His eyes locked with my own and before I could register the movement, I was being pressed firmly into the mattress. Edward's lips were at my neck as he spoke.

"I'm not sure whether being on a bed is a good idea though." He pressed his groin into me and I bit my lip as his erection dug into my thigh, "I don't really want to talk here."

I pulled my face away so I could see his face before I spoke in a whisper, "Then don't." His mouth descended on mine and the world melted away.

Edward broke away after a few minutes, shaking his head slightly. "Bella. I really like you. I don't want you to feel like you have to do this tonight. I'm planning on seeing you a lot more now ... If that's okay with you."

I was still panting against him. This man was driving me crazy. "I really like you too and yes, I definitely want to see you again. I'm planning on going to my first home game on Saturday." I smiled at him, trying to convey my feelings that I wanted this, all of it.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you were a virgin." A slapped him lightly on the shoulder, "Hey, I'm no virgin. A little rusty maybe but no virgin." I couldn't help giggling at my words. 'A little rusty' Bella? Really? Edward raised an eyebrow at my words.

"Rusty? I don't believe you. You must have guys hanging off your every word on a regular basis." He reached down and started to kiss my jaw line, down to my collarbone and along my chest.

"Well I am. I ..." I closed my eyes to feel more. God that feels good. "I don't met guys everyday that send me into a frenzy like you have."

He hummed against my skin and I moaned out loud as my fingers found his hair. He worked his slow, sweet tortuous way back up until he reached my lips. Hoovering over me, I opened my eyes to find his face inches from mine, his eyes dark, searching.

"What do you want Bella?"

Without hesitation, I answered him, "You."

He cradled my face and kissed me again with such force it made my toes curl. Without breaking our contact he flipped us over so I was laying over him. His fingers moved down from my face to my shoulders, gently brushing my skin with soft light touches making me want so much more. They continued their journey towards my back, at the top of my shoulder blades where the tug of my dress and sound of my zipper made me freeze. Holy shit this is really gonna happen.

Edward stopped immediately and I felt him tense underneath me. "Bella?" He sounded unsure of what to do or say next. Well I knew what he wanted and more importantly I knew what I wanted. I raised my knees to either side of his waist making the material of my dress move to expose my thighs. I slowly moved to sit up straddling him, his hands automatically finding my hips as if to stop me from running. Silly boy, like I would run from this magnificent creature.

Once sat on him, I looked him in the eye before reaching behind me and continuing his work. The only sounds I could hear was the faint noise of my zip and our combine breathing. Everything else just melted away. It was just me and Edward.

Once my zip was down, I pushed my one shouldered dress off where it fell at my waist, exposing my chest to Edward for the first time. I continued to look him dead in the eye as I reached towards the centre of my chest where my bra clasp was just begging to be opened. Edward's eyes still hadn't moved from mine but I could see it was an effort now for him. My fingers teased the clasp and I saw Edward look down at my chest for the briefest of seconds before a small moan escaped his throat. With my fingers still toying with the clasp, I shifted my ass a little to get that bit closer to him. That's when I saw it. Edward's eyes became instantly dark. Pure lust filled his gorgeous greens and I knew at that moment that I couldn't play games any more. My breathing hitched as my fingers released the clasp and my bra fell behind me. Edward immediately gave in as his dark eyes fell to my chest. His sudden movement should have scared me but it didn't. It made me moan and want more. Edward bolted upright and his beautiful mouth clamped down on my hard nipple. My hands were in his hair a moment later, my head fell back, face titled towards the ceiling, my lip caught between my teeth. His hands were spread out wide against my bare back to hold me close as I tugged his hair to get him impossibly closer.

Edward moved our bodies so he was once again hovering over me. He quickly switched from my left to my right nipple, licking, biting and sucking me into a pile of goo. His hand started to work on my other breast, messaging and squeezing.

I was on the edge and I needed more. My hands left his hair to find his waist. I made quick work of the button and zip on his pants and before I knew it, my fingers were wrapped around his cock. I didn't waste anytime. My fingers explored his smooth, hard skin with delight. Pull, push, twist then Edward moaned and moved slightly away from me. I felt immediately cold but he quickly moved to the side of me, leaning his head on my chest.

"God woman, if you keep that up, I'm really gonna embarrass myself and fast!" He looked up to see my face and he took note of my smug smile. I couldn't help it, it had been a while since I felt like I had this much control over a man, an insanely gorgeous, fit man at that!

We started to kiss again before the tug of material was borderline embarrassing for us both. Soon we were both naked, hot and needy. Edward's hand slipped down my body as we continued our make out session and soon, his fingers were pressing against me in the most delicious ways. And when two of his fingers entered me, I was sure my grip on his shoulder was enough to cause a bruise. It has been far too fucking long!

Edward was lied on top on me, his hard cock pressing so close to where I needed him. His fingers were magic, alternating between being inside me and circling my clit like a skilled professional but I needed more. So I moved my hips just a touch. It was enough for his large cock to slip inside me a fraction and for Edward and I to stop kissing.

"Oh God, yes!" My words must have spurred him on. Slowly which I was very grateful for, inched inside me, stretching me slowly. Once fully inside, he groaned once, "Okay?" His words were strained and tense. Biting my lip to stop moaning like some cheap hoe, I nodded.

He returned my nod. He began to move slowing at first but building to a faster pace. Meeting him thrust to thrust, his fingers continued to circle my clit and I knew it wouldn't be long as the familiar build of pressure started, spreading like fire across my body.

"Oh God Edward, yes ... Just ... Like ... That."

"Oh fuck Bella. I'm ... I need you to come for me. Fuck. You're so fucking beautiful."

"Yes, yes ... YEEEEEESSSSSS!" My orgasm hit it's peak and I'm tumbled over the edge of ecstasy, seeing stars and screaming Edward's name.

"Oh fuck ... YES! I love hearing you scream my name, YES FUCK YES YEEEESSSSS!"

Edward jerked unevenly as he came seconds after me. Slowing to a stop, he all but collapsed on me, both of us hot, sweaty and spent. The only sound in the room was our laboured breathing. I closed my eyes so to try desperately to control it. Definitely definitely been too long since that happened! Note to self, do that more often and again soon, very soon. And with Edward!

On opening my eyes again after a few minutes of settling, calming breathes, I was meet with those gorgeous greens and a cheeky grin.


"Nothing. Just remembering how gorgeous you looked when you screamed my name. Not that you don't look gorgeous now. The post orgasm look looks good on you."

"Yeah I bet I look great with my hair and makeup all over the place." I rolled my eyes and tried to look away from the God like creature who's magnificent cock was still inside me as he hadn't moved from lying on top of me. I didn't get the chance to look away.

Edward gently gasped my chin to stop me, "Don't turn away from me when I'm telling you the honest truth. You're the most spellbinding, beautiful, gorgeous sexy woman I've ever had the pleasure of being with." His boldness, control and words stirred something inside of me that had long been dormant, desire and passion. I wanted him. Not just tonight either. I needed to show him what was bubbling under my skin so I looked him straight in the eyes, rolled over so I was straggling him and kissed him with as much force, passion, want, desire, as I could. He responded by grabbed my face as I grabbed his hair to pull him closer.

After a few minutes he broke the kiss, hold my face between his palms, staring down at me with those green eyes that made me want to take his ass back to my place and never leave it again.

Then suddenly I was sit on his knee as he bolted upright in a sitting position. His cock responded to the friction the movement gave too, hardening again while still inside me.

I gasped, "Already?" Was this man real? Or just some evil but fantastic dream?

"Oh I'm all real baby." Oh shit, did I say that out loud? To emphasis his point, he pulled out of me then thrust forward with so much force I had to have a death grip on his neck to stay on his lap. We both groaned. Rough and ready? I must have been blessed by an angel or something! Round two was on!


I opened my eyes to see the light drift through the curtains at the window. My first waking thought was 'what a night'. Ladies Night was certainly eventful and I knew it would be forever etched on my memory forever, no matter what this morning brought.

I shifted slightly and on doing so, I heard a soft moan from behind me. Edward. I looked down to see the bed sheet only covering me from my knees downwards but I wasn't cold, I had a human blanket wrapped around me. Edward's arm was clamped around my waist, our feet tangled together under the sheet and his face was pressed into the top of my back. He moaned softly again and scooted himself closer. His groin was now pressed up against my thighs as I felt his hard cock slip between my legs. Is he tying to kill me? It was my time to groan now.

"Mmmmmmm ..." Edward's hips tipped forward then back again, his cock slipping between my closed thighs making me lose the ability to think straight. Is he awake and doing this on purpose to make me explode.

"Edward?" I whispered, "Are you awake? Because if you are, you being overly cruel. I need to pee."

His answering reply was another "Mmmmmmmmm ..."

I huffed a little as I started to try and detangle myself from the gorgeous, evil one but the more I tried, the more Edward tightened his grip on me.

"Oh come on. If you don't let me go, I'm going to have to pee on you. Now move ... Please."

I felt his head move as he kissed the centre of my shoulder blades gently, "Pee on me, I don't care. I don't want you to go."

I made a sudden move hoping to catch him off guard but no such luck. Edward's arms were like iron bars, suppose that's what hockey players need to play, right? I managed to move enough to turn in his arms which he allowed. On turned to see his face, I was once again taken back on how this beautiful man had chosen to be with me last night when he could have had any woman in the room. Lucky bitch, yep that's me.

"Seriously I need the bathroom Edward."

"Well ..." He moved his body so we were pressed against each other once again. He pushed his hard cock between my thighs again, this time against my clit and between my ass crack and I couldn't help but moan.

"Edddddward ... You're not playing fair." I pouted like a five year old to which Edward grinned and kissed me softly.

"Sorry. But I'll only let you go on one condition. You're back in this bed within twenty seconds of leaving it."

Oh he won't get away with this. He obliviously has a lot to learn about Bella Swan. That thought made me smile. "Deal. Now let me go!" He kissed me again before releasing his grip. I shot out of bed and ran to the bedroom, not closing the door all the way.

After my toilet break, I turned on the shower which was thankfully instantly warm and stepped in.

"Bella!?" Edward shouted, "Why is your gorgeous ass not back in this bed?" I smirked to myself as I tilted my head back under the warm water and closed my eyes.

I heard the bathroom door open, a couple of seconds later, I heard it close and lock click.

Show time.