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The Beginning Arc

Chapter 1: New Girl in Town

They say that America is the land of dreams! They say that New York is the heart of its many organs and circulatory bloody vessel things…I was never a whizz at science, give me a break. They say if you ever want to start your life over, New York would be the perfect place for that. That would be great for me, except for one tiny problem; I don't want to start my life over. It was just fine the way it was before! However, that 's to be expected when your dad is one of the top fire fighters in the state, moving about is rare but it can happen.

Back home in Tennessee, I was just Debbie Jackson, your average 17-year-old girl. Brunette, blue eyes, always wearing reading glasses that I never really needed but just couldn't be bothered to take off. I was quiet and only kept myself with a few good friends, but the quiet thing is mostly a ploy. See I'm not just your average, quiet girl…I'm also one of the many real-life costumed superheroes ready to make my name in the world. Unfortunately though, despite starting this superhero shtick for about four months back home, stopping thugs and rescuing cats from trees, I never quite got the publicity that other heroes in the state have got…okay I got hardly any at all. Only the occasional rumor at schools and street corners, but it's not like I was ever asked to be apart of talk shows or have anyone ask for my autograph. I was like the urban legend that wasn't that exciting.

If movies and comics have taught me anything, is that the epicenter of trouble is the big apple itself. So who knows? Maybe a few rescues here is just what I need to get my popularity up, after all, that's one of the main reasons why I wanted to go into the costumed vigilante business. Most heroes do it for the classic revenge for loved ones murder or to help their fellow man, me? I just wanted to put my name in the headlines and make me feel good about myself, also to inspire some people to do the right thing and not go down that dark path.

You may or may not have noticed I have a habit of babbling like a shy bookworm that just got asked out by the hot jock to prom. I think it's time we just rolled on with the story; after all it's the superhero action you want right? I'd be more than happy to oblige except for one problem…first day of a new school.

I'm not shy or anything about my first day, and if it shows, remember it's just an act. Think Superman playing the bumbling Clark Kent. The problem I have is just the lack of motivation to go to school, come on I'm a teenager, what sane teenager would want to go to school? Yes I know that may be a question I'll look back on and laugh at years from now when I have a do-or-die job, but right now I'm standing by it. At least we don't have to wear school uniforms, then I'd be mad, I've got at least five sets of clothes I need to try and do you know how hard it is to try new clothes when you go to a school that supplies uniform?

''Debbie…'' I hear my mom calling. ''Hurry up or you'll miss the bus.''

''Is that a bad thing?'' I shouted back sarcastically, and tried to suppress a laugh knowing what my mom's reaction would be.

''Only if you don't mind having washing up duty for the rest of the week!'' Okay one-nil to the mother as I finished up and got my things ready; double-checking to make sure I had my lucky emerald necklace on. It was plastic, fake of course, but so important to me. It was a gift from a special friend. Anyway, I hurried out of my room and made my way down stairs, greeted by the site of mom preparing breakfast. ''Gets you every time that one does!'' She smirked, not even needing to look at me to know I was defeated.

''Eliza Jackson, the war isn't over yet!'' I replied quickly stuffing myself with beans and toast.

''Whoa, what's the rush?'' Mom asked, shocked that I finished my breakfast before she even turned to the table with her food.

''Get school over with, that's the rush. Also I wanted to visit dad afterwards, see how he's doing at the new station.''

''Well, that's okay. And don't rush school, you may enjoy it.''

I stared back blankly at her. ''You had me…right up until you said school!''

''You'll be fine,'' My mother said, however she couldn't hide the seriousness on her face and I dreaded what was coming next. ''Just as long as you get into no more fights.''

Since I began training to become a crime -fighter all those months ago, my skills in battle have unintentionally shown in old schools where some punk would pick on my friends or me. ''I promise, if someone starts with me I'll only break one of their hands and not both.''

''Debbie!'' She snapped at me.

''I was just joking I don't break hands, sure I sprained a couple but that's not as bad…''

''I don't want to hear it,'' She cut in. ''Just make some new friends and get through this as calmly as possible. Because if you get detention on the first day, not only will you not be allowed to visit your father at the station, but it will also make the rest of the year a misery for you. So if any one does give you trouble?''

You won't believe the amount of times my parents have made me rehearsed this…OVER 9000! Sorry, I'm a big Dragon ball Z fan. Groaning I went along with her demands. ''If anyone does give me trouble … I walk away and ignore them.''


''Okay, but what if I make friends and someone gives them trouble, do I ignore that?''

''I'm afraid you have to; you have no idea what it could be about. Plus you shouldn't make friends with someone that attracts trouble.''

''Mom this is school, people get picked on at least once for whatever reason.''

She sighed knowing that I was speaking the truth, I've seen it happen; people treating others like crap for the fun of it, as much as I now hate to admit it I...knew people like that personally, before I had real friends to help me. ''I know you're just looking to do the right thing, but you remember what we've told you…violence never solves thing.''

I could hear the guilt meter ticking away inside my head; mom was almost a complete pacifist. Whenever a real-life superhero comes up on the news she would look away in shock at some of the mayhem that has been caused. If she knew about half the stuff I did…my thoughts was cut short once I heard the sound of a bus pulling up outside. ''Oh shit!'' I quickly grabbed my books and made a run for the door.

''Ah, Debbie language!'' Mom called out.

''I know it's English!'' I called back as I ran out the door and shut it behind me.

So I sat alone at the back of the bus, big deal. Probably the glasses that have turned off all the boys, and the girls never start talking to someone until you walk towards the building. Don't know why that is, maybe its just some hidden co de I need to pick up on? Finally, the bus came to a stop, and we arrived at New Miller High School, I was surprised at how big the school was, well it was bigger than my old one back in Tennessee, don't know if there are more bigger than this. I'm more thrilled at seeing my dad's new fire station and meeting his new crew, it's a shame we had to leave the old one. His old crew was like an extended family, I can remember all staying over and having parties with them whenever duty didn't call. Oh God, the teary goodbye I had with each of them when I knew we would be leaving…I seem to have a lot of teary goodbyes.

I must have looked the right nerd at the moment; glasses, books in my arms, bag nestled over my shoulder and standing amidst a crowd of people whom were all talking to their friends and what not. Train of thought was cut off as someone bumped into me from behind, followed by books and paperwork tumbling out of said person's arms and mine.

''Hey watch it!'' The person spat, some skinny girl around my age. Black hair almost covering her whole face, glasses almost twice the size of mine and actually dressed in what looked like school uniform, and this school doesn't do school uniform!

Despite her harsh tone of voice at me a second ago, she seemed almost petrified of me as she tried to pick up all of her paperwork and keep her head down from looking at me again. Needing to grab my books as well I kneeled down and grabbed my things while attempting an apology. ''Sorry about that.'' I helped her with her books as well.

''It's fine,'' She said hoarsely. ''I've been having a rough morning and I just want to…''

''Hey Sasha!'' Some guy called out in our direction. The girl, obviously Sasha looked back towards the caller. ''You're just as bad trying to sleep with girls as much as guys!'' He had the looks department down…brown hair, white shinning teeth and a body figure that would make any girl drool. Typical jock.

Standing by the jock's side was another kid waiting for a high five. ''Good one Andrew!'' He was much meeker, with darker brown hair, a checker shirt and rucksack almost as large as himself.

The caller, Andrew, looked back at the person next to him, eyes darting between his face and the hand still expecting a high five of some kind. ''Shut up Martin!'' He said. Martin lowered his hand in defeat and backed off as Andrew approached us, his eyes never leaving my body. ''Well Sasha I can tell you one thing, at least you set your standards high.''

''Charmed.'' I replied without really concentrating on him, I just wanted to get my things and move on before I would be forced to do something that my mom would crucify me for. But it seems I won' t to be escaping anywhere today as a hand grabbed the rest of my things and handed them to me, Andrew's hand of course.

''Never seen you around here before, with the way you look you should come with a warning sign.'' He smirked as we both stood up; he didn't even bother to get Sasha's things.

I tried to suppress a chuckle but it didn't work. ''Do you use that on every girl you talk too?''

''Only the ones that deserve my attention, the name's Andrew Crane,'' For the first time he forced his gaze off me and down on Sasha, who still was too scared to come up, and Andrew took full advantage of it. ''Well it's about time you knew your place, in the dirt!''

''I-I-I w-was…'' She started but couldn't get out any coherent words after as Andrew mocked her some more. I feel bad now for knocking her down, not to mention probably pissing her pants by scaring her as well.

Then out of the blue I feel Andrew's large arm wrap around my shoulder in such a possessive manner. ''Listen, I'm the hotshot around here. Captain of the Basketball team, the one student that everyone in this school knows and loves, so If you want to make it through without any problems, or if an gives you a hard time, I'm here for you.''

He didn't mean that in a friendly way, oh no, I knew exactly what he wanted and was suggesting. I seriously felt like just socking this guy where the sun don't shine and leaving, but I need to keep up my shy girl persona if I want to get through my double life without a hitch or arousing any suspicion. Forcing a smile and giggle I tried to get out of his grasp without making it look too forced. ''I appreciate that very much.''

''I'm just here to always help the pretty lady.'' He said smugly.

That's when his little minion Martin stood next to him. ''And you are pretty pretty…I mean you know…pretty pretty.''

I was about to thank him when Andrew just barged him aside like he was a featherweight, which really didn't surprise me, the guy looked like he hardly had any meat over his bones. Andrew smirked at me. ''You'll have to forgive my friend, little Martin McKenzie here just says the dumbest things.''

''He's not the only one!'' I mumble under my breath so he can't hear as I back a way from them with a smile. ''Thank you again, but I really should be heading into class now.''

''Hey no worries,'' He smiled devilishly at me once more before he and his partner in crime Martin retreated inside the school. But he didn't completely leave before turning back to me and shouting out. ''Stick with me and you'll like it here.''

I waved back at him until he had finally left me alone. Jeez, still twenty minutes to go before school even starts and already I've upset someone and got a boy I despise wanting to get in my pants. Maybe for Andrew I could shrug off the good girl persona just to get him off my back?

Well, something tells me New York won't be boring at all.

So first day of school didn't turn out to be the boring disaster I feared it would be, even without that little morning meeting with the muscle brain. Although nothing exciting really happened either, I didn't have a mob of people greeting me, wanting to know all about the new girl, in fact, I was pretty much ignored all together. They either just saw me as some cute nerd that would bore them to death, or that I was some emo with no social life and was looking for more people to convert into some satanic cult…trust me, that rumor can happen!

As for that girl Sasha, she kind of disappeared. I never got another glimpse of her after the incident this morning. From what I've heard about her around the school, she never gets involved with anything and pretends to not exist. As for that Andrew and his sidekick Martin, thankfully they never noticed me for the rest of the day, although it was hard to never notice Andrew, as he would always have the other jocks with him joking around while he had different girls admiring him. Yeah I'm defiantly not going to get with him anytime soon, not my type of people anymore.

Lessons? Can't say much else, just because I was the new student didn't mean I wasn't giving any excuse. I was zapped in to the boring world of pie charts, biology, and epicenters of seismic activities on a vast geological scale…seriously who needs this stuff in real life? Learn how to make money, learn to cook and do the laundry and that's it, life sorted.

The day ended finally and now I could rush over to my father's new station and see it for myself, he'd give me directions in case I ever wanted to visit. It will be nice to hang around before going out for the night on patrol…yes, tonight I'm going to show off the newest superhero to grace New York's alleyways and rooftops. However, before I could make my way over to the new station, I noticed someone else making the exact same turn in front of me. I continued walking behind until I finally had a good idea who it was, hard not to know when I knocked all those books out of her arms at the beginning of the day. ''Sasha!'' I called out.

She turned around somewhat surprised to see me behind her. ''Are you following me?''

''No, you just happen to be heading down the same road I do to get home, which must be close by to yours, how neat is that?'' I tried to act friendly. ''Listen about earlier, I think we got of the wrong foot, I'm sorry I bumped into you. And I don't really want any bad blood, first day in New York and everything.''

''If you didn't want any bad blood you shouldn't have hung around with Andrew Crane!''

''That? It was nothing; he's so not my type. Give it he's a hunk and he's got arms that can make hearts melt, he's just a bully, and I so don't hang around with bullies anymo…I mean,'' Way to go Debbie, trying to make a new friend and you mention your dark times from the past, smooth. ''Uh...'' After that slip-up, I found it difficult to think up anything to say to her. ''Want to be friends? '' I get out quickly while extending my hand in a friendly gesture. Again...smooth.

She looked back and forth between my face and my hand as if trying to work me out, before she then did the rudest thing and turned back around and continued walking down the street. ''I don't want friends!''

Dumfounded, yes. Slightly offended, defiantly. But defeated, no way. ''What are you talking about? Everyone needs friends!''

''Well I don't. Too much dependence on others, too much distrust and heartbreak… ''

''Yeah it can lead to those things sometimes, but everyone needs a friend one-way or the other. Look at Andrew earlier with his little miss high-five buddy, even a jock can make a friend. Why not you?''

''Because I don't want any!'' She snapped. ''Don't you get that? It's nothing t o do with you, it's just me, okay?''

''Well shouldn't I be the judge of that?''

''Can we just not talk until we go our separate ways, okay?'' She said trying to hide the frustration in her voice. It did appear like she didn't want to offend me, but then again, I'm offering her friendship here and she's blowing me down like a bad hangover. So I just went along with her demands and found myself walking the same direction as her without really thinking too much about where we was actually going.

However, the situation got really awkward, as we didn't go our separate ways for at least half an hour. Soon, I was with in fifty feet of my house so she must live nearby. ''Well here I am!'' I pointed out and then I stopped dead in my tracks and felt like punching myself in the gut. ''Oh crap I was suppose to visit dad!'' How could I have forgotten? That was the one main reason why I wanted the first day of school over with quickly. I could slap myself, I so wanted to visit dad and his new crew.

''What number are you?'' Sasha asked me like a ghost had just visited her.


''I'm 33!''

A goofy grin must have formed on my face, cause I could even feel it growing on my face. ''Hey how about that we're neighbors!'' I said with joy, but her mood didn't lift at all as she walked towards her front door. But not before turning to me one last time.

''Look, you seem really nice and I appreciate what you're offering. But I just don't want to have friends okay? So can you please just save yourself some embarrassment and not be seen with me okay?''

''You say okay a lot!'' I smiled trying to lighten the mood, or at least get her to smile back once; I don't think I've seen her smile at all yet. And it was going to stay like that as she turns to her front door and walks inside without another word.

Sighing heavily, I knew it was too late to walk over to dad's station now so I just decided to head home, at least that wouldn't take long. Bet mom got a right old shock when she heard the door opening and saw me walking inside. ''I thought you were going to visit your father?'' She asked me straight away.

''Yeah I kind of got distracted,'' I responded taking a seat on the sofa. Mom walked in and took a seat next to me. ''And I know you're going to ask about school so I'm going to save your breath and say that it went how school normally would, nothing special.''

''Made any new friends?''

''Well I…I'm still working on that. Hey did you know that our neighbor goes to my school?''

''Oh no,'' She stresses light-heartedly. ''I see where this is going, you've got a thing for the boy next door!''

''No she's a girl!''

''Oh,'' She backed off. ''Well in that case maybe we can arrange a get together or something, get to know her better.''

''Good luck with that.'' I mutter under my breath so she doesn't hear. Looks like she didn't catch what I said as she gets up and walks into the kitchen, probably to call dad and tell him that I was home. I just want to relax and get ready for my big night ahead, not even giving mom a chance to ask anymore questions I dash for my room.

Funny thing is I can't sleep a wink. Even though I felt tired earlier, all that was gone soon enough, guess the adrenaline and excitement is getting me pumped. Looking over at my clock it was only just past ten and already mom was fast asleep, and with dad still at the station, it should be safe to get myself ready for my big New York debut. I feel all giddy just thinking about my first New York superhero action; I had to force myself to sit on the bed just to stop myself from jumping about. For the first time, it really does feel like a fresh start. Let's just say my first gig as a super hero back in Tennessee...wasn't that spectacular.

Looking around at old photos usually calms me down. A couple of when my dad and uncle took me fishing...we didn't catch anything and it rained all day, but it was awesome when dad would tell me old stories of his first days as a fire-fighter. Ironic I'm thinking about that when I'm about to do something like this, I'm bringing myself into the fire for the first real time. New York! It's a hotspot for superhero action; it's always on the news. I can just imagine my superhero name up in lights once I teach the villains of this town a thing or two.

There were photos of birthday parties, days-out, everything I could find...although no photos I had ever showed me younger then three, all because of a fire at our first house that apparently destroyed everything…once again, ironic don't you think? My dad was supposedly a real hero that night! I always gush about how awesome he is, I just want to have a bit of that awesomeness to rub off on me.

Before long, I hear a booming voice coming from outside. ''And don't you think about taking that money and going to one of those parties you little bitch!'' This guy was shouting with enough force to probably wake the whole neighborhood. I snuck over to my window and looked outside to see Sasha walking away from her house and heading down the street while some old geyser is standing by her front door throwing more verbal abuse at her.

''I promise I'll be back!'' Sasha cried back to the man as she continued walking away.

''You better be! If I even find one cent missing I'm going to make you regret it!'' He yelled at her once more before slamming the door behind him.

Jeez, no wonder Sasha has her issues. I feel more sorry for the poor girl now, even up here and in the dark of night I can see the tears streaming down her face and hear her whimpers as she walked out of sight. My parents would never do that, at times, when dad had a really unfortunate day and hit the bottle, he still wouldn't go as far to throw abuse of that level, or anything close to a threat. Those thoughts were cast out of my head when something else caught my attention; a group of three, dressed in hoodies and all with clown make-up on their faces walking down the street following Sasha and laughing their heads off.

I didn't want to take the chance that they might miss Sasha. I rushed over to my door, checking once more to see that my mom was sound asleep, seriously a hurricane would strike and she wouldn't know about it. With no preying eyes spying on me, I reached under my bed and pulled out my costume from an old suitcase…time to go to action!

Keeping to the shadows, I watched as Sasha walked out of the shop and started making her way back home. When I snuck out of my bedroom window I lost track of the clown squad, maybe it was just a false alarm and they headed off in a different direction?

''Hey where you going baby?''

So much for that!

Sasha turned around and was now face to face with the three clowns, all taller and stockier than her by a mile. With the one closest pulling out a little pocketknife, pointing it towards her. She backed away slowly just as another grabbed her by the arm and yanked her towards them; she tried to scream for help, but they kept her quiet, closing her mouth with his hand. That's it; I made my move before they had their way with her. ''Hey boys! How's about you just jump into your little car and leave now!''

They all turned and must have been a bit bewildered to see someone like me facing them, or maybe just amused because they were starting to laugh their heads off. My costume's not that bad! Especially when it's a bunch of freaks with clown make-up laughing at me. Sure it may have borrowed a lot from Starfire in Teen Titans with the purple and light pink costume, cape and mask but it's a decent effort. ''Who do you think you are messing with the Bozos?'' One of them called out.

''Just a girl looking for a nice night out; you know, hit the town, see the sights, find a hot date. But instead I find you whack-jobs here picking on a little girl and…Bozos? Seriously? That's your crew name?''

''Alright that's it!'' Immediately they let go of Sasha and came towards me, perfect. The first one got it the worst, cause he was completely caught off guard as I brought out my weapon and slammed it across his face knocking him to the ground out cold with one strike. The other two hesitated as I swung my Nunchaku like a pro before bringing out my other one and striking a pose. ''You ever watch Ninja Turtles?'' I asked them but neither replied. ''I didn't either!''

The one with the knife jabbed at me; I sidestepped out of the way before using my elbow and knee to strike his arm at the same time, almost breaking it. BAM! I kicked out at him knocking him down the ground. The other tried to punch at me, but I kept backing away drawing him in closer and closer until he went full force and I whacked at his knuckles with my Nunchaku, now that time his hand is probably broken.

He cried out in pain but didn't stop coming at me trying to kick at me. BAM! I just hit his leg with my weapon causing him to collapse before I slammed my foot on top of his head knocking him out for sure. The blood gushing out of his big red nose, ha, see what I did there? Anyway, back to the knife guy; if he had any common sense he would run a way and never do wrong again, so what does he do? He charges at me once more, his words being his only weapon. ''You're so dead!' '

Hanging my Nunchakus back on my belt, I went hand-to-hand with this guy; but with his weakened arm this was really child's play. He tried to kick at me, but I just kicked his leg back leaving him wide open for my special attack…kneeing him in the balls! It works every time… we least to every guy I fight. He yelps in agony and bends down holding onto his privates as if he was trying to stop them from falling off leaving him wide open for me to round house kick him in the face. BAM!

I did it! My first New York save! Wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be. You could say I was…clowning around…okay I'll stop with the puns. I almost felt like doing a little victory dance, but it wasn't over yet, I still had to make sure that Sasha was all right. Shaken and very, very nervous she started to back a way as I approached her. ''Don't worry kid; I'm not going to hurt you! '' I tried to be soothing but she wasn't buying it.

''Please, don't hurt me.''

''For fricken sake, I just saved you from those creeps, why would I then hurt you?'' I didn't want to act like this while she's this way, fragile and scared out of her wits end. But if I start acting like I did before, being all friendly, she'd know who I was right away. ''Let me help you up.'' I did so slowly so not to freak her out more so than she already was.

''T-Thank you! I was s-so scared.''

''No worries, everyone would have been scared in that situation. But you're hanging in there kid.''

''Thanks, um…who are you?''

Oh, how long have I waited for someone to ask me that again! In Tennessee I never actually had anyone personally ask for my name before. ''Well you're going to be hearing a lot more of me soon kid…the name's Scarlett!''

To Be Continued…