Hello! Usually Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw write together but this is written by Ravenclaw, with wonderful editing by the lovely Hufflepuff! She wanted this disclaimer so you don't think she's a Twilight fan. But I am, or I would be still, if Breaking Dawn had ended like this. Enjoy, please.


Chapter 1

Bella sat atop a towering building in downtown Seattle, staring out at the swarming cars below. They lit up the night like fireflies, not that actual fireflies would be out in the cold, pounding rain. She closed her eyes peacefully, unconcerned with the deafening crack of thunder from above her. It would take more than a dinkly little string of electrons to damage her.

Behind her lids waited a fearsome scene; one she continually relived in abject horror.

"The child may not be a vampire," Aro said slowly. "But that does not mean she is not dangerous were we to let her go."

Bella was sweating bullets behind her expression of forced calm. She grabbed Edward's hand tightly; he winced at her newborn vampire strength. If only Alice would return, maybe she would know what to do...

But Alice did not return. The two legions of vampires tensed.

"Don't you have any proof of her safety, Cullens?" said Caius mockingly. "Carlisle, my friend, I would have expected better of you. These... legions you have gathered, surely, must be present for form of proof in some way? Or were you aware you were asking for a war?"

"We do not want war," Carlisle said softly.

Bella forced her eyes open again. She could not bear the HD quality memory she seemed to have. It was just another curse of her vampirism. She blocked out the best she could the recollection of Edward's pale, beautiful limbs being torn from his bodies; the retched, acrid stentch of the smoke of her family's vampire bodies being destroyed once and for all; Jacob throwing her daughter behind him, charging into battle; Jane placing her cold menacing hands on Renesme; Bella running across the clearing through the carnage to save her; her too-late attempt. The battle was over.


"We do not like to spill the blood of fellow vampires," said Aro gently. "Be greatful we are this merciful."

"Bella, let's go," cooed Jacob. She could tell by the slight tremor in his normally strong and gruff voice that he was doing his best not to beg the Volturi for the same favor.

"We're not very tolerant of shape-shifters, however," snarled Jane in her girly voice. Jacob suddenly seized over, his face contorting grotesquely in pain.

Bella stared down at her best friend, in incredible pain and in danger of dying. She looked out on the clearing, covered in the blood of her werewolf friends. She looked at the still burning corpses of her family, now torn to shreds, and the small, dead hand of her daughter. And something inside of her snapped. With a wild cry, she launched herself at Jane, ripping off her head with her teeth and twirling it by the blonde hair until she threw it like a mace into the face of Marcus. He fell and after that it was easy; the remaining members of the Volturi were only the cold old men; men much too slow to keep up with Bella's newfound powers. She added them to the flames of her bretheren, a twisted smile creeping up her face as she finished her job. The vampire world could kiss her sparkly butt.

That was the only part of her recollections that Bella could look back on with any amount of fondness. She felt the guilt of so much murder creeping through her veins, but it also released addrennaline into her system, rechristening her determination to stop any more vampiric evil with her victory's cathartic power and rage.

"Bella, don't jump," said Jacob, walking up behind her. "First the cliff, and now a skyscraper... I can't keep up with you any more," he joked lightly. Jacob was fatigued with anger; Bella seemed to relish it. It frightened him, and he was determined to shake her out of it.

She just frowned. "You know I've always had a problem with living ordinarily," she said, yet unsmiling. "And paying enough attention to myself. I've never liked being noticed. All I want to do is take care of others. And now that I've got no one to take care of me..."

"It's all you have left, I know," said Jacob. "And as much as I thoroughly enjoy tearing bloodsuckers to shreds"-she glared at him for the dig and he just elbowed her diamond hard side-"you gotta level with me. There's no way you can destroy all the evil vampires all over the world. Especially since basically all the satisfactory ones were destroyed in... well... you know..."

Bella did not wince at his allusion. She had already tried to cry it out; but vampires literally could not cry. When she was finally done dry sobbing, she slaughtered nearly every mountain lion in the Olympic Peninsula and gorged herself on animal blood. She would miss the red-eye look; it was growing on her, but at least the newly gold irises would mock the devils that prowled the world in search of innocent humans to destroy.

"That's why I'm starting with Seattle," she said simply.

"If you need a new purpose, we could always restart up our motocycles," he said. "I doubt you'd be daunted by any trees these days..."

"Honestly, Jake, do you really think cheap thrills will satisfy me anymore?" she said cuttingly. "After what happened to Edward, do you think I can rest until he is avenged?"

"You avenged him already, Bella! I saw you! You tore the Volturi to pieces!" he scowled. "You're starting to sound like... Victoria."

"Shut up!" she raged, but stopped short. Below, in the alley on the left side of the building, a young man was backing up slowly as a taller, thinner dark haired figure stalked him. When Bella saw the slight glint coming off his skin in the street light, she ran, as quick as lightning and swan dove off the building.

"Here we go again," said Jake, beginning his tremors and phasing before he followed her into battle.