The Last Boy Scout

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: kit.

A/N: Guys – I wish you all a great new year, packed with happiness and laughter and adventures and good health. A huge "Thank you" to Enkidu and Onyx for this wonderful community – you rock!

Summary: It's one thing to yearn for being an ordinary teenager. It's another thing to accept that 'ordinary' doesn't exist. Wee!chester.

They sat at the bonfire, wolfing down burned sausages on a stick and singing under a starlit sky. It had taken Sam days of begging and a healthy dose of his patented puppy-dog-eyes to get here – and now he felt somehow out of place.

"Okay kids," Mr. Jenkins smiled, holding the flashlight under his double chin. "Up for a ghost story?"

Sam watched the excited boys around him, preparing for the wonderful feeling of shared goosebumps.

"You have no idea", he thought, clasping the survival kit he'd found in his backpack.

Holy water, salt, silver knife.

He relaxed.

Thanks, bro.