Bella sifted intently through the pile of Every-flavored beans before her, pulling out all the red beans and pushing all others to the other side of the ottoman in the Newtons' living room.

"Bella, what are you doing?" Mike complained.

"I'm looking for the blood flavored beans," she snapped back.

"If you touch all of them then no one else can eat them."

"Don't be so prissy, Marshmallow," Jacob snorted. "Do vampires have cooties?"

"No, but like any living creature they have infectious diseases and with my mom in her condition-"

"Are you giving our guests a hard time on my account, Michael?" Mrs. Newton's feeble voice called from down the hall.

"Yes, mom, but they deserve it!" he yelled back distractedly, as he slapped Bella's hand away from the pile of beans in front of her, which hurt him more than her.

"You seem a little bit antsy, Mike," Lavender suggested softly.

"I'm sorry, I just can't stand sitting here and watching Katherine, oh whatever her name is, run around and try on dresses and act like a princess when... when people like Jessica"-his hand clenched involuntarily in anger-"are let off easy by the Wizengamot and allowed to torture whomever they want just because the jury wouldn't take the words of 2 vampires, 2 werewolves, and a teenage 'delinquent' seriously-"

"It's Katherine Heigl," Alice cut in frostily. "And we're trying to watch the movie here!"

Mike was not satisfied.

Alice sighed. "Scott and Kirk are behind bars. The vampire problem is quelled. And E.J. hasn't tried to kiss anyone in weeks!" she replied. "It's not all bad."

"I'm still not sure if I'm okay with Bella partially naming her pet dementor after me," Jacob grumbled.

"He's kind of... cute, after you get over the scary, soul-sucking aspect," Lavender offered.

Frustrated, Mike stood up and strode out of the room. They heard the front door creak open and close from the family room.

All eyes turned to Bella, who was still furiously sorting Every Flavored Beans. She looked up to meet their expectant looks.

"How is he my problem?" she grumbled. But nevertheless, she stomped down the hall and out the front door to the porch. Mike was sitting on the top step under the bannister, barely out of the perpetual Forks rain.

"Okay, what gives, Mike?" Bella asked, plopping down beside him ungracefully.

"I spent the last 3 years of my life training to hunt vampires, thinking I was making a difference, when I was really being trained by an evil organization bent on world domination, who then essentially raped my brain, forced me to conform to their will, and turned my own powers against everything I stand for; when we win, half the Alliance wizards get off easy because Wizengamot's latent racism; and then I come home and find out the Jessica tortured my mother half to insanity, putting her in the hospital, and my father has been missing for weeks. And you're asking me what's wrong? What do you expect me to do? Come crawling back to Northwest Bank and beg for them to renew their arithmancy job offer? Watch chick flicks with your sister and actually enjoy them? I only ever wached chick flicks to pick up ladies! What self respecting dude actually likes them for their own sake?"

A window pane exploded behind them in a burst of accidental magic as Mike ranted.

"Well then what do you want to do?" Bella asked bluntly.

"I want to become an auror! A real, self respecting one! Who does something good in this world!" he cried. "But with all of Scott's friends in the Department watching me like a hawk I find this unlikely," he said, his voice cracking in bitter amusement.

"So be a vigilante. It's what I do," Bella suggested.

Mike's eyes widened in surprise. "I thought you were done with revenge."

"Yeah," she said, and lapsed into silence momentarily.

"But the thing is, I'm not done doing what's right. Because when I was, erm, dating Edward," she began in a faltering voice, "I let a lot of things... slide. We... we went to Italty at one point-long story-and ran into the Volturi. And there was a whole room of humans. Innocent, frightened human tourists, and Edward and I left them in the room, and the Volturi slaughtered them all. They do that every day. And we could hear the cries inside and I just kept seeing that one woman, with the rosary, who had looked at me as we were walking out, like she was crying for help, and I didn't do anything. The Cullens were the 2nd largest clan, next to the Volturi, and we could have fought them, we could have saved those people, but we didn't, we just let them die, and now the Volturi's gone, but there are still vampires out there preying on humans who can't protect themselves, or even know that they have to, and I can't sit down now. I'm living forever and I can't undo that but I can at least find something to live for, now that Edward's... gone."

Mike was clearly stunned by her speech.

"So I think Jake's bailing on me to make googly eyes at Lavender, and Alice is still working out those business plans for her boutique, so do you want to be my sidekick now instead?" she asked brusquely.

"Sidekick?" Mike snorted. "How about partner?"

"How about you start small and work your way up. If you manage to be more helpful than annoying I might promote you," Bella snarked.

"You're the annoying one with your stupid catchphrases and terrible sense of humor," Mike replied.

"But I'm the main character and I could kick your ass in a second, so you have to do what I say," Bella snapped back.

"Fine!" Mike shouted.

"Fine!" Bella replied.

Mike hopped up and threw open the front door. "MOOOOM! Going out to be a vigilante, I'll be back for dinner!"

"MICHAEL! What did you just say?" she shrieked back, but he closed the door discreetly.

"Shall we?" Mike asked, holding out his arm.

Bella hesistated. "We can't leave till I think up a catchphrase for our departure. I like 'Allons-y' but that's already taken and-"

But to shutting her up, Mike grabbed Bella's arm and they disapparated into the night.


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