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It's been a week or so since someone moved into the apartment next to his. But Len didn't bother to say hello. It wasn't because he was rude, it's just that he had no time to do so.

No, he wasn't making up excuses to avoid the new neighbour.

Len is a very busy man.

He comes back from Uni, he goes to shower, then he heads out to his part time job. He has two part time jobs, in fact.

One was being a waiter in a cafe.

As much as he wants to, he can't deny that he's one of their cafe's main attraction. On the days he comes in for work, the cafe would be abustle with female customers. Many ladies come in for a drink just to see him. Or, sometimes they daringly, which he doesn't really like, cop a feel when he's busy serving their orders.

Some of them even slipped him their numbers. If he uses his charms and winks, some even drop him tips. Well, extra cash to use, all the better.

Those take up his evenings from Monday to Wednesday, his University classes ends at around 4pm, and an extra double pay Saturday till late nights.

The other was was being a...librarian.

When one thinks of librarians, the first thing that comes to mind is, old woman in her 60s, glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose, pushing a squeaky wheel cart, placing books back into their shelves.

Yes, it does sound boring. But Len rather likes it. It's not as mundane as people thought it might be.

In fact, one learns something new almost everyday.

Lesbian Sadomasochism Safety Manual.

How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction.

The Great Pantyhose Craft Books.

Anybody Can Be Cool...But Awesome Takes Practice.

Didn't know books of that sort existed, did you? Thought so.

Of course, his favourite book is Be Bold with Bananas. The ones you put in your mouth. No, not bananas of that sort, the yellow, eating ones. Sadly, the book has one of the ugliest covers Len has ever seen on cookbooks. Poor thing. No wonder it's always sitting there on its shelf gathering dust bunnies of its own league.

That, and he gets to borrow books for a longer period of time. University requires plenty of written essays; all the better for Len the Librarian.

Hah. Len the Librarian. You get to see him on Thursdays and Fridays only.

The best thing is, both job pays well. Very. Well.

So well, that he considers himself a very lucky guy whenever he receives his paychecks.

Closing his cupboard, he folds the grocery paper bag neatly and placed it in his drawer. He had just restocked on his dry food, and bought some extra fruits to munch on. What else to do now. Oh right.

Work comes next.

He took a quick bath and prepared to head out when he heard a voice talking animatedly. If one stands in certain places where the wall is thin enough, one could hear the conversations as if they were right next to you. His new neighbour probably is walking back and forth, seeing that some of the words were muffled, and the others, uh, extremely muffled.

"Kyaaa! Totally- thing for- dresses."

He may not know who this new neighbour was, but he's sure she's a girl. Well. The neighbour could be a transvestite. But he heard girlish giggles and squeals. Sounds pretty girly to him. And today, she was on the phone again.

"Oh, guess -! I - into that hot singer!"

"Teeheehee! I can't - group - busy -!"

It has only been a week, but Len found the heart to make fun of her girlish giggles.

"Teeheeheeeeeeeee," Len swiped his hand in the air, feigning a girly man for extra effect. And laughing quietly at it.

He imagined Rin doing it.


Fantasy Rin.

Fantasy Rin giggling at him.

Fantasy Rin giggling at him, blushingly.

Fantasy Rin giggling at him, blushingly, in nothing but a towel, winking seductively at him.

Fantasy Rin giggling at him, blushingly, in nothing but a towel, winking seductively at him, straddling his legs.





Sighing tiredly, Len resisted the urge to stay home today.

Reaching the library, he met Kaito, his senior at University.

It was Kaito that introduced him the library job, and also, the cafe job. It was no secret, but Kaito has a big crush on the cafe owner's daughter.

Well, who wouldn't; she was beautiful, kind, big chested, wore short skirts, big sister figure, had good hair, big chested, ahem, I mean, smells nice, cheerful, friendly, yells at Kaito. Yells at Kaito. Yells at Kaito. Come to think of it, why does he still like her when she yells at him all the time?

Well. Kaito's weird like that. Even his favourite food was weird for a guy. Ice cream? Seriously? Maybe he's eaten so much ice cream that it froze his brain. That explains why he's such an idiot.

"Hey, Len! How's work at the cafe?" That's always his first line to Len every time they meet up. He wasn't concerned about Len, he was indirectly asking about the girl of his dreams.

"Meiko's fine as always. Why don't YOU go to the cafe and find out?" Len wore his librarian vest and clipped on his name tag.

Kaito embarrassingly squeaked.

"Y-you kn-know that I'm s-shy around he-her." Len raised an eyebrow at him. She's not even here, man.

Kaito was fiddling his fingers.

Okay. Weird. ...But a little prank wouldn't hurt, would it?

"Weeelll, okay. She did ask about you." Kaito's ears perked up at his reply as he jumped up and down beside the library counter, earning some stares from their boss.

"She did? She did? What did she say?" Did his eyes just sparkle?

"She was really angry with you and asked when were you going to return her written assignment. It's been a month already." Len laughed mentally. How funny was it to see Kaito deflate like a rubber ducky that was out of air. Evil much?

Len could imagine dark clouds raining over Kaito's head while moss grew around him.

"Really angry with me..."

"Haha, okay, fine. I'll stop messing with you." Len patted his friend's shoulder. "She wasn't that angry, but she did ask why weren't you stopping by the cafe anymore, she kinda misses you."

"She kinda misses me..." Kaito repeated. "Misses me. WAIT. WHAT? SHE MISSES ME?"

Len nodded. Misses yelling at him, she said. But, he didn't need to know that.

Kaito did a jump and a ballerina pose? Wtf?

"Meiko misses me! MEIKO MISSES ME! I LOVE YOU MEIKO! I LUBBBB YOUUU MEEIIKOOO!" Shouting as he brought a picture of Meiko from his breast pocket to kiss. Len winced, the spacious and tall library halls even bounced his voice back to create enormous echoes of Meiko~! Meiko~! Meiko~!

Suddenly, a bespectacled man stood up as his hands slammed the table hardly. Oh no. Boss is mad.

"I've had it with you, Kaito! Shut up and go back to work!" Hiyama Kiyoteru, their boss, yelled, slapping Kaito sane.

"Ouch! Ouch! Sorry boss! Ouch!" Kaito's ass was handed to him as he quickly took his cart to place books back where they belong.

"Sorry about that, Hiyama-san." Len grinned sheepishly. Their boss sure looked mad.

Huffing, Kiyoteru sat down on his chair, rubbing his temples.

"Really now. I know how much he loves Meiko, but this is a god damn library!" Wiping his glasses and placing them back on the bridge of his nose.

"I'll uh. Go do my work, Hiyama-san." Len gulped, boss had the weirdest mood swings ever. He could be happy and cheerful and in the next second, yell like a monster.

"Oh, good luck, Len!" Kiyoteru smiled at him, before continuing his work on the computer screen.

There you have it. Frightening then nice, and all that happened in less than 10 seconds.

As he was placing his books back to their places, he can't help but think of her again. Why was everything reminding him of her.

Ribbons and Fabrics, the cover showing a white ribbon on a little girl's hair, wearing a blue gown.

A doctor's guide to expecting twins.

Oranges, Lime and other Citrus.

Even the novels were mocking him.

Unattainable Love.

Len turned the book to read the summary.

Childhood friends Takashi fell in love with Yumi, but runs away before he could confess to her. Now, filled with regret, he does not have the courage to face Yumi. What would happen now that he sees her with another man?

I'll fucking kill myself, that's what.

The library wasn't even closing yet, but all Len wanted to do was to go home and wallow in self pity already. He felt even more depressed after flipping to the last few pages to see Yumi ending up with someone other than Takashi.

Fuck it.

He can't stand the fact of Rin marrying another man.

He gripped the book, his hands trembling.

Just then, Kaito popped up behind him, "I'll kill any man who steals Meiko away from me!" Grinning, he nudged Len back to reality.

His hands let go of the novel. Sighing, he wanted so badly to tell the naive Kaito that reality is much more complicated than just the usual save the princess and become her white knight. Even the white knight had to go through so many trials and tribulations just to even step into the evil lord's castle.

But maybe he was just too negative. Pessimist. Skeptic. Gloomy.

Still, negative or not, he wasn't just any man. He was a man forever destined to never be with his loved one.


Because he's her twin, that's why.

Len's heart filled with so much agony he almost forgot to resume his library work.

The elevator dinged, the indicator for 7th floor flashed.

The doors opened and revealed a tired Len.

He came home late. Again.

He was dragging his legs across the floor. Work really exhausted him to the bone.

He looked at the apartment beside his, the numbers on the door '702' looking back at him. There were a pair of shoes, cute red ones with a ribbon on each shoe, placed on the shoe rack.

Man. She seems normal enough. Might be a cutie? Who knows?

No, he wasn't getting any thoughts of the new neighbour. But, still, the temptation was hard to resist, and he definitely needed a healthier partner that wasn't related to him. A lone male, a lone(?) female. Their apartments side by side...? Might love blossom from this coincidental fate...?

...Nah. Work keeps him occupied, so no time for shagging. End of story.

He was half determined to say hi to his neighbour today, trying his best to come home early. Len decided he should be friendly, at least introduce himself to her. After all, it was already a week and a half she's here, and they've not met at all.

But, it was almost 11. She's probably in her room sleeping already.

Maybe tomorrow or something. He was way too tired to deal with this now.

Reaching into his bag, he brought out his keys to open his apartment door when he heard some shuffling, and someone moaning.

He paused in his tracks.


Another prostitute?

"Ohh...! Ohhhhh...!" He heard her hissing between her teeth, it was like watching porn, no, hearing porn. He was slightly aroused, and imagined Rin instead.

Her yellow hair bobbing up and down as she sucked on his-

Uhg, stop it, Len. You want to dirty your hands again?

Len turned his head to the door. Damn. And I thought this girl would be normal.

"Ahh...! Mnnnh!" It seemed to be getting faster. No sounds coming from a man...? Hmm.

Maybe she's. Ah. Understood.

Len decided to stay quiet and ignore it. Putting the key into the keyhole, he fidgeted, trying to open the door as quietly and quickly as possible.

"Mmmh...! Len...!" A full blown moan.

...Did she just mention my name? I heard wrong, yes. Definitely.

Len resumed to try to open his door when he heard it again, loud and clear.

"Len...! Len...!" Said person's eyes twitched and widened.

You have got to be kidding me. Is she a stalker? Did one of my customers from the cafe follow me here and placed bugs in my apartment room?

No, no, no one knew about this place! I tried to keep this place as low profile as possible!

How did anyone find out!

Fuck. Fuck. What now! Fuckkkk!

His mind was shuffling through a dozen of scenarios, a hundred possibilities, a million of unanswered questions.

Who was she!

"Mmh! Len...! Nngh!"



That was the last straw. He was going to find out tonight.

Len abruptly knocked hard on her door. Rapping two, three, four, times, until he heard more shuffling, someone moving around. Footsteps running in and out; he knocked some more, asking to open up. He didn't care if he was being rude. She was the rude one! What a stalker!

The nerve she had, pl...plea...pleasuring herself using his name!

Len realized he had gotten quite embarrassed thinking of all the things she did using his name. He quickly cleared his head when he heard the footsteps nearing the door.

He rapped at the door again.

She's taking an awfully long time opening the damned door.

"Coming!" He heard from inside, twisting the locks and opening the bolts.

Seriously. Only a pervert that was afraid of someone barging into their doors would have this much locks on their doors!

A fucking pervert that's living next to me!

Impatient, Len decided to knock again when she turned the knob and opened the door all of a sudden, the impact causing a gust to push the air from outside to inside the apartment.

His hand was still poised in the motion, his jacket flapping before dying down as quickly. The light must be playing tricks on his eyes, because he didn't believe, couldn't believe, in fact, what he was looking at.

No, who he was looking at.

He heard a loud gasp as she covered her mouth, garbed in only her bathrobe. He could feel his eyebrows shooting up to his hairline.

That makes two genuinely surprised people.

Though her form was against the light, her face was shadowed, her blonde hair in a mess, and her height taller than he recalled.

He can't help but notice the faint blush of her cheeks from her, ahem, activity, just minutes before. Nevertheless, she looked so, innocently beautiful.

And she was standing in front of him, like how he remembered.

Her tears stained cheeks, the tug of her hands, crying her eyes out, begging him not to depart* those years ago.

Her curves were visible through that stupid thin, and almost transparent, bathrobe which stopped just nicely above her knees, and he felt his stomach taking a bungee jump from the Eiffel tower.

He slowly took in, no, more like drunk in every detail of her from top to bottom and realized that she's slowly growing, maturing, and blossoming into a bigger, larger, and much more practical reason.

The reason why he left home.

*What if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart. W00T! W00T! Anyone find this familiar? It's the lyrics to ffX-2's Yuna's 1000 words, English version. I usually do not like dubbed versions, but this song is good! :'D So touchingly good...!

Okay, okay, it is so obvious from the pairing of the story that the lil lady in this chapter and the last chapter is Rin. Who did not guess it was Rin may need to watch Rin+Len's Adolescence a few more times. Darn, I wanted it to be a surprise, but oh well, too bad. Maybe I should have put the pairing as Len and Miku and give those fans a big surprise! Then there is more suspense right? Since nobody would guess it correctly. Oh wait, then I have to label this story as Horror. Horror when they Len and Miku fans find out that "Miku" is actually Rin. Bwahahahahaha!


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