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Coughing, a drenched young man enters his apartment quickly, locking the door behind him as a lightning flashed in the dark sky.

The rain was unexpected, it was extremely sunny today. He left his umbrella by the door even though the weather forecast foretold of showers.

Well, guess he's gonna have to listen to the experts once in a while.

He puts his slingbag neatly beside the table, taking off his jacket to place on the sofa.

As much as he wants to let the items scatter on the ground, not caring if they got messy, he can't. Because he's Len. No matter how tired he is, how sleepy he is, his body would switch to his auto pilot mode to make sure the place is clean, or at least, presentable.

See what good upbringing does to him. Such a good boy.

Heading to his room, he brought out a small tower to drape over his head, ruffling his hair dry, before pacing to the kitchen.

What luck. Raining just right after he finished his part time job. He could have left earlier, but overtime meant more wages. And more wages meant he could live out here on his own for a longer time.

Len opened his fridge to bring out a carton of milk. There was also a stick of carrot, one apple, frozen noodles, and a few eggs in his miserable fridge. Pouring out whatever that's left into a saucer pan, he threw the carton into the bin. Heating his stove, Len dropped a spoonful of honey into the liquid and left the pan to boil.

Note to self: Buy some groceries tomorrow.

He would have to stock up on some actual food, in case he fancied a late night snack, or if he missed dinner due to his busy schedules.

It's always lonely coming back to an empty apartment where whenever you make a noise, it echoes soundly through the hallways.

Like the clattering of the accidental drop of his spoon. Damn. There was honey on the stupid thing.

Wiping the floor clean, he sat down on his couch, the cool surface come to contact with his back.


Sat alone in the dark again. He didn't even bother to buy a TV to relieve his boredom. Not that he needed an idiot box anyway. Even though he measly enjoys watching the cooking program that comes on at 7pm every weekend, he was way too busy to make time to watch it.

Len wanted to use every yen he earned on the apartment's rent. It wasn't very costly, but it was still enough to make him feel the pinch if he hadn't enough cash. Yet, the apartment was pretty affordable, it being in the city and close to the public transports.

Sapporo University is just a 10 minute walk away from the apartment. Extremely convenient, seeing that he's currently doing his second year there.

Sighing, Len stared into the empty darkness, listening to the tapping of raindrops on his window.

Plip. Plop. Plip. Plop.

And not to mention, the howling wind rattling the glass.

Alone on a Saturday night.

How pathetic, Len.

Why did it come to this? More specifically, alone in a lonely apartment?

Insert some cheerful family laughter coming from his neighbours. Running footsteps and more children giggling.

Envy fills Len as he clenches his fists.

Wasn't he supposed to be home, where his family is. Dad. Mom. Rin.






He remembers now. Groaning, Len combs his hand through his wet locks; they're almost drying now, in the very least, he can sleep without worrying he'll catch a cold tomorrow.

He remembers the reason he left home.

The rain was not letting up even though it started raining since 4 in the afternoon. It's been almost 7 hours already.

The dark skies were dampening his mood already.

Tsk. Tsk. What do you mean dampening. You make it sound like you're never in a bad mood! Try the word 'always'. You're 'always' in a bad mood. So much pent up frustration. Pent up sexua-

Shut up.

The dark halls were illuminated by the occasional strike of lightning, creating tall shadows on the floor, followed by the claps of thunder.

Len was too lost in thoughts to flinch at the loud noise.

His head was filled with thoughts of. The reason.

Why he stopped talking to her in school. Why he started seeing other girls. Why he pretended not to notice her even at home. Why he had to take cold showers in the middle of the night. Why he averts his eyes whenever she wears that leg hugging stockings. Why he left home.

All of the unanswered questions finds its way to. The reason.

This is so frustrating.

The boom of thunder went unnoticed, but, he did hear his milk boiling. As much as he wants to ignore it, he stood up and walked to the kitchen. Always the neat one. Len wants to avoid it brimming over the top and making a mess on his stove.

Len quickly pours it into a thick yellow polka dotted mug. The warmth radiating from the mug was nice and comfy on such a cold day like this.

The reason got it for him on his 9th birthday. She got a matching orange polka dotted one.

Another day has yet passed without him not thinking of her.

Fuck this, might as well get ready for bed. At least when I sleep, I don't think of her consciously.

But you think of her subconsciously. The little voice in his head piped up.

Shut up.

Len walked to his bedroom.

Though he's been living here for almost three years, it was quite empty. Given, that he didn't bother to bring any personal belongings from his home. It reminded him too much of her.

He places his mug on on his bedside table and takes a seat on his bed.

The only thing that distinguishes his room from another strangers room is, a white ribbon on his table, and a framed picture of two 14 year old children with blonde hair pulling at each other's cheeks.

Fancy a guess who the two are?

The elder sister and the younger brother. Typical twins.

Except that the younger twin slowly fell in love with the elder twin and had to move out from their home to avoid from getting into trouble with his growing hormones.

It all started when he caught her wearing a flimsy towel, trying to pick out her clothes. It was just an accident, but one that couldn't be avoided as they shared the same room.

He could still smell her shampoo scented hair from when they slept on the same bed.

See the skin of her smooth waist peeking out from her pajamas.

His throat go dry every time her collar bares her nape.

His stares when she giggles with glee.

It's all too excruciating that you can never have what you really want.

Len doesn't realize that he's gripping his bed sheets a little too tightly.

Doesn't realize that his carnal needs actually are growing stronger with every minute they're apart. Even he is not aware of the small volcano in him ready to erupt at any moment.

Rin. Oh, Rin. What you do to me just by being you.

Every time he gets too caught up in his memories, he wants to do nothing but pound into that hole of his sister's.

Except that he can't.

So, he fantasizes.

Rin's breathy moans against his neck, her sweat slicked skin as his hungrily kisses her lips. Her legs wrapped around his hips, pressing her body tightly against his.

Len! She would scream, dragging every moaning syllable as he plunges into her, marking every inch of her skin his.

Lifting her hips, so that he could guide it back down to his shaft; the feeling was all too good to be true.

His hand goes faster, pumping his cock, drawing out his orgasm, his superficial elation.

Her teeth biting her lower lip as she cums, nails raking all over his arms.

Groaning, he came, after pleasuring himself, yet again, to another fantasy Rin conjured from his mind.

His pants unbuckled, pooling at his ankles, the now cold honey milk left untouched. He almost doesn't feel the cold rainy weather.

After wiping his floor, Len leaves for his bathroom. He doesn't want his hands to stain the bed sheets.

Washing himself up, Len glances at the mirror once again.

Light blue eyes.

Blonde hair.

Perfect chin.

He was the exact resemblance of Rin.


Damn his face for reminding himself of her.

Damn this all.

Fuck it all.

You're such a pathetic lowlife, Len. His mirrored self sneered.

Grow up, will you?

I'm twenty-fucking-one already. He growled back at the mirror.

What? 21?

You're 21 already for fuck's sake!

Get a life, would you, loser!

Len blinked. Was he speaking to himself?

Wait. What?

First, masturbating to her and now talking to yourself in the mirror?

You're definitely mad, Kagamine Len.

Turning off the faucet, he walks out of the bathroom and heads to the veranda.

He stood by the cool window, not bothering to invite icy wind into his already chilly apartment. Cars were passing in fast motions, their headlights and tail lights almost creating a disco like ambient. He sighed. If only they weren't speeding, increasing the risks of accidents on the wet, rainy, road.

It was understandable, everyone wants to get home as soon as possible to be with their family or lovers during this hour.

Len watched the raindrops fall on his window, trickling down in long sleek lines. Reflecting the faint light coming from the street lamps, they looked like long crystal stalks, diamond icicles.

He was suddenly distracted by the noise coming from the apartment block far right; though faint, it sounded like a lover's squabble. There were things crashing down too. Len winced when he heard a glass break.

There goes an expensive china vase.

He imagined a couple, in their mid thirties, yelling because, well, the wife couldn't, well, wife couldn't stay faithful or something?

And their conversation would be something like this.

You were cheating with your colleague behind my back?

That's because you never come home! Even when I was facing all those stress!

Another expensive cutlery was thrown.

I had my own problems to face too! But at least I did not cheat! Am I the real father to our son?

How dare you accuse me of sleeping around! I only flirted the most with him!

You lying bitch. I caught both of you going into a hotel! I had enough! I'm leaving!

By the time he finished that imaginary squabble, someone did open the door and slammed it, signaling their leave.

Len felt chills up his spine.

Wow. That was quite a scarily realistic scenario he had panned out for the imaginary couple. Len hoped that the actual scene wasn't as bad as he imagined. But wit all these social problems happening so often, Len can't help but assume.

The walls in this block of apartment are pretty thin; if he paid attention closely enough, he could hear almost everything that's going around. Almost.

The apartment just right next to his was empty right now. But before that, he could hear their voices like they were speaking right next to his ear.

His previous previous' neighbour was a prostitute. She brought her customers back to her apartment. That brought many sleepless nights to Len. Sometimes, she even brought more than one man to stay over the night. Len didn't even want to know what they could be doing in there. Somewhere along the timeline, unfortunately, she was abused by one of her clients, he was hitting her and Len could hear it through the walls. He wasn't the only one. Someone else took the liberty of reporting it and in no time, the cops were over to handle it. The prostitute moved out soon after to save herself the embarrassment.

His previous neighbour had an affair with his secretary. He could hear how his secretary screamed for him to go faster and deeper, how his secretary fought with his wife, and how his wife trashed the whole apartment and left the apartment, and her own husband to be with his secretary, while howling and crying all the way down the flight of stairs.

They all left, moved out, a few months ago, he couldn't remember how many, but they all left. Leaving the little room beside his vacant.

Sometimes, hearing all these muffled voices kind of makes him feel really pathetic. As if someone up there wants him to hear these voices he can never have, never experience.

Never have with her.

Fuck. This is so pathetic. Why did I even leave home.

Life isn't worth living without her.

Life isn't worth living.

Len paced in small circles. He's probably mad, thinking of things like this. But who wouldn't when they're all alone in an empty apartment? Darkness preys upon lonely minds. Creeping up silently before drowning you whole. And you can do nothing to stop the pain.

What use is my life if I can't even see her.

If loving her is a sin, maybe, I should end this suffering once and for all.

How does saying bye bye to the world sound?

No, no, I shouldn't. Don't be rash.

I should kill myself, right?

Don't. I. I can't. I mustn't.

I think I'll kill myself. Why not?

Yeah, sounds kinda right, doesn't it?

I'll kill myself.

I think I'll really kill myself.

Wait, no don't. Isn't there more to life?

Fuck, there is none.

I guess I'll fucking kill myself then!

Fuck yeah! Killing time!

What are you waiting for?

Len runs to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. He puts it to his wrist. The cool metal against his warm skin. He sees all his protruding veins, blue, green. Funny. That although humans are bags of blood, your skin color is never red crimson.

I'll fucking kill my fucking self!

Of course I'll fucking kill my self! Haha! What took so long?

I'll kill myself! You'll like that, huh, you motherfuckers up there!

Look closely, you fuckers! I'll end my sorry life!!

He presses the sharp pointed edge on his skin, drawing blood. He'll go to seventh layer of hell for taking his own life. But he couldn't care less anymore.

Fuck life.

Fuck this all.

I'm taking my feelings to hell.

He slowly glides it down, slightly wincing at the pain, and then, his eyes caught the reflection on his knife.

He almost sees his, Rin's, reflection on it.

His eyes widened and his automatic reaction was to fling the knife far away from him. What happened to your neat, primped self? That knife was stained with blood. The same blood that runs through your veins, and hers.

Fear coursed through his veins, his heartbeat thumping a million times per millisecond.

Fuck. I almost killed myself.

The bleeding wound hurt really bad. Why didn't he think of the pain before doing this stupid thing! What adrenaline that was pumping in his body was innocently unaware of how its owner almost pathetically ended his own life, trickling more blood out his open wound.

Fuck. What the fuck was I doing?

Fuck. I was so close to dying. So close to never seeing her again.

But then again, isn't she the reason that you're here holed up in this place?




Life is such a trouble.

He fell asleep dreaming of Rin.

It was a Sunday morning, he woke up to the sounds of the traffic below and the birds chirping outside his window. He peeked below his covers to see one lone bird tilting its head at him. Chirping merrily while pecking at its feathers.

His wrist still stung slightly, but not as bad as yesterday. He had to bandage it properly to keep the blood from staining his bedsheets. Then, he will have to change the dressing later to avoid the dried blood from caking his wound. Don't want to risk inviting an infection. He's actually quite thankful that he took first aid classes back in his first year; that, and the wound wasn't as deep as to take his life.

Fuck you bird, you here to laugh at me because I failed to die yesterday? Too bad for this pathetic loser, he's still very much alive. So fuck off and die.

As if the bird was disgusted by the use of foul language, albeit not voiced out, it flew away, not before leaving some white droppings on his window sill for him to clean up later on.

Groaning, he clamped his pillow over his head.

Faintly, he could make out some voices and doors being opened and closed shut.

He didn't give much thought to it, but the quiet atmosphere, save the chirping, magnified the whispers into echoes. This wasn't eavesdropping, he told himself, everyone in the apartment block could hear it, thin walls and weakened ceilings. And besides, it's not like he wanted to hear them on purpose, and he could do no harm from just listening to the conversation.

Straining, he could hear two voices, something about the apartment was cheap and cozy, easy to access by public transport. And someone agreeing to it.

Wait, what? Someone's moving in beside him?

Len was too tired to care.

Good luck, whoever's moving in there.

I just hope you're not a murderer or a rapist.

Len went back to sleep.

Nobody should be allowed to wake up on a lazy Sunday morning anyway.

Oh damn, he forgot he had to buy some groceries.


Maybe later. He turned his face away from the sunny window.

Yeah, seven layers of hell. There you go, that's asian hell for you. I went to look it up, I didn't even know lolol.

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