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Note: FULL story Rated M for language, sex and violence. This is the Sequel to The Space in Between, otherwise known as the Third in the Feel So Numb storyline. This takes place after Feel So Numb ended, takes place also during Space and picks up after Space later on. We hope you enjoy and if you are squeamish by any of the means in the Rated M topic, maybe you shouldn't be reading this but if you do then it's on you not us. Thank you for reading.

-Wynter & Tori

A mouth parted with a scream loud enough to shake the chains the voice was attached to. The space was infinitely dark and frigid cold the only reprieve was the scorching flash of preternatural white lightning that seared the flesh that was exposed to it. Flash after flash the reek of sweet smelling meat filled the space while blood boiled from the wounds as hot as the screams that poured from the mouth. The chains shook, ripping through the wounds twisting tendons around them and slicing into bone like butter for the marrow to pour out and infect the blood.

The voice fought to overpower the crash of thunder that rippled across the expanse of the sky, if it was indeed a sky and not some colossal vaulted ceiling that had trapped a mighty storm inside it's confines. Unable to bear the weight of it's own body the muscles snapped, chains ripped through hip and shoulder and the body fell screaming being beaten by dozens upon dozens of chains on the way down. Hitting the ground like an meteor, the figure writhed like a thousand insects were upon it, rough leather straps with no ties or buckles were fastened around dirty, bloody thighs with pale skin showing through and what might have been freckles. Leather also bound hips and between legs, stretching up to constrict around the chest and neck tight enough to cut skin.

Demons swarmed to greet the newly arrived, circling around like a school of black slithering fish. In the eye of the cyclone was the figure fighting against the bindings and convulsing, their body seized and relaxed in painful angles as if what was inside was to large for the frame. Back bowing a scream ripped from the throat with thick bloody spittle, the noise wasn't even human and the sound made some demons shriek and cover their ears bowing away for other more curious ones to take their places. What creature was this before them that none, not even the most brave and sadistic, would venture near?

Dust swirled around with each snapped movement like it was being pulled with the motion of the figure though they didn't touch it. Back bowed in a high arc ashen dust blasted out from the circumference of the body and they turned onto their hands and knees spine rippling and shoulder blades angling upwards. The faint tattoo that could be made out sank into the skin before twin sharp and evil shapes pierced through the flesh of the shoulder blades. A violent gust of wind rose upwards to fill the eye of the cyclone, two great wings that were at once terrifying to behold and too difficult to see stretched out in the silhouette of ashen cloud before disappearing.

The leather straps with patterns and symbols burned into them fell useless to the black smudged floor, turning to ash themselves. Some of the demons realized what was happening before them and they ran into the black not caring if their brethren were to follow or stay behind to their fate. Laughter filled the spaces in between where the demons swirled, some still curious and others too afraid to move and follow those that had enough sense about them to flee. The naked figure stood, long wild auburn hair tumbling down a curved back to their ass, thick curls and waves tossed up in their own breeze.

Licking razor sharp fangs with hunger without warning a blazing silver white light flared out from the figure consuming the darkness and every demon in its path. The horde screamed in unison as the divine light destroyed them and the very space in which the figure stood was brought down in ruin. Turning on their heel their hips swayed gently side to side as they walked, the ground quivering and repulsed as it fought in futility against the dire power of the being that walked upon it.

Descending into the black with a smile a cacophony of screams followed, blood curdling and abrupt but once they were cut off permanently from their vocal cords being ripped out their was nothing but the drip, drip patter of blood and other fluids sliding down the tumbled walls. A storm of destruction followed behind the divinity, crushing walls as easily as bones into dust, no intentionally focused thoughts required it was simply the force of the being's will that brought a violent end to the things that existed around it. Another laugh peeled from it's mouth, dark, beautiful and ominous carrying throughout the caverns like a death knell.


A scream rippled in the space. One of pain, blood and even the memories of once before. A birth never really finished and only beginning to pick up where left off before the baby could really be let free to do whatever. Crying followed shortly after and it peeked demons interests as they turned their heads and slithered, crawled and latched on to certain areas to view the soul being tortured. Alex shivered, fear in her gut as she shook from side to side, her limbs crazy in the restraints needing to get out. Everything was horrible and frightening. She had remembered the moment of death, she had remembered it and then she was here where immediately things fell upon her like vultures. Winged creates with faces that held rotted eyes and sharp crooked teeth. Claws ripping into her flesh and tugging to remove her from her position but she wouldn't budge.

"DEAN!" she screamed.

Hell. She was in Hell and she cried, out of her whole life she never wanted to come back again and now that she was here it was like some nightmare she wanted to wake up from. Though she'd never wake up, not ever. Her frame was vibrating from pain and cries and she frantically looked all around, meeting eyes that were solely on her. Hungry, pleased and holding familiarity in them. They knew who she was. Alex whimpered and screamed again as a mouth latched onto her side, gnawing and pulling, jerking her body one way while another was trying the other direction.

No first layer for her, no first layer of Hell, no second, no third and so on and so forth, no she was on another level, she was in the area that anyone could venture to have their fill. After all it was Alex Tatiani, the one that had betrayed them years ago and was alive once more. She was now in their hands and they could finally have the fun they longed to have with her, some of them in the form of rape and torture and others in the form of wanting to kill her over and over again to see that light go out of her eyes. Watch that humanity she had inside her drown till it was minuscule or nonexistent. She was screaming for someone who had been there before, for someone that would never come and one that she in turn betrayed before coming back.

A claw tearing from her chest down to her crotch made her choke on her own blood as it flashed in her face and bubbled up in her throat. Brunette hair matted with ash, dirt and other fluids, her body just the same and ruined. No more of what others would have called tanned and toned but torn and defiled. Clothes were nothing but scraps that had been devoured in the process of tasting her sweet flesh and blood and she writhed. A loud bark filled the so called air around the demons and their victim and they immediately stopped and scrambled away, making clicking, hissing and laughing sounds.

Leon watched the others separate with a look of disdain and anger. Opening his mouth as if to yell he then grinned and flipped them off. "Run along worthless yuppies, this one is mine to handle. You'll all get your time with her when I take my lunch breaks. Scurry away now," he voiced, the sound causing screeches float into the air with wings and other sounds of grumbles and whimpers of fear. No one liked Leon, but no one would dare stand up to him.

The brunette brought her head to stare at the demon walking towards her, setting the hell hound he had brought with his loose so he could have his own way of fun. Leon with his brown hair in small waves as he had let it grow just slightly longer than what Dean's length was but not too long to look disgusting. Green orbs with a shot of hazel blinked at her and he looked her over. The other had done a good job on her but nothing compared to what he was going to do. Touching the flesh he let it heal but made it so then as it healed it was burning and painful to experience, loving the sound of her scream down in Hell once more. He could play games in her dreams and recently when awake but nothing was as delicious or comparable to when she was right before him available to his awaiting hands.

"No," Alex said, shaking her head, hot tears sliding from her eyes once she was down to a normal level of voice and she tried to sink back into the metal bed frame with crisscrossed heavy chines lining across to hold her up. "I can't be here."

"Oh but Alex you are. You've done some very bad things. I'm proud of you on the endnote though, however the other shit that you've been doing. The human shit, the fucking hunting shit and the betraying shit. You know very well that you are meant to be here. Besides, God wouldn't let you behind those white pearly gates because of the down right goody two shoe things you have done don't mean anything compared to what you are. Let's get started shall we?"

Leon moved to the table beside him and looked over the spikes, the syringes, the saws and other lovely toys that were deemed as his. Flicking his black orbs to the female he took one long spike with mini needles on the sides, straps connecting off of it at the end and spread her legs, shoving it inside her sharply and circling the straps around where her thighs met her hips and secured. Alex's legs closed at the pain and she tugged, her abs working from the breathing, sobbing and screaming which in turn made it worse as it dug deeper and tore her inside. Writhing, spasming and yet trying to stay still her head fell back, an injection placed into her neck as she wailed for someone to help her.

Welcome back Alex.


"She's coming!" a demon screamed in panic and went to flee ahead of the rippling surge of power only to become trapped in it. He howled in fright when the creature suddenly appeared behind him and placed its hands upon him one on his chest and the other on his lower back.

Hello little fly, her voice thrummed inside his head making his heart explode inside his chest and he didn't have time to scream from it when his veins lit up like magma under his dirty skin.

He tried to scream then but the creature had placed her hand on his throat, so gentle and it made him quiver before she ripped it out and tore him to pieces with her bare hands. Licking the oily blood from her fingers her luminous eyes fluttered, a freshly turned demon though impure it was fresh and warm and was her first taste after so long. Soon she would taste sweeter blood and the thought made her lick her full lips with longing. Now that the smaller ones had scattered before her like leaves on the wind she heard the baying of many hounds and the galloping of their paws. Teeth gnashed and claws tore at the earth underfoot, barking and grunting filled the silence as a large pack stampeded towards their enemy.

Holding her hands out in offering the air shimmered and the hounds were sent into the air, confused and angry they snarled and snapped at each other when one of their own floated too close. The air was thick with the din of Hellhound sounds as she moved her hands about morphing the beasts to her own image. Landing one by one they turned face racing out in front of their new master turning on their old as easily as a leaf would turn to the sun. She would gather more as she descended turning them upon those who dared to use them against her.

They needed no commands only to devour the twisted souls of the damned because the deeper she went the more there would be and as much fun as she wished to have till she decided to leave there was much she had to do. Stepping forward the very essence of Hell continued to revolt against her presence demanding that she leave. Paying it no mind she went forward on her journey into the deepest circles of Hell, slaughtering demons as easily as batting an eyelash. Her laughter filled the shadows as she stepped down flashes of red tinted light flaring overhead as screams drowned out the noises of cutting and whips.

Human souls being tortured, strung up, strapped down, nailed, roped, buried, the floor was sticky with blood and other fluids, the ash turned to thick muck. Stepping lightly into the large space she listened to the familiar sounds closing her eyes briefly, so many sounds both old and new and so many smells, all old. She had passed through this room thousands upon thousands of times and at the start many of them tried their hand at her but all came up wanting. Still over time she had changed as all things did in Hell and she forgot for many years what she was.

Until a special child was born that carried within her the key of hope, a child that was a sign of changes to come. Terrifying and wonderful changes. So she had sent to the child one that she trusted, one that would teach her and mold her into the prodigy she needed her to be. This was done because she could not reach the child herself, she was trapped in Hell by the means of God's servants. The air changed and it was difficult for the demons to not notice, one by one they ceased their playtime to observe from every corner the divine being that had invaded their realm. The humans stared as well temporarily forgetting where they were if at all possible finding the woman more horrifying than the demons.

There was a way about her that stole deep inside a person's very soul, that subconscious fear, blind dread without a source to blame it upon. Very few were immune to it and exposed to it long enough it would drive them mad with fear. "You're taking away our thunder sweet cheeks," one approached with a prideful hiss, she had long since forgotten to bother with keeping a pleasing human shape and now resembled some twisted hideous monster that inhabited some kid's closet nightmare.

Faster than a blink she brought the heel of her palm down on the demon's forehead and it's liquid black eyes burst into flaming silver light which flowed down and consumed the rest of her body. The sky flashed blood red and shadows crawled over every surface, she pointed her hand skyward as the demons dropped down around her to attack. Some humans that were not pinned down tried to escape, they would soon find there was no escape from Hell, people didn't escape they were let out.


Eyes constantly open, she hyperventilated, chest heaving and then quickening as sobs wracked her before another loud scream pierced the veil of other screams. Hers being louder than theirs, head thrown back and sweat coating her entire body. Leon had been carving at her for years. So many years, yet she hadn't even become what he had longed her to be just yet. She still had many more to go. Petting her face with the knife, cutting into it and then stepping back. "You really disappoint me Alex. When will you realize that you need to embrace all this?"

Alex whimpered and another scream ripped out as he pulled the lines to the hooks he had forced through her breasts. Taking one swift motion with the long blade he had she fell to the floor where she had been suspended, her chest bleeding and gone and slowly it began to heal with painful clarity, her writhing on the ground as she clawed at her own chest. He had strapped things onto her body that were inside of her body in various places so when she moved it hurt just as bad. Turning his back on her he shook his head with a laugh and he could hear her stand, needing to stand and her feet beginning to work as she ran, stumbling, screaming and crying. He'd let her go, let her wander and then pick her back up once others have toyed with the brunette.

She ran through the tunnel only to go into darkness, the feeling of hands sliding along her body and cutting her as she went made her fall to the ground in fear, kicking out and crawling, scrambling to get to her feet to run once more as she bled. Alex was yanked against one of the rock walls as magma was seeping out now and then to burn her body, hands massaging her breasts and gripping her hair. A demon came out and grinned, tilting his head to the side. "Why kitten, you've lost your way," he spoke as black spittle came out to land on her body as he played with her clit the best he could with the thing deep inside her.

Nail cutting against her lower half made her cry out and that was when his tongue entered, enlarging like some kind of dick and biting down her throat, swallowing her own tongue and blood coated her chin from it. Gagging, screaming and she finally released energy which made him fly back and the hands release her. Wiping her mouth, the blood continued to flow. Alex continued her path to run, going and going, hearing hell hounds, hearing demons, hearing screams. Too much, all too much. Something was standing before her as she turned and she trembled, frozen and wounded. Falling to her knees as she shook her head, more tears to mingle with the mess on her face.

"No, no, no. Please. No," she cried at the new thing before her, scary and no doubt wanting her blood next, her screams.


Movements as graceful and liquid as a dancer in water and she moved like she danced soulful and primal but it was no dance. Her feet and hands landed ferociously, strikes meant to break bone and rend muscle useless were exacted in perfect flowing sequences. When a human found themselves in the way of the female and a demon they were not spared, she tore into them as viciously as she had any demon. The only thing they had to offer her was their blood, which she drank in great mouthfuls her hunger never sated because she had been starved for millennia.

Fresh blood dripping down her front she continued her battle dance as the demons carelessly threw themselves at her. Several groups of them stopped the reckless behavior instincts telling them if they left her alone she would leave them alone to go back to their torturing. They could only hope. There was no mercy in her eyes when some groveled at her feet for their lives, she kicked them on their sides and stepping over brought her foot down on their head. She crushed the quivering demon's skull under her foot taking the blood from her chest and licking it off her fingers. It was sickening to watch them beg, weak pathetic shells of their human selves, she couldn't decide which she hated more.

Another one had begun to cry and plead behind her and her lip curled back with a snarl to silence the weeping bitch. Turning in a blink her mercurial silver orbs flared at the sight of the brunette on her knees, the recognition on her face warring with darker emotions. Her voice purred like sex in Alex's head, there were no words only sounds but when she grabbed Alex to lift her up by the throat her face was dark and the soft noise of recognition turned to thunderous animal sounds that caused the brunette to flinch and cry. Then the voice laughed sweet and ominous the other hand coming up to brush Alex's hair, loving how the half demon was so terribly afraid of her now. She could drink it in; coax it out of her like cum.

Why have you betrayed me? Her voice whispered nightmarish in Alex's head.

Other demons watched on, smiling that Alex had been caught and would be killed by the monster among them albeit too soon according to some. She moved Alex around causing her to scream because she knew of all the devices buried under her flesh. Placed there by a demon that had toyed with her to the point of annoyance, she would make time for Leon.

Alex stared into the things eyes and she screamed, the pain incredibly evident and the sight, the sound of this thing was taking her and destroying her. Little by little, Hell was taking all that she had gained. Taking her human soul and just ruining her. "I...I don't...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I didn't..." Alex apologized, she didn't recognize the thing until she had seen the orbs plain as day.


She felt worthless, she felt horrified and she knew she couldn't get out of Hell. It wasn't that easy and it made her cry more to know that she'd continue to deal with such torture and sights that would make her wish that it was only a dream. Alex closed her eyes and screamed when she was moved once more, snapping them open, her hands went to her body needing the straps off but she wouldn't get them off. Not unless something wanted them off.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted it to end. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean any of it. Please," she whimpered.

Nothing's that easy. I'm not going to get away with an apology.

Demonic chatter bounced off the walls in excited tones, this one had made the great Alex Tatiani scream. The half demon was a legend in Hell, but to many she was a phantom of her former self, a betrayer deserving of the deepest pits of Hell. Astarte snarled, a tremor running up from the ground and towards the chattering demons to silence them several paying for their talkative nature with their lives. Silence fell and Astarte turned back to Alex filling her mind with the hissing of a thousand serpents.

You mean you did not intend to sheath my wolf's cock with your filthy cunt again and again until you both came to your full? She bared her fangs with a growl and forced the veins in Alex's skin to rise painfully to the surface then with a venom lick to Alex's neck she set the veins on fire making them pulse with black infected blood. You will pay for this sin against me, I gave you life and you took what was most precious to me and corrupted it for your own selfish desires. Astarte's wrath was palpable and the Goddess fed drip by drip the searing light of her divinity into Alex's demonic body until the veins were no longer black but pathways of light and the pain was excruciatingly indescribable.

Screaming so loud, her throat convulsed, her hands on Astarte to push her away but only succeeded in tightening her hands. Alex needed to get away and she knew that the demons were loving her screams. Her entire body fought and bled and she cried harder than anything before now. Her screams nothing but loud noise and Alex shook her head frantically as her eyes needed to look anywhere but on Astarte. Pushing and pushing she kicked out and was on the ground in an instant on her back, bringing her arms in to her chest and her legs bent as she bawled, sounding like some pathetic child. That's what she was. A child in Hell, simple as that.

"I'm sorry," she whined, her breath audible as she inhaled roughly as more sobs wracked her body. "Please don't hurt me." A scream ruined her vocal chords when Astarte's body was now on top of her and she turned her head to the side to avoid her face. Weak. Alex was weak and pathetic. "HELP!"

You're only sorry because you're afraid.

Astarte laughed down at the piteous haggard form of Alex with a deadly glint in her mercurial orbs. With a single hand she gripped Alex's jaw and forced the brunette to look at her, look at me child, she demanded. The ground rumbled underneath, the source was Astarte's constantly flowing energy at odds with Hell itself. Several of the demons squeaked and squealed scurrying away into darker corners to hide from the glaring light emanating from Astarte's being.

Who do you think will help you here? Her voice hissed as she narrowed her eyes and crashed her hips down onto Alex's to compress against the torture device inside of her, your sexually frustrated pupil perhaps? He would only intervene out of jealousy or boredom wanting you to self and he would fail.

Astarte growled at the thought of the demon, menacing little annoyance of a man that used to be human. She had been there to watch him change, taking an interest in Alex at the time because of her contact with Von, she had witnessed Leon's metamorphosis. Before she had been too weak to fight him off and break through his illusions and demonic power, he had flicked her away like a pesky ant. The tide had turned and if Leon dared present himself to Astarte she would have her way with him.

Screaming in Astarte's face at the pressure down below. Tears coming down her face more and more to the point that it just glistened. "No! I hate Leon. I'd rather he die than go back to him. And yes I'm scared, but I'm not just saying sorry because of that. Do you think I honestly enjoyed finding out that I was being used? If I had known I would have never had sex with Sam. If I had known it was just some sick and twisted way for Ruby to get her socks off and ruin everything, then I wouldn't have. I would never do that to Von...to Dean."

Alex went to shake her head out of Astarte's grasp but failed and yelped, stopping and meeting her eyes. I'm telling the truth. I'm sorry.

"In all honesty since you want me to explain myself...though I'm dead fucking scared...Sam's not your wolf. He's Von's. You are no Von and in no way are you my mother like you seem to have been drilled into my brain. You may have brought me back but I didn't ask you to. Then I would never have fucked everything up!"

Alex bucked, the drive to fight out of this kicked in but she screamed in pain all the same, not getting far as her throat was becoming more and more raw from the loud wail escaping, her neck arching and body writhing. Another cry. Another whimper. Alex couldn't win. Whatever the demons, whatever Leon wanted her to be, she was weak. She couldn't be that and she wouldn't. She'd fight and take all the pain in Hell, but she didn't want to succumb to that part of her that was eve scarier to Alex than Leon and Astarte combined. Why? Because it was her, she had to live it and she was it. Whatever that it was.

Leaning back on Alex's hips Astarte blinked flashing familiar forest green orbs before the entire eye clouded over with silver-blue once again. Blinking again the perfect silver hue pulled back to reveal the human green. "I am Von. Whether you were tricked or not had nothing to do with you wanting to fuck Sam so don't try to make yourself out to be more of a naive slut than you already are in order for me to take pity on you." She leaned over and sniffed Alex, slicing the woman's neck open with her nails. Sniffing at the blood she gave it a small taste off her finger and found it displeasing. "I saved you from causing bigger fuck ups but it seems your journey has come full circle and you're back in my arms."

Light passed from the red head into Alex making the half demon's body illuminate like a firefly's. The pain was intense and skirted the edges of when Astarte used her power to kill demons, it was enough to cause Alex unbearable agony and make her wish for death. Letting the light ebb away Astarte gripped Alex's bleeding throat and lifted the upper half of her body at a twisting angle that made the hunter's spine pop out of place along several vertebrae.

Ooooohhh, Alex.

She blinked silvery orbs at the brunette and rubbed the length of her body overtop Alex's as her voice purred through her head with all the grace of barbed wire lined with velvet. Betrayal was not something she took lightly, Alex had served her purpose but made some disappointing choices towards the end that Astarte could not overlook. Her heart was indeed broken over what had passed and it had mended itself into a wounded violent scar.

You've grown a spine in the last several minutes.

Most of the words sounded more animal than an intelligible speech pattern and Astarte curled back twisted Alex around and onto her stomach. Digging her fingers in, Astarte began to scratch into Alex's back bone until the glistening white was revealed, then little by little she dissected each vertebrae from it's home in her back and crushed it to dust in the palm of her hand.

Pain laced every scream and that was when her eyes flashed black and blue, a laugh escaping her that sounded all too different. Alex had hit that trigger, that one specific level of pain that no other could bring her to and she laughed very heartily even as she screamed and winced. "Oooh, that feels so good Astarte, tell me what's your secret? I've spent years down here and you are the first one to make me smile," Alex said, breathing heavily before whipping her arms around and her body, using muscles and her own energy to do so.

Knocking the red head back she landed gracefully with one leg stretched out and the other helping her crouch. Blinking a few times she shook her head and let her knee collapse so she could rest on them. Whatever Leon had done to her, given her...or maybe it was just Hell. Leon could press her buttons but Astarte could press them more. Her eyes flicked to the red head and she stared at her worried. This is what Leon wanted out of Alex, she unknowingly dove out of his torturing hands and into ones that would bring her. Bring her to what? What Hell wanted? What he wanted? Alex stared at her hands as she trembled, healing in her back and her neck and she looked up with a grin on her face, tilting her head to the side like a doll, like the old Alex with new hardware.

"If I beg nicely on my knees, will you fuck me too? I already know how big of a slut I am. Ever since Dean hit me under the skirt, I've been a new woman in that sex placement. Tell you what Astarte; I'm done being your bitch. What can I say? The sex must not be that good with you if you won't share your toys." Alex stood up and went to the straps on her body, undoing them easy with the fire seeping from her fingers; they fell to the ground as she stared at the things still inside her body. Removing the one in her crotch seemed the most important before she tossed it at Astarte, watching her catch it she laughed and clapped her hands. "I know you want to hurt me, you won't kill me because let's face it. You still like me; you still want to have fun with me. It was only about Von wasn't it? Me to protect her, to be there for her, watch your own damn blood and vessel. Now that's out of the way and inside you. You want a piece of me in whatever way you can get. Well...come and get me then mommy." She gestured with her hands.