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Lenna crouched in a corner of the great hall, holding on to Harry as her magic swirled around both of them, stirring her long black hair. She was sobbing softly, trying desperately to heal all the injuries her friend had sustained in the battle. She barley noticed the approach of Albus Dumbledore and several Order members. Hearing the footsteps she looked up, and fear was immediately apparent on her face.

"You can't take him from me," she cried before they could say anything. She knew instinctively from the looks in their eyes that if they got him from her they would kill him.

"Child, he is to dangerous to allow to run unfettered. Please do not fight us on this," Albus said.

"NO! You can't have him, he's like a brother to me! He's won your battle for you, now leave us alone!" Lenna wailed. She was shaking, her magic flaring as she rose to her feet. Lucius Malfoy had been standing in another corner during this confrontation. The aurors guarding him wondered why this normally arrogant and fierce fighter was being so submissive, behaving almost as if he expected to get beaten. His eyes, however, had never left the strange young girl with Harry, and the aurors began to wonder if he knew her. They got their answer when she screeched in pain and screamed "Luci!" They turned reflexively at the terrified and pained scream. Lucius, on the other hand, bolted. With a single step he disapperated violently, only to reappear next to the children.

He pulled them from the path of a bone-breaking hex, but it clipped his leg, breaking his ankle. He stumbled heavily but stayed on his feet, and managed to help Lenna to her feet at the same time. Her magic flared wildly, forcing Albus and the Order to step back as it grew into a towering vortex around herself and those with her. Suddenly a soft voice spoke to those within the tower of magic, "I'm the castle of Hogwarts young ones. Leave this place at once, I'm not sure I can contain Albus and

his group much longer."

"Thank you castle for giving us a chance," Lucius replied, grey eyes glazed with pain but still alert.

"Go now, children of magic," the castle ordered gently. She watched sadly as the blond male disapperated with the help the girl child's magic offered him. She then turned her attention back to the ones left in the castle and noted who was with the Albus and company and who wasn't. Those for Harry were pitifully few. Luna, Neville, the Twins, Hermonie, Bill, Charlie, Fleur. The students in Slytherin house were floored that these ungrateful wretches had turned on the one who'd saved them, a child no less, and wanted nothing to do with them. They may not have liked, and even hated Harry, but even he didn't deserve this type of treatment for doing everything the 'light' side of the war had asked of him. So the castle reported her findings, sad as they were, to Magic.

"What have you found Rose?" Magic asked. Her soft voice held a dangerous edge.

"I did my best to see that Lucius escaped with the children, but they are all suffering from injuries. Harry still carries his most of his battle injuries, although Lenna was able to stabilize him. Lenna herself is suffering from untreated battle wounds as well as Order inflicted injures, and Lucius has untreated internal injuries and a broken ankle. Lenna's magic has been focused on healing Harry and trying to protect him and Lucius from the order, and Lucius' magic has been focused on getting them out of there. Both of them are making their own hurts worse, and the unintended jostling was starting to undo Lenna's work on Harry. They have gone back to Malfoy Manor. Luna, Neville, the Twins, Hermonie, Bill, Charlie and Fleur are the only ones who still support Harry. The remaining Slytherin students are disgusted with the 'light and while they may hate Harry even they realize he doesn't deserve what's happening to him. They will never actively help him in most cases, but they will never help the 'light' after this display. There are a few others I cannot yet say as they were either not in the room or unconscious at the time. This includes Lupin, Tonks, Shacklebolt, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan those are the last that Harry

considered close to him."

"Lenna and Lucius had no one close to them?" Magic asked softly.

"For Lenna, Lucius and Harry are her world she is an orphan who lived on the streets, and she met Harry when they were six. She was his only friend, despite Dudley's gang of bullies. Lucius found her cold and shivering on the street and gave her a hot meal and dry clothes before letting her go. He was unable to actually house her for obvious reasons, but he took care of her the best he could without putting her in another home. She calls him Luci or Daddy. As for Lucius, I think you know more of him than I do, but I do know she has become his world, and by extension Harry has as well. He will do pretty much anything to keep them safe. Draco didn't survive the battle, not that he was a real loss, so Lucius really has no blood ties left in this world. I think he may have adopted Lenna muggle style though, and from her excitement, I think he was going to try for Harry also. But the attack happened before Lenna could speak to me and tell me what had her so excited and happy."

"Rose, please assess those who are unconscious when they wake, and find out what happened to the others you mentioned. I am leaving this world, and am taking the few I see fit not to make suffer for the rest of this wretched place. The survivors of this world will go to one of my other worlds. They will still know each other and be friends, but they will have no memory of this world. They'll never see Harry again, but they'll know that he has a loving family and is happy if not safe."

"I'll do my best, Magic, but I shall miss you and the children," the castle replied.

"Thank you, Rose. I intend to move you to an empty castle that is similar to this one that is in need of a loving soul to protect the current children. I've already instated Minerva as the new head mistress there. I'll be back later, I need to deal with Harry's group now."

Meanwhile Lucius and the children reappeared in Malfoy Manor's master bedroom with a wild surge of magic that awoke the house and set the protective wards glowing with power. Lucius knew he was badly hurt, but the kids meant more to him at the moment, so he set them on the bed and made them comfortable as he could in his condition before collapsing across the foot of the bed himself. This was how Magic found them, and it was the final straw. Magic was leaving, but she was uncertain of what to do with these three. No matter what world they went to Lucius would never be allowed to have custody of them, but the children needed him as much as he needed them. She stabilized all three and left to warn the Goblins and other magical creatures of the imminent move while she thought about the situation. Returning a few hours later she still was unsure of what to do. Then she thought of her technical counterpart. "I wonder if he could give me any ideas?" Magic left and was soon knocking on Primus' "door". He answered looking startled by her appearance.

"Ah, Magic. To what do I owe this visit?"

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