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"Many thanks for allowing me to these lonely sparks find hope for the future. for their pasts are now unknown, but their future is brighter. May happiness find you in the new world, gallant lady." Primus returned, bowing slightly before leaving back to his own dimension.

Meanwhile, Sideswipe and Ironhide were headed out to check the unknown pings on their frequencies. It didn't take them long to reach the forest, and with the beacons they soon came across the last thing they ever expected to see. Three Seekers lay motionless on the ground. They were all primarily black, but the adult's wings were a pale platinum colour. One of the sparklings with him had green wings, and the other had royal blue with flashes of purple. All were badly damaged.

"Uh, Hide, are you seeing what I'm seeing" Sideswipe asked in bewilderment.

"Yeah, and I don't believe my processor either," Ironhide returned before opening a com link to both Ratchet and Prime. They answered and Ironhide said, "You are not going to believe me, but we just found a family of seekers. They're all badly injured, and two of them are sparklings. From the looks of it the grown seeker is their carrier, and he's in no better shape than his sparklings. They're all offline right now, but they'll deactivate soon if they don't get help. I can't see any kind of markings on them so likely the mech is a neutral."

"We'll be there shortly." Prime out.

"Prime and Ratchet are on their way." Ironhide said.

"Good, cause I don't think these guys are going to last much longer without help," Sideswipe replied softly.

It wasn't long before Prime, Ratchet, Sunstreaker and Jolt showed up. Ratchet transformed immediately and went to check on the family. It took all of about three seconds for him to be swearing angrily.

"What's the issue, Ratchet?" Prime asked gingerly.

"I'd like to get my servos on whoever has been torturing these guys. The carrier has numerous broken internal wiring and energon lines, and his left stabilizing strut is broken clean through. The first sparkling looks as if someone tried to scramble his internals without breaking the skin. The second sparkling is a femme and it seems as if she's in about the same condition as her brother. All of them have helm damage, and worst of all, spark damage although the mech carrier is the worst."

"This is not good, we need to get them back to base ASAP. Prime, the female gives me the same sense you did when you were a sparkling..." Ratchet trailed off abruptly.

The black and white blond carrier stirred slightly and blinked open shocking grey optics. Then before they could stop him, the mech rose to his feet, standing despite his obvious pain. The broken strut was supporting no weight and he was on his feet from sheer will power. He bent down to pick up the sparklings, then moved several shaky steps to a nearby boulder and sat down carefully. Settling the little ones in his lap, he leaned back slightly against a tree before he noticed the wide-opticked bots watching him.

"Who are you people, and why do you stare at me?" his voice flowed from his vocalizer in a soft tenor that was tinged with pain and fear.

"You shouldn't be able to stand much less walk in your condition, but what is your designation?" Ratchet asked, voice low and soothing. He'd noticed the fear in the mech's voice.

"I am Sunstorm the femme is Warpstorm; her brother, Jetstorm." That said, the mech fell into stasis, unable to stay awake despite his fear. Ratchet scowled and they all hurried about getting the family onto transport. Once on the way back to base, Ratchet called Optimus and waited for a response.

"Yes Ratchet?"

"We are going to have to be very careful with the carrier. He was terrified of us, not as bots or cons, but as mechs. I'm afraid he may have been beaten into submission over a long period of time, he had that air about him. Optimus, I'm afraid that none of them will likely remember anything that happened to them. Between the trauma and the helm damage, I'm fairly certain that they'll have extensive memory loss. I don't like not knowing what could set SunStorm off, outside of his sparklings. Despite his injuries he's extremely strong for a seeker of that build, and with no memories it could be dangerous as neither himself nor us will have any idea of what he's capable of."

"I agree with you on that Ratchet but if SunStorm has been abused, hopefully he's not the type that strikes out every time someone moves. Anyway, what did you mean by saying that the femme, WarpStorm reminded you of me?"

"Her spark, despite the damage feels like your's did as a sparkling, that odd sense of strength and leadership. A spark that feels larger than life"

"So your saying she might be a prime," Optimus said, startled.

"Yes, but only time will tell, right now she's a hurting, and likely very scared, sparkling. Ratchet out."

they rolled through the base gates and Ratchet kicked everyone but Mikela and Jolt from the med bay as soon as the family was on berths. Ratchet knew a good deal about the seeker body, and with the help of the other two, it didn't take to long to stabilize SunStorm and allow his repair systems to take over and finish the job. They left him in a medical stasis and turned their attention to the two sparklings. It took them most of the night to mostly heal the little ones, but they did finish. Leaving the little family in stasis they went to catch a few hours of sleep or recharge as appropriate.

Ratchet was woken about 8 earth hours later by the chirping cries of the sparklings. Getting up, he headed for their room and was immediately greeted by the sight of the two wailing sparklings, who turned optics bright with energon tears on him. To his surprise the femme had bright white optics, while the brother had emerald green optics. Moving quickly He got them both bottles of energon which, much to his surprise the femme was able to drink on her own while he fed Jetstorm. Both sparklings made little happy sounds once their tanks were full and crawled around a bit on the berth before snuggling back up together and drifting back into recharge.

"You're good with them despite your temper." SunStorm's beautiful tenor rolled over Ratchet, startling him. He turned abruptly and found himself staring into bright grey optics.

"Primus, you startled me, Sunstorm!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," SunStorm replied, frightened.

"No harm done, I should have been paying more attention than I was," Ratchet assured SunStorm easily. "Do you remember anything other than your designation?"

"No, I do not. Did I do something wrong?" Sunstorm was becoming agitated again.

"No, you did nothing wrong. I just wondered if you remembered what happened to put you three in such bad condition."

"Nothing specific. Only the need to get away from someplace and make sure my sparklings were safe. Outside of that, nothing but pain and terror" Sunstorm replied.