! Your attention please! The main room is now open. Please make your way inside and find your table. Your players are ready to make their introductions."

The female host's announcement made grown women giggle, including Alice but that was normal. Even Rose had a glint in her eyes knowing that the night was about to start.

Just outside the double door entrance, I found our table on the seating plan. We were going to be part of the Diamond table next to the Ruby and Pearl tables. I walked through the doors that revealed a large room. A huge dance floor was the first thing I noticed quickly followed by the tables, all dressed up like we were at a wedding reception. Pink balloons were on each table and at each table setting, a gift bag sporting the club's logo and your name.

Alice quickly found our table, right on the edge of the dance floor. Out of the ten place settings, we were the first there. Alice sat in three seats before she was happy with the view she would have of the dance floor. I sat between Alice to my left and Rose to my right, as others joined our table. I recognised the small group of three rabbits in the headlights I'd seen early join us then two other couples of woman older than us. We all greeted our fellow table comrades as they sat down.

"So what do you have this year?" Alice sang out as she peered into her gift bag, "Ooooooo I love samples!" She pulled out different lotion and perfume samples that had been put in the bag. Party poppers and rocket balloons were also in along with bubbles and some posh looking chocolate in fancy wrapping.

I looked to Rose who has started to blow a rocket balloon up. Once it was fully inflated, she poked it in Alice's face, "Remind you of anyone Alice?" They looked at each other then burst into laughter as Rose let it go. The balloon launched into the air with a wheeze before heading straight for an unsuspecting girl at the next table to us. It hit her on the head and got wrapped up in her hair. I burst into giggles as did the rest of our table.

The blonde didn't look amused. After removing the balloon, she glared at me then stuck her nose into the air and turned her back to us again.

"Jessica fucking Stanley." Rose piped up, "I thought she was banned after last year's incident."

I leaned in close to Rose, "What incident?" Rose looked over my shoulder, "I'll let you later. Looks like we're about to start."

She nodded over to the dance floor where the female host was tapping the microphone. Here we go I guess.

"Ladies, welcome to the fifth annual Chicago Wolves Ladies Night!" The room erupted with applause and cheering.

"I'm Angela and I'll be your host for this evening's festivities. And what a night we have planned for you ladies but I'll tell you more about that in a while. I think we need to get this party started and bring out the men. What do you think ladies?"

A group chorus of 'Yes' was sung. "I'm sorry ladies; the lads won't be able to hear you. I need you to be louder than that. So are you ready ladies?"

I could physically feel the excitement around the room; it was buzzing. The nerves that I'd pushed down earlier all forgotten. The excitement and eagerness swept through everyone in that room, including me. I found myself screaming 'Yes!' at the top of my lungs. We wanted men and we wanted them now. Did these players have any idea what was waiting for them in here?

"Okay ladies. I present to you your Chicago Wolves 2011-2012 team. Leading his team out as he does every game, our net minder, Tyler Crowley!"

A gorgeous lad waltzed into the room wearing a white shirt and black dress pants coupled with a matching green and gold waistcoat and bow-tie. Everyone cheered and clapped as he was lit by loads of camera flashes going off around the room. Wow, just wow. The room was buzzing and I felt myself relax; I was going to really enjoy this.

Other names were read out and other players joined the lineup across the centre of the dance floor all wearing the same attire, white shirt, black dress pants with a green and gold waistcoat and bow-tie. Hot!

"I can now introduce our star offensive defence man. With over twenty goals already this season, our very own number 4, Jasper Whitlock.

Alice screamed and bounced in her chair slightly to my left as he entered the room. Clapping her hands at super human speed, her eyes were locked on her favourite player. Jasper was very good looking with longish dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Tall and lean, the waistcoat looked great on him and he knew it. His eyes scanned the crowd as he laughed and waved at everyone. His gaze seem to stop at our table of a split second longer than anywhere else.

I elbowed Alice in the ribs, "He's yummy."

"Mitts off Bella, he's all mine." Alice smirked. That girl is up to something.

The other defence men were announced, names of which I would never remember. Out of the eight men lined up, Jasper was by far the cutest.

"We have our net minders and d men out, now let get this party really started and introduce our forwards."

I turned to Rose, "Your turn now babe." I grinned at her and she winked back, "And yours Bella."

God I hope so.

"He's big, he's mean, he's our fighting killing machine! I introduce the toughest player in the league, number 36, Emmett McCarty."

Now, I've seen some big guys before but no one as big as Emmett. He strode across the room with a huge grin on his gorgeous face; yes, my girls had really great taste in men, I definitely approved. Emmett was huge in build in comparison to Jasper even though they were similar in height. Emmett's biceps were huge; the white sleeves of his shirt taut. With short cropped dark hair and blue eyes, his cheeky grin was sending the ladies wild.

"Think you have some competition, Rose."

"Bella, you should know me by now that I love a good competition." I grinned at her which she returned.

More players joined the line, one in particular caught my eye. Jake I think his name was. He was tall and stocky like Emmett but he had a darker complexion, short jet black hair and dark eyes.

"Did I save the best 'til last? What do you think ladies?" 'Yes' was screamed louder than I believed possible. "The man who leading our team to a championship, our star forward, your captain, our number 11, Edward Cullen!"

He walked through the door and it felt like the world had been put into slow motion. His blurry picture did not do him justice, at all.

Totally gorgeous, obviously. His hair was a colour that made him stand out from a crowd, almost bronze like. It was stuck up in all different directions like it had been pulled. What I wouldn't do to have that hair through my fingers and pull. Oh God. But it was his eyes. Emerald green with a mischievous sparkle to them drew me in. His jaw line was unbelievable and I just wanted to run my tongue up the scuff that was there. He lifted his hand and pulled his long fingers through his hair and I swear, I had an orgasm right then and there. Oh God help me. I need that man.

"See something you like Bella?" Alice's sing-song voice came from my left.

"God yes. Him, I need him. I need Edward Cullen."

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