Second fanfic I've done. I don't own anything. Enjoy.


Felt really good.

The sun was peaking thru the curtains, the sheets he laid on were cool, and the perfect body lying almost on top of him was the ice cream, whip cream, and cherry of this marvelous moment.

A hand started moving lazily around his chest, while he reciprocated by stroking his god's back.

"Dorian, stop comparing me with whatever you are comparing me with." murmured Klaus against Dorian's chest.

After a moment of silence, Dorian asked "How do you know I was… how do you do that?"

Klaus did not respond and just laid there. Then as if somebody called list he sprung out of the bed, the sheets flying in all directions, only to be stopped by two strong arms around his chest pulling him back to bed.

"Oh, no you don't." giggled Dorian

"Damn it, Eroica, we cannot just lay there like two lazy idiots." Although squirming, he didn't try to break free.

"Hmm… now I'm back to Eroica." Wondered dorian. Then sighed and added "Major, major… who said we are just going to lay here." While his hand started the journey of exploring the plains of Klaus section below the waist, going beyond the border of his pajamas pants. That's where Klaus started smirking again. Poor major couldn't do it after an hour later to the breakfast.